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12V Sealed Lead Acid Battery Charger 15Ah ( 12V 1.5A SLA Charger ) Specifically designed for 12V sealed lead-acid batteries Suitable for capacity of 6Ah to 15Ah Automatically switches to trickle charge once the battery is f ...
£41.99 View Product
Twin USB 12V Charger ( Twin USB 12V Charger ) Rated at 500mA per USB socket Ideal for charging your phone and sat-nav at the same time Angle adjustable mechanism Red power LED Fitted with a replaceable ...
£5.00 View Product
12V In Car 18650 Battery Charger ( 12V 18650 Charger ) 18650 Li-ion battery express car charger Powered from 12V in-car accessory socket Charges two 18650 batteries simultaneously Input 10V-24V Output 4.2V1. ...
£14.99 View Product
7dayshop Power Universal Mini USB Charger Adapter Micro Charger (Car 12v Cigar Lighter to USB) Super ultra compact / Micro size - Turn your cigarette lighter into a USB charge port. Charge your USB-powered equipment in the car. It also works as a charge ... 7DAYSHOP
£1.99+ Delivery: £1.99 View Product
Freeplay Freecharge Gadget Charger 12v Freecharge Gadget Charger Never run out of power when you’re on the move with the Freecharge 12v Gadget Charger. Great for travelling festivals and camping. Simply plug the relevant in- ...
£14.99 View Product
2V.6V and 12V Sealed Lead Acid Battery Charger ( Multi Charger ) Suitable for charging 2V 6V and 12V batteries Automatically switches to trickle charge once battery is full LED indicator shows charging state 1 switch with ...
£29.99 View Product
Universal In Car Mobile Phone Charger ( 12V Phone Charger ) open in new window includes 5 interchangeable connectors Nokia 2mm NokiaMotorola Micro USB Motorola Mini USB Samsung Sony Ericsson
£10.99 View Product
Solar Powered 12V 1.5W Battery Auto Trickle Charger ( Auto Charger 1.5W ) Keep your battery topped up with solar power even if the weather is overcast or dull Ideal for cars caravans boats etc. Interchangeable connectors cigarette l ...
£14.99 View Product
Petzl Accu Duo Car Charger for 2700mAh NiMh Battery (12V) (Accu Duo Car Charger) Petzl Accu Duo Car Charger for 2700mAh NiMh Battery (12V) Product Description: 12 volt charger for the Petzl E65100 2 NiMh battery. Will charge the battery in a ...
£38.20 View Product
12V 12W SolarPowered Battery Charger (Used) ( B Grade 12WSolarPanl ) Converts daylight into electricity to charge 12V batteries extending battery life Suitable for trickle charging a wide range of batteries and power packs Requ ...
£29.99 View Product
Car Cigarette Lighter 12V Power Socket 2 USB Charger Plug (White) open in new window Accessory Type: Gadgets amp; Auto PartsMaterial: PlasticColor: WhiteDimensions (cm): 10.5 x 5.5 x 3.8Weight (kg): 0.053
£3.89 View Product
Car Charger Car Cigarette 3 Way Lighter Socket Splitter DC 12V 24V USB For Iphoneipadgpscamera Car Charger Car Cigarette 3 Way Lighter Socket Splitter DC 12V 24V + USB For Iphone/ipad/gps/camera. This 3-way Car Cigarette charger is useful.It can solve th ...
£4.99 View Product
Battery Charger 12v 4amp 230v Battery-Charger-12V-4Amp-230V-Siegen-Tools-S0547-Robust-battery-chargers-suitable-for-home-and-light-workshop-use-Each-features-LEDs-to-indicate-the-level-of-ba ... SIEGEN TOOLS
£23.16 View Product
Battery Charger 9amp 12v 230v Battery-Charger-9Amp-12V-230V-Sealey-SUPERCHARGE10-1-Supplied-in-steel-case-with-carry-handle-these-professional-chargers-feature-plenty-of-ventilation-to-help- ... SEALEY
£108.72 View Product
AC 100240V to DC 12V 1A Camera Power Adapter Convert Charger HOY112 This is a AC/DC power adapter with input current of 500mA, which is lightweight, high efficiency and reliable and stable. Replace your old or worn out AC power ...
£10.39 View Product
£3.99 View Product
Micro iPhone and iPod InCar USB Charger with Charge Sync Cable ( Micro iPhone 12V Chg ) Charge your iPhone or iPod in the car 1A output from USB socket - supplied complete with 3-foot iPhoneiPod charging cable Virtually flush fitting charger for ... BELKIN
£5.00 View Product
Bosch GDS 12v Cordless Impact Wrench 12" Square Drive Without Battery Or Charger The GDS 12v impact drive with ½&quot square drive - it´s hip to be square! Power is not a matter of size! The GDS features a ½&quo ... BOSCH
£130.73 View Product
12V Rapid Car Charger for Nintendo DS Lite 3DS This Rapid 12V Durable NDSL Car Charger Adapter for Nintendo DS Lite plugs into your car's cigarette lighter and charges your NDS Lite. NDSL Adapter makes sure ...
£4.69 View Product
BlackBerry MiniUSB InCar Charger 12V "BlackBerry Mini-USB In-Car Charger 12V , is just one of the great Car Chargers. Huge range of Mobile Phone Chargers available online from our Mobile Phones dep ...
£10.94 View Product
Car Charger Socket Switch Transformer AC to DC 12V (EU PLUG) open in new window Accessory Type: Gadgets amp; Auto PartsMaterial: ABSColor: BlackDimensions (cm): 7.8 x 5.3 x 4.7Weight (kg): 0.05400
£4.05 View Product
£28.01 View Product
Dual USB Car Charger for SAMSUNG with 12V Socket YXT108 Whether you have any SAMSUNG products, this USB adaptor will charge/power up your compatible USB powered device and avoid the inconvenience of always needing a ... IN
£4.47 View Product
Draper Expert 12V Battery Charger With Constant Output Mode 45373 open in new window " Expert Quality , designed to help technicians with diagnostics on vehicles fitted with ECU’s. " DRAPER
UK Tool Centre
ISIS Accredited
IDIS Accredited
£410.14 View Product
13W Briefcase Solar Charger from 12V to 24V For RVsCaranvanmto homesboat batteries open in new window TPS-936N 13W Briefcase Solar Charger from 12V to 24V For RVs,Caranvan,mto homes,boat batteries
£47.69 View Product
DC 12V USB Car Charger Adapter YXT108 for MOTOROLA This is a dual USB car charger for MOTOROLA. A high quality USB car charger. Useful for travellers or charging anywhere, anytime. Short-circut protection and au ... IN
£3.32 View Product
Dual Port USB Car Charger with 12V Socket 1000mA open in new window Gadget Type: Chargers Connection: USB Features: Portable Color: White Dimensions (cm): 8.8 x 2.8 x 2.2 Weight (kg): 0.0318
£4.20 View Product
Dual USB Port Car Charger with 12V Socket YXT108 for Palm Universal dual USB car charger with 12V socket. With the double USB connection, it's possible to charge two USB devices at the same time without losing the 12V ... IN
£4.09 View Product
Charger 12v SPECIFIC for laptop compatible KAPOK for 3100 5100S 5300C References of the compatible batteries open in new window Charger 6.35A on 12v (by car, etc. ..), dedicated to your laptop, computer supplies and recharge... EFORCE
£45.52 View Product
Clarke Clarke CC60 12v Battery Charger open in new window Keep vehicle batteries at peak performance level with this compact 6 Amp (RMS) charger. CLARKE
£23.98 View Product

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