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Scroll down to view some great bargains for 160gb ps3 from our selection of UK shops in Video Gaming and Video Games including these related brands: SONY, TGC CANDG.

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PS3 Slim BluRay Drive KEM 450DAA 160GB320GB Replacement Bluray Drive Product Features PS3 Slim Blu-Ray Drive KEM 450DAA - 160GB/320GB Replacement Bluray Drive Only suitable for the PS3 Slim 160GB and 320GB version. Grade A refurb ... SONY
£58.99 See offer
Playstation 3 Slim Console (PS3) 160GB The new PS3 Slim console from Sony is the latest version of the PlayStation 3 featuring a new sleeker smaller body design a larger hard drive and new internal c ...
£203.49 See offer
Datel PS3 MAX Drive 160 (External 160GB HDD) The PS3 is more than just a games console. It's a multimedia marvel which you can use to watch videos listen to your MP3s and view your digital pictures such as ...
£103.49 See offer
Sony PS3 Slim Replacement Power Supply APS250 270 Unit Product Features Sony PS3 Slim Replacement Power Supply - APS-250 270 Unit For the PS3 Slim only. Compatible with 120GB 160GB 250GB and 320GB PS3 Slim console ... SONY
£42.98 See offer
PS3 Slim BluRay Drive KEM 460AAA Replacement KES 460AAA Drive Product Features PS3 Slim Blu-Ray Drive KEM 460AAA - Replacement KES 460AAA Drive Only suitable for the PS3 Slim Grade A refurbished drive This drive is plug an ... TGC CANDG
£59.98 See offer
Sony PS3 Super Slim Console with 500GB Hard Drive Completely redesigning the internal design architecture, the internal volume and weight of the new PS3 is reduced by more than half compared to the very first P ...
£249.99 See offer

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PriceInspector and his team have found the best deals in your hunt for 160gb ps3 from sellers in our Video Gaming department, Top brands including SONY, TGC CANDG are amongst these merchant listings which should give you a good chance to search down the deal to buy. We have also invested some time in researching Video Gaming merchant listings and recently wrote buyers guides packed with information on all the variations of 160gb ps3.

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