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Space (90s) Quantity of Eight CD Singles UK CD single 8 CD SINGLES SPACE Quantity of Eight CD Singles (Collection of EIGHT UK Gut Records CD singles from 1996/97 comprising three 2-CD sets - Me & You Versus The World Dark Cl ...
£19.99 See offer
Various Artists Rough Trade Music For The 90s Vol 4 1992 German CD album RTD19912992 VARIOUS Rough Trade Music For The 90s Vol 4 (Out of print 1992 German 19-track CD compilation album includes tracks by Pale Saints Daisy Chainsaw P.J. Harve ...
£10.79 See offer
Travis (90s) 12 Memories 2003 UK CD album T4MCPS TRAVIS 12 Memories (2003 UK 11-track promo CD featuring the single Re-Offender picture sleeve T4MCPS) 1. Quicksand2. The Beautiful Occupation3. Re-Offender4. ...
£22.00 See offer
Travis (90s) Why Does It Always Rain On Me 1999 Austrian CD single ISM6676785 TRAVIS Why Does It Always Rain On Me? (1999 Austrian pressed 5-track CD EP including tracks from the 2 UK CD singles includes The Urge For Going Village Ma ...
£15.99 See offer
Travis (90s) The Invisible Band 2001 Japanese CD album ESCA8325 TRAVIS The Invisible Band (2001 Japanese 15-track promo sample CD album as sent out to radio stations and reviewers here including three bonus tracks in Rin ...
£13.00 See offer
Travis (90s) Coming Around 2000 Japanese CD single QDCA93311 open in new window TRAVIS Coming Around (2000 scarce Japanese promo-only 1-track CD - features 3:09s version - QDCA-93311)
£33.00 See offer
Travis (90s) Singles 2004 UK CD album ISOM46CD TRAVIS Singles (2004 UK 18-track compilation CD album featuring sixteen of their greatest hits including Why Does It Always Rain On Me? Driftwood Sing & The ...
£8.99 See offer
Travis (90s) Love Will Come Through 2004 USA CD single ESK59050 open in new window TRAVIS Love Will Come Through (2004 US 1-track promo CD taken from the 12 Memories album custom black and white title sleeve)
£9.49 See offer
Travis (90s) Side 2001 Mexican CD single PRCD98381 TRAVIS Side (2001 Mexican promotional 1-track CD produced exclusively for radio stations. Custom green printed disc with green and white title sleeve PRCD983 ...
£8.49 See offer
Travis (90s) Sing 2001 Mexican CD single PRCD98338 TRAVIS Sing (Scarce 2001 Mexican 1-track promotional CD single housed in custom title picture sleeve with large Sing text across the middle of the front slee ...
£8.49 See offer
Travis (90s) Sing 3track 2001 Mexican CD single PRCD98416 TRAVIS Sing (Rare 2001 Mexican promotional 3-track CD single including Ring Out The Bell and a version of Queens Killer Queen housed in a custom picture sle ...
£12.99 See offer
Travis (90s) Five Good Feeling 1997 UK CD single GOOD1 TRAVIS Five Good Feelings (1997 UK 5-track promotional-only CD album sampler includes The Line Is Fine All I Want To Do Is Rock More Than Us Funny Thing an ...
£6.99 See offer
Travis (90s) Ode To J Smith 2008 UK CD album PHONE004 TRAVIS Ode To J Smith (2008 UK 11-track CD album - Recorded in Londons RAK Studios in just 2 weeks during February & March 2008 Travis present their loudest ...
£9.99 See offer
Travis (90s) Tied To The 90s 1997 UK CD single ISOM5MS TRAVIS Tied To The 90s (Scarce 1997 UK 4-track CD single including City In The Rain Whenever She Comes Around & Standing On My Own picture sleeve with lyri ...
£7.49 See offer
Sugar (90s) Beaster 1993 UK CD album CRECD153P SUGAR Beaster (1993 UK Creation Records 6-track promotional CD for the bands 2nd release including the amazing Come Around & Tilted by Bob Mould and his crew ...
£11.25 See offer
Space (90s) Me And You Versus The World 1996 UK CD single CDGUT4 SPACE Me And You Vs The World (1996 UK 4-track CD single including Radio Edit Knickers Mix Crotchless Knickers Mix & No Knickers Mix picture sleeve CDGUT4 ...
£5.99 See offer
Space (90s) Dark Clouds 1997 UK CD single CDGUT6 SPACE Dark Clouds (1997 UK 4-track CD single featuring the Radio Edit Alternative Version plus Storm Clouds & Darker Clouds picture sleeve CDGUT6) 1. Dark ...
£7.49 See offer
Space (90s) Zombies 2002 UK CD single CDMUTANT1 open in new window SPACE Zombies (Deleted 2002 UK 3-track CD includes Anaesthetised & Dopamine picture sleeve CDMUTANT1) 1. Zombies2. Dopamine3. Anaesthetised
£6.49 See offer
Space (90s) Dark Clouds 1997 UK CD single CXGUT6 SPACE Dark Clouds (1997 UK 4-track CD single including Radio Edit Children Of The Night Influenza and Had Enough picture sleeve CXGUT6) 1. Dark Clouds - ...
£7.49 See offer
Space (90s) Female Of The Species 1st Issue 1996 UK CD single CDGUT2 SPACE Female Of The Species (1996 UK first issue 4-track CD single also including Instrumental Version Give Me Something & Looney Tune picture sleeve CDGUT2 ...
£6.74 See offer
Space (90s) The Bad Days EP 1998 UK CD single CDGUT22 SPACE The Bad Days EP (1998 UK 3-track CD EP also featuring the Remix version of The Unluckiest Man In The World and We Gotta Get Out Of This Place picture ...
£6.74 See offer
Space (90s) Spiders 1996 UK CD album GUTCD1 SPACE Spiders (1996 UK 14-track CD including the hit singles Neighbourhood Female Of The Species and Me & You Vs The World picture sleeve GUTCD1) 01 Neighb ...
£8.00 See offer
Travis (90s) Flowers In The Window 2001 Japanese CD single QDCA 93381 open in new window TRAVIS Flowers In The Window (2001 Japanese promotional-only 1-track CD custom picture sleeve QDCA 93381)
£14.00 See offer
Travis (90s) The Boy With No Name 2007 UK CD single NONAME2 TRAVIS The Boy With No Name (2007 UK 5-track promotional-only CD sampler for the album release including the singles Closer & Selfish Jean plus Big Chair Ba ...
£6.99 See offer
Travis (90s) Side 2001 UK CD single ISOM54MS TRAVIS Side (2001 UK 3-track CD single taken from the successful Scottish bands third album The Invisible Band. Features a live version of Driftwood & the ban ...
£6.99 See offer
Travis (90s) Happy 1997 UK CD single ISOMP3CD open in new window TRAVIS Happy (1997 UK Independiente promotional 1-track CD single housed in a custom star card picture sleeve ISOMP3CD) 1. Happy
£8.49 See offer
Sugar (90s) Your Favourite Thing 1994 UK CD single CRESCD186 SUGAR Your Favourite Thing (1994 UK 4-track CD single also including Mind Is An Island Frustration and And You Tell Me [TV Mix] picture sleeve CRESCD186) ...
£4.99 See offer
Space (90s) Avenging Angels 1997 UK CD single CDGUT16 SPACE Avenging Angels (1997 UK 4-track picture CD single also includes I Am Unlike A Lifeform Youve Ever Met Bastard Me Bastard You and Theme From Baretta V ...
£6.99 See offer
Travis (90s) More Than Us 1998 UK CD single MORE1 TRAVIS More Than Us (1998 UK 4-track promotional CD EP includes All I Want To Do Is Rock - Live Give Me Some Truth and Funny Thing generic die-cut sleeve MO ...
£7.49 See offer

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