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PriceInspector has solved the cases on some of the most up-to-date choices across the UK for adsl faceplate in Home Telephone Accessories from our KAUDEN suspects.

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ADSL Plug In Faceplate Filter ( BT NTE5 ADSL Spliter ) Replaces NTE5 telephone master socket front cover providing filtered ADSL and Telephone sockets Provides the very best connection for telephone equipment Remo ...
£24.99 View Product
ADSL Microfilter Faceplate Allows connection of a telephone and ADSL modem to one telephone socket Tidy, faceplate design fits neatly over a phone socket Ideal for use with 'wires only' A ...
£9.98 View Product
ADSL Filtered Extension Socket Flush open in new window ADSL Filtered BT/RJ11 Faceplate Integrates an ADSL microfilter into an 85mm faceplate with a BT socket and an ADSL-RJ11 socket.
£4.79+ Delivery: £3.00 View Product
ADSLBroadband Interstitial Plate LJ5202 open in new window Videk ADSL/Broadband Interstitial Plate -LJ5202 - Faceplate
£11.99 View Product
Kauden VDSL Faceplate ( VDSL Faceplate ) VDSL and ADSL compatible with all current services Separate terminals to extend the Broadband are on the rear of the plate if so required Simply attaches t ... KAUDEN
£14.99 View Product
CONNEX ADSL SPLITTERFILTER Videk ADSL Microfilter - POTS splitter Now available as either a small T adaptor or a new faceplate version, the microfilter is essential where there has been a
£5.99 View Product

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