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PriceInspector has solved the cases on some of the largest choices across the UK for black outdoor speakers in HiFi Speakers and Audio Systems including these related brands: MONITOR AUDIO, YAMAHA, BOSE, VISATON, PANASONIC.

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Monitor Audio Climate CL50 Black Outdoor Speakers (Pair) Whether it's in rain, wind, snow or sun, the outwardly tough but musically sensitive Monitor Audio Climate CL50 speakers will enlighten any occasion with a ... MONITOR AUDIO
£249.00 See offer
Yamaha NSAW592 Outdoor AllWeather Speakers in Black open in new window Yamaha NSAW592 Outdoor AllWeather Speakers in Black YAMAHA
£149.00 See offer
Bose 151 Environmental Rugged Outdoor Speakers (Black) 151 SE environmental speakers Step up to Bose sound outdoors Full stereo sound over a wide listening area Suitable for use as boat speakers Tested to with ... BOSE
£229.00 See offer
VISATON 2103 FRS 10 WPWhite Salt Water Resistant Speaker 8 Ohm Visaton-FRS-10-WP-Salt-Water-Resistant-Speakers-4-8-Ohm-Black-White-Visaton-2103-A-salt-water-resistant-10cm-4in-full-range-driver-from-Visaton-with-glass-fibre ... VISATON
£42.83 See offer
Visaton 2148 8cm 4 Ohm Waterproof Speaker Black Visaton 8cm Waterproof Speakers - Visaton 2148, High quality 8cm round speaker from Visaton, particularly suited to all outdoor applications. Visaton 2148 8cm 4 ... VISATON
£19.85 See offer
Visaton 2918 6.4cm Full Range Speaker Black Visaton-6-4cm-Waterproof-Full-Range-Speakers-Visaton-2918-P-This-quality-6-4cm-round-8-Omega-speaker-from-Visaton-is-particularly-well-suited-to-outdoor-applica ... VISATON
£7.74 See offer
Eurocom Series 100V Line Wall Speaker With Bracket (Power RMS (W) 30) Eurocom Series 100V Line Wall Speaker With Bracket (Power RMS (W) 30)Eurocom Series 100V Line Wall Speaker With Bracket (Power RMS (W) 30)Discarding the classic ...
£129.99 See offer
Pure Jongo S3 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Black With a choice of audio settings including 360 degree sound, forward facing stereo and outdoor boost, the Pure Jongo S3 wireless Bluetooth speaker comes finished ...
£169.95 See offer
Panasonic ScCmax5EK 1000 Watt Max Juke Box Black Panasonic SC-CMAX5E-K 1000 Watt Max Juke Box - Black Powerful and clear sound Clear, dynamic sound with a 25cm Super Woofer and Triple Amplifiers. This one-box ... PANASONIC
£489.99 See offer
The Singing Machine The Singing Machine Sdl9035 Carnaval Black The Singing Machine SDL9035 - Carnaval Black This awesome Karaoke machine reinvents the art of home singing for 2016. It features Bluetooth audio streaming for ... THE SINGING MACHINE
£299.99 See offer
BOSE® SOUNDTOUCH 20 III BOSE SoundTouch20 Series III Black PRODUCT: SoundTouch 20 Series III Black There’s a world of music out there. And the SoundTouch® 20 wireless music system is a great way to play it ... BOSE®
PRC Direct
ISIS Accredited
IDIS Accredited
£235.00 See offer

Are you looking for amazing prices when scanning for black outdoor speakers from UK HiFi Speakers shops? Our PriceInspector and his companion Sherlock Bones have tried to solve your case by outlining some of the best products from MONITOR AUDIO, YAMAHA, BOSE, VISATON, PANASONIC, this should help you save some money when you buy. PriceInspector's team have also gathered more evidence and have written some great consumer reports on HiFi Speakers where we review many different types of black outdoor speakers for you to consider when making your decision.

These products are individual and not price comparisons, however, we have found the biggest selection - if you want to check out similar black outdoor speakers products that have been compared by one of more shops, click on the Compared Prices tab at the top of the page.

PriceInspector is not like other price comparison sites, we are totally unbiased and refrain from offering specific product placement to shopping stores on these black outdoor speakers products or any other stock.

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