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Meyer Prestige Circulon Premier Professional 7.6l Stock Pot Circulon Premier Professional utilises the patented 'Total' Hi-Low food release system, which is proven to provide outstanding non-stick performance. The hi-low ...
£96.00 See offer
Circulon Momentum 7.6 Litre Stock Pot Grey open in new window Featuring a lifetime guarantee, this large stock pot from Circulon is made from anodised steel, is dishwasher safe and is suitable for all types of hob. CIRCULON
ISIS Accredited
IDIS Accredited
£85.00 See offer
CIRCULON Origins 24 cm Nonstick Stock Pot Black Black The Circulon Origins 24 cm Non-stick Stock Pot is perfect for making delicious casseroles, stews, soups and much more.DurableWith a hard anodized construction, ... CIRCULON
£59.99 See offer
Circulon Hard Anodized Stock Pot open in new window 24cm stockpot with 7.6 litre capacity. Hard anodised aluminium. Superior non-stick CIRCULON
£80.00 See offer

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