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We've brought you some great matches for your electric airer search in Laundry & Cleaning and Cooking including these related brands: BELDRAY, STATUS, HOTBUYS, DIRECT 2 PUBLIC, DIRECT2PUBLIK LTD.

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BELDRAY EH1156 Electric Clothes Airer Use this Beldray EH1156 Electric Clothes Airer to help dry and refresh your clothes after washing.Loads of drying space in a compact designYou'll get an impress ... BELDRAY
£39.99 See offer
Status 220W Eco Friendly Electric Heated Clothes Airer This 18 Bar Economical drying clothes horse is a safe and efficient appliance for drying clothes & towels. Ideal for use in the winter months or for homes witho ... STATUS
£39.99 See offer
ExtraLarge Electric Clothes Airer 18 Racks Enjoy the warm feel of fresh laundry with this Electric Clothes Airer Hang clothes without need for pegs and a heated, increased drying speed Heats up ... HOTBUYS
£29.99 See offer
Heated Electric Clothes Airer 2 Sizes Speed up the laundry with a convenient Heated Electric Clothes Airer Surface drying temperature of 50 to 55 degrees Heated tubing made from aluminium ... DIRECT 2 PUBLIC
£19.99 See offer
£29.00 See offer
Heated Airer Grey Silver Dry your clothing in the comfort of your own home on this electric heated airer, built with low running costs and a folding construction for easy storing. Mod ... DUNELM
ISIS Accredited
IDIS Accredited
£29.99 See offer
DrySoon Mini Deluxe 2Tier Heated Airer All the airers in the Dry:Soon Standard and Dry:Soon Deluxe ranges have adjustable shelves for use in tight spaces and fold pretty slim for storage but this Min ...
£99.99 See offer
DrySoon Standard 3Tier Heated Tower Airer If you get fed up with the sight of smalls draped over your radiators, or having your living space taken over by conventional airers for days at a time, a Dry:S ...
£109.99 See offer
DrySoon Heated Towel Warmer We all prefer to wrap up in warm towels after a shower or bath or slip into a cosy pre-heated set of pyjamas before bed. Costing only pennies to run, the free-s ...
£57.99 See offer
DrySoon Standard 2Tier Heated Airer Cover A bespoke accessory for the Dry:Soon Standard 2-Tier Heated Airer, this practical cover is designed to make your electric airer even more effective by trapping ...
£34.99 See offer
DrySoon Standard 3 Tier Heated Airer Cover This clever cover is purpose-built to help your Dry:Soon Standard 3-Tier Heated Airer work even harder. Just slip it over the top and you’ll soon notice t ...
£34.99 See offer
DrySoon Deluxe 3Tier Heated Airer Sometimes the weather just won’t play ball on laundry day and lots of modern households don’t have the space for an outdoor clothes dryer or washing ...
£126.99 See offer
DrySoon Mini Deluxe Airer and Cover Bundle All the airers in the Dry:Soon Standard and Dry:Soon Deluxe ranges have adjustable shelves for use in tight spaces and fold pretty slim for storage but this Min ...
£119.98 See offer

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