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We have found the best deals available to buy in the UK for electric sweeper in Appliance Spares and Vacuum Cleaners including these related brands: SAMSUNG, GTECH, ZYLISS.

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Shark&174 Rechargeable Electric Cordless Sweeper Plus V3800 Tackling dust, dirt and debris on carpets and hard floors with ease, this lightweight, easy-to-manoeuvre Shark cordless sweeper with enhanced steering from Shar ...
£69.99 See offer
Bissell 42A8E 1500watt Steam and Sweep Combining an electric sweeper and a steam mop in one you can rid your home of dirt and germs in one quick swoop as its ready to use after just 30 seconds. The e ... SAMSUNG
£49.99+ Delivery: £3.95 See offer
Sweeper Brush Bar Kit A replacement brush bar kit for the Gtech SW02 and other popular models. Gtech carpet sweepers are designed to make cleaning your home simpler. But with time an ... GTECH
£10.95 See offer
SW02 Advanced Power Sweeper Our best-selling electric floor sweeper ? the SW02 offers high performance cleaning across all floor types. With up to 60 minutes run-time, the Advanced Power S ... GTECH
£69.95 See offer
Gtech Sweeper Replacement Battery NiMH A replacement NiMH Gtech sweeper battery. Powered by a 7.2V NiMH (nickel metal-hydride) battery, your electric sweeper provides powerful cleaning performance ar ... GTECH
£14.95 See offer
Gtech Sweeper NiMH Charger Gtech sweeper charger for the NiMH battery-powered version of the SW08, SW18, SW24 and SW26 sweepers. Have you misplaced the charger for your Gtech Sweeper? Or ... GTECH
£7.95 See offer
Sweeper Dust Tray A replacement dust tray for the Gtech SW02 and other popular models. If you've lost or damaged the dust tray, the SW02's cleaning performance is negatively impa ... GTECH
£3.50 See offer
Sweeper Rubber Floor Strip A replacement rubber floor strip for your Gtech sweeper. When you sweep your home with your electric sweeper, the rubber strip endures a significant amount of w ... GTECH
£3.00 See offer
Sweeper Lower Handle Style 1 A replacement lower handle for the Gtech SW02. Has the lower handle on your Gtech SW02 broken or sustained damage? With this replacement Gtech SW02 lower handle ... GTECH
£6.75 See offer
Gtech Sweeper Spare Wheels Pair Have the wheels on your Gtech sweeper broken or sustained damage? With these replacement wheels you can continue to glide your electric sweeper effortlessly fro ... GTECH
£2.95 See offer
Gtech Sweeper Lower Handle Style 2 A replacement lower handle for your Gtech Sweeper. Has the lower handle on your Gtech sweeper broken or sustained damage? With this replacement lower handle you ... GTECH
£6.75 See offer
Ryobi RBV3000 CESV Electric Leaf Blower The Ryobi RBV3000CESV is a mains electric blower and vacuum combined. This light weight and versatile machine uses a powerful 3000w motor to produce a maximum a ...
£99.95 See offer
Zyliss Zyliss Easy Pull Manual Food Processor Zyliss 'Easy Pull' Manual Food Processor The Zyliss Easy Pull Food Processor is a manual food processor that has a patented design allowing you to chop food wit ... ZYLISS
£29.99 See offer

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