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G3 Series FW13 Olympic Flat Bench open in new window Multiple weight take-off points are spread 6" apartStandard weight storage keeps weight plates in close proximity MATRIX FITNESS
£894.00 See offer
Flat Bench Full Commercial Body-Solid Heavy-Duty Flat BenchIf you want the ability to perform all the basic barbell and dumbbell exercises then this flat bench should be your choice! Incr ... BODYSOLID
£129.00 See offer
Pro ClubLine Flat Olympic Bench (SilverGrey) open in new window Pictured with optional Spotter Stand #SPS12 BODYSOLID
£449.00 See offer
F.A.S.T. Series Flat to Incline Bench open in new window F.A.S.T. Series Flat to Incline Bench TORQUE FITNESS
£249.00 See offer
G3 Series FW81 Flat Bench open in new window G3 Series FW81 Flat Bench MATRIX FITNESS
£330.00 See offer
FTS Range Olympic Fixed Flat Bench Product Features * Sturdy 2" x 3" Bent Steel Tubing * Telescoping Uprights Extend from 33" to 46" in 2 1/2 " Increments * Wide Base Ensures Stability ... YORK
£185.00 See offer
FTS Range Flat To Incline Bench Product Features * Adjustable Back Pad Moves From Flat to Incline to Full Upright Position * Lower Seat Pad Adjusts Upwards for Incline Positions * L 1 ... YORK
£149.00 See offer
G3 Series FW82 Flat Bench open in new window G3 Series FW82 Flat Bench MATRIX FITNESS
£654.00 See offer
Marcy JD2.1 Flat Bench The classic flat bench for a dumbbell workout. Very comfortable and built to last * 50mm x 50mm Heavy Duty Tube Frame * Comfortable High Density Delux ...
£75.99 See offer
Vitesse Elite Flat Bench Model: Vitesse Elite Flat Bench Brief Description: This heavy duty flat bench from Vitesse has been desiged to target the upper body. It has been constructed fr ... VITESSE
£84.95 See offer
Hype Flat Incline Bench PhD Fitness Overview:This is a fantastic addition to the already great Hype Range. The product offers great value for money when comparing it to the rest of the ...
£129.99 See offer
York Fitness Diamond Sit Up Flat Bench PhD Fitness Overview*As this is a clearance item we are willing to accept offers. To make us an offer or for more information regarding this product, please ...
£114.99 See offer
York STS Flat Incline Bench open in new window York STS Flat Incline Bench YORK FITNESS
£370.00 See offer
York STS Olympic Flat Bench Press Bench open in new window York STS Olympic Flat Bench Press Bench YORK FITNESS
£700.00 See offer
Industrial Flat Steel And Wood Bench Made in Britain An industrial solid wooden bench handmade in the UK Handmade in a rustic solid white wood with flat bar ste ... MÖA DESIGN In stock
£199.00+ Delivery: £32.00 See offer
Adidas ADBE10232 Flat Bench This bench is constructed using oversized square cut steel to give a solid secure surface for you to work on. The padded surface is 111cm long to ensure that it ...
£99.99 See offer
Spirit Fitness LS 514N Flat to Incline Bench Spirit Fitness LS 514N - Flat to Incline Bench   The bench range from Spirit Fitness provides both high qualtiy manufacturing and durability for one of the most ... SPIRIT
£431.00 See offer
Gymano Super One Flat Dumbell Bench open in new window Gymano Super One Flat Dumbell Bench GYMANO
£49.00+ Delivery: £7.95 See offer
£99.00+ Delivery: £7.95 See offer
Gymano Pro Flat Barbell Bench As trusted by professional British athletes, clubs, gyms, PTs and many high quality home gyms. Its simple non-adjustable design makes for an extremely sturdy be ... GYMANO
£109.00+ Delivery: £7.95 See offer
BH Flat Bench With handles and wheels which allow easy transportation. Reliable and durable design with optimized safety and comfort. Designed under the highest biomechanical ... BH FITNESS
£399.00 See offer
Jordan Flat Bench The Jordan Flat Bench has an open frame design, low pad height and anti slip rubber feet. The ultra durable Silver frame of the Flat Bench has a warranty of 12 ... JORDAN
£403.78 See offer
Jordan Olympic Flat Bench Podium 4 Sportare proud to offer a wide range of functional training equipment fromJordan Fitness. Primarily designed for use in a commercial setting this high ... JORDAN
£856.22 See offer
Matrix Aura Olympic Flat Bench Matrix Aura Olympic Flat Benchhas multiple weight take-off points 6" apart and weight plate storage. Dimensions: 181 x 159 x 127cm Weights not included. Sold ... MATRIX
£954.00 See offer
Matrix Aura Flat Bench Matrix Aura Flat Benchhas 3 point contact for improved levelling and integrated foot supports for improved stability. Wheels and handles allow for easy transpo ... MATRIX
£330.00 See offer
Matrix G1 Flat Bench Matrix G1 Flat Benchhas anchors and 3 point foot contact for improved stability. Can be used for a wide variety of exercises. Dimensions:154 x 57 x 45cm Pod ... MATRIX
£270.00 See offer
Matrix G1 Olympic Flat Bench Matrix G1 Olympic Flat Benchhas a integrated footrest for enhanced user stability and weight plate storage horns. Allows easy spotter access. Dimensions: 201 x ... MATRIX
£534.00 See offer
Impulse IT Olympic Flat Bench Impulse IT Olympic Flat Bench is a high quality competitively priced gym standard Flat Bench from Impulse's flagship strength training rangemaking workouts comf ... IMPULSE
£570.00 See offer
Cybex Free Weights Flat Bench The Cybex Free Weights flat bench is high quality bench that provides excellent stability and ensures maximum safety during workouts. Don't be fooled by its str ... CYBEX
£654.00 See offer
Inspire Fitness FID Flat Incline Decline Bench The Inspire Fitness FID is a flat incline decline bench featuring a heavy duty rectangular and round 11 gauge tubular steel frame ensuring extra durability. It ... INSPIRE FITNESS
£259.00 See offer

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