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Scroll down to view some excellent bargains for fused spur rcd from our selection of UK shops in General Household and DIY including these related brands: EUROPA, KNIGHTSBRIDGE, SAFETY SURE, EUROPA COMPONENTS.

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Europa RCD Fused Spur Latched Safety Power Breaker Unit 13A 30mA Electrical Outlet Protection Socket. Ideal as a Circuit Breaker and Tester for equipment in Utility, Wash Rooms and Kitchens for devices such as Hand D ... EUROPA
£17.94 See offer
KnightsBridge RCD Safety Fused Spur 30mA Latched Power Breaker Unit The  RCD6000 13A RCD Fused Spur unit is ideal for use with equipment in utility rooms or washrooms i.e. hand dryers and are recommended for use with all underfl ... KNIGHTSBRIDGE
£17.94 See offer
Safety 13 Amp RCD Fused Spur Connection Unit Outlet Safety RCD Fused Connection Unit This RCD fused spur does not only give you maximum safety when operating a device that is connected into it - it also gives you ...
£35.76+ Delivery: £3.50 See offer
SafetySure 13A RCD Fused Spur Metal Clad open in new window 13A max. load. Trips at 30mA. Double pole. Passive operation. Mechanically latched with no need to reset after a loss of power. SAFETY SURE
£17.98+ Delivery: £5.00 See offer
Europa Components RCDFSP 13A Fused Spur Unit Plastic Europa RCD Switched 13A Sockets with Trip Indicator Plastic 1 Gang 2 Gang & Spur - Europa Components RCDFSP, These 13A switched fused spur mains socket feat ... EUROPA COMPONENTS
£17.57 See offer

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