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Music Sales Teach Yourself Bluegrass Banjo Music Sales Teach Yourself Bluegrass Banjo: The book contains clear instructions on the basics: right- and left-hand techniques, solos, backup, personal advice ... MUSIC SALES
£14.36+ Delivery: £7.98 See offer
Voggenreiter P. Bursch Rock Gitarre Spezial Voggenreiter Peter Bursch Rock Gitarre Spezial - rock guitar techniques for intermediate players, with tabulature, includes CD. German language. Sheet Music / S ... VOGGENREITER
£17.55+ Delivery: £7.98 See offer
Ukulele Basics Ukulele Basics is a landmark ukulele method for young beginners. Carefully designed for use in both individual and group-learning contexts Ukulele Basics suppo ...
£6.74 See offer
Banjo For Dummies A complete guide to the world of the five-string banjo written for both beginners and more experienced players. Packed with over 120 how-to photos and 130 music ...
£10.23 See offer
Acoustic Guitar Playing Book & CD. This book is part of a series that forms an expertly structured and comprehensive method of studying acoustic guitar; it has been compiled by th ...
£13.71 See offer
Rolling Stones Still Life American Concert 1981 2011 Japanese SHM CD UICY20199 ROLLING STONES Still Life [American Concert 1981] (2011 Japanese exclusive limited edition 12-track digitally remastered SHM-CD [Super High Material CD - play ...
£40.00 See offer
OHardy Music Easy Picking Vol.2 Hanika OHardy Music Easy Picking Vol.2 Hanika, Easy Picking, Vol.2, Hanika: Classical,Folk and Fingerstyle songs in standard notation and tablature for guitar solo, In ... OHARDY MUSIC
£11.09+ Delivery: £7.98 See offer
Artist Ahead Musikverlag Rockabilly Slapbass Artist Ahead Musikverlag Rockabilly Slapbass - an introduction double bass slap technique by Didi Beck, even absolute beginners will find it easy to learn this ... ARTIST AHEAD MUSIKVERLAG
£19.70+ Delivery: £7.98 See offer
Fiddle Time Starters CD Fiddle Time Starters is a great beginner book for the budding violinist. Carefully paced to suit young learners it supports players through the important early ...
£7.79 See offer
Schott Die Bläserbande BbInstrumente Schott Die Bläserbande Bb-Instrumente, Die Bläserbande, Bb-Instrumente, by Bernhard Gortheil: School for teaching in groups and classes of wood wind and brass p ... SCHOTT
£13.24+ Delivery: £7.98 See offer
Performer&39s Guide to Music of the Romantic Period The latest thinking on stylish performance presented in a clear helpful and practical way. Includes chapters from leading experts on historical background not ...
£17.15 See offer
De Haske Reggae Bass De Haske Reggae Bass by Ed Friedland: with CD; medium heavy. From Early Ska to Dancehall: In Reggae Bass bass players find facts about the history of Reggae and ... DE HASKE
£16.27+ Delivery: £7.98 See offer
Thorsten Kober Guitar Theory & Technique This hands-on method teaches readers the most important guitar playing techniques and essential music theory concepts, guiding beginnning to intermediate player ... HAL LEONARD
£14.95+ Delivery: £2.50 See offer
Mel Bay The Mandolin Picker`s Guide Mel Bay, The Mandolin Picker` Guide to Bluegrass Improvisation,by Jesper Rübner-Petersen, A new book on improvisation is now available for bluegrass mandolin pl ... MEL BAY
£24.72+ Delivery: £7.98 See offer
Hal Leonard Mark Knopfler Signature Licks Hal Leonard The Guitar Style Of Mark Knopfler Guitar Signature Licks: Explore the music of one of the world's greatest guitar players. This book gives you a ste ... HAL LEONARD
£17.94+ Delivery: £7.98 See offer
Music Sales Starting Ukulele Music Sales Starting Ukulele.The number one method for young ukulele players., Starting Ukulele has been created with young players in mind., All tunes have fan ... MUSIC SALES
£7.58+ Delivery: £7.98 See offer
Adam St. James The Blues Guitar Handbook This latest entry in Backbeat's bestselling handbook series starts by exploring the humble beginnings of blues guitar through the early decades of the 20th cent ... BACKBEAT BOOKS
£22.95 See offer
Dave Hunter Play Acoustic The Complete Guide To Mastering Acoustic Guitar Styles The Acoustic Guitar is the instrument of the people and Play Acoustic tells the people how to play it. This detailed and beautifully illustrated book explores t ... BACKBEAT BOOKS
£19.95+ Delivery: £2.50 See offer
Centerstream QuickStartFingerstyle Ukulele Centerstream QuickStart:Fingerstyle Ukulele, QuickStart:Fingerstyle Ukulele, by Kevin Rones, Combining picking patterns, chord strumming & melody lines for inte ... CENTERSTREAM
£15.39+ Delivery: £7.98 See offer
Jambands The Complete Guide to the Players, Music & Scene. Jamband - the word brings to mind long summer days of hanging out with friends and listening to an astounding ... BACKBEAT BOOKS
£17.95+ Delivery: £2.50 See offer

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