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SINGER MACHINE EMBROIDERY The Artistic Possibilities of the Domestic Sewing Machine open in new window Softback copy by Dorothy Benson in very good condition published by the Singer Sowing Machine Company.
£20.00 See offer
Bonds Model and Experimental Engineering Handbook 1946 1947 ed Catalogue of goods supplied by Bond's relating to building models of railway engines, track, machine shop equipment of all sorts etc. Card covers grubby but i ...
£9.99 See offer
The Ghost in the Machine UK First Edition This work completes the cycle started with The Sleepwalkers and continued with The Act of Creation. The Ghost in the Machine ends with a discussion of man's urg ...
£19.99 See offer
The FlowerPatch Garden Book This is not a book for the great among flower-growers. Nor for the highly-experienced . . . it is merely some random memos, made by one who doesn't know much. B ...
£19.99 See offer
Principles of electric machines and power electronics Clean and tight copy of this book in very good condition.Blue boards with no shelf ware. No yellowing or other damage to the pages. This new edition combines ...
£17.99 See offer
How to be Happy though Human Acceptable reading copy. Page block is tanned, one previous owner's name on fontispiece. Some spliiting on internal spine. Front cover has slight crease. W. B ...
£15.00 See offer
Corpocracy Corpocracy-How CEOs and the Business Roundtable Hijacked the World's Greatest Wealth Machine- and How To Get It Back Shareholder control over large corporations ...
£5.99 See offer
1960s dressmaking book Basic Needlework by Winefride M. Bull 1960s dressmaking book Basic Needlework by Winefride M. Bull. A 1965 impression of a title first published in 1954. The preface says It is expected that sch ... ETSY EAGERFORWORD
£9.50+ Delivery: £3.40 See offer
Harry Harrison Deathworld 2 (Sphere Books 1977) The stakes were slavery or the life of Jason dinAlt. The planet was unkown...a savagely primitive place where every man had to kill every other man or live as ... ETSY WYRDBRITAIN
£2.00+ Delivery: £1.70 See offer
Burmese Days Keep the Aspidistra Flying Coming Up for Air Orwell draws on his experience in the Indian Imperial Police for his first novel Burmese Days" a devastating indictment of British colonial rule (he resi ...
£8.27 See offer

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