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Ecozone Kettle and Iron Descaler 100 Natural Clean and protect your appliance Ecozone® Kettle & Iron Descaler has been specially formulated to effectively remove limescale deposits without toxic chemicals. ...
£2.72 See offer
Homecraft Kettle Tipper Cordless 136 Advantage card points. This easy to use kettle tipper suits most cordless kettles and has a built in back stop to prevent spillage if the kettle is accident ... HOMECRAFT
£34.75+ Delivery: £3.50 See offer
Homecraft President Mini Jug Kettle 76 Advantage card points. President Mini Jug Kettle. It is extremely light and easy to lift compared to standard kettles and is ideal when travelling. The kettl ... HOMECRAFT
£19.99+ Delivery: £3.50 See offer

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