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This page lists some of the cheapest deals on kettles Cleaning that you could find in the UK. You can compare prices for kettles Cleaning related products on the right, or refine your kettles Cleaning search criteria by using the options above.

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Wire Kettle Descaler by Kitchen Craft Prevents furring in all types of kettles Wire kettle protector. Prevents build up of lime-scale in all types of kettles. Stainless steel. Kitchen Craft: quality ... KITCHEN CRAFT
£1.79+ Delivery: £2.99 See offer
APD AD60GB open in new window The Appliance Doctor AD60GB is an Anti-Scale water softener. It is suitable for Kettles, Steam Irons, Coffee Machines and more. APPLIANCE DOCTOR
£4.99+ Delivery: £5.00 See offer
Astonish Limescale Descaler Specially formulated to quickly and effectively remove Limescale, restoring performance & shine leaving items as good as new. The taint free concentrated natura ...
£0.99 See offer
Durgol&174 Universal Limescale Remover Descaler 500ml Founded in Switzerland in the 1950s, limescale experts Düring have grown to become one of the world leaders in combatting problems caused by limescale. Wor ...
£9.99 See offer
Wenko Rapid Descaler Do you look at washing and the care of your laundry rather as a troublesome duty you don't really enjoy doing? Then let Wenko convince you that there is a bette ... WENKO
£3.50+ Delivery: £4.99 See offer
House Mate Shower Head Descaler Kit Limescale on your shower head doesn’t just look nasty – it clogs up the nozzles and stops it working properly too. This House Mate Shower Head Desca ...
£7.99 See offer
3 Quickshine Kettle Limescale Descaler Sachets Descaling the kettle is as easy as making a cup of tea with Quickshine descaler bags! Limescale build-up is unsightly, and will stop your kettle from working ef ...
£3.99 See offer

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