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Acitivity Gifts for Adults buying guide

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Activity Gifts for Adults - An Introduction

Whether you are buying a gift for yourself or a loved one, an activity gift can be a terrific solution. It’s a gift that is out of the ordinary instead of just another piece of clutter that gathers dust, but it offers something even better: a lifetime of memories and a chance to experience a new adventure.

Whether you treat your loved one to a day of pampering, learn a new skill, or live out a lifelong fantasy, an activity gift will be a memorable event. It's sure to be the most remembered and talked-about gift your loved one receives. Activity gifts can be designed to allow your gift recipient to experience the activity alone, or you can choose a couples or family outing to share the experience. They are perfect for any occasion, anything from a birthday or Valentine's Day, celebrating a milestone accomplishment, or simply taking a break from the ordinary.

Whatever type of activity you choose, there are activity gifts that will appeal to specific interests. Choose a romantic cruise, explore your favourite music, have a fantasy photo shoot, explore a rugged outdoor longing, enjoy a relaxing day at the spa, or many more activities. Regardless of the person's interests, there are activity gifts that are designed for anyone.

If you are choosing an activity gift, you may be looking for additional information on finding the perfect gift. Price Inspector’s buying guide will give you an idea of the kinds of activities that are available, which can help spark your creativity. You know your loved one best, and once you see the choices, we are sure you’ll be able to choose the best activity. Our buying tips will educate you on what questions to ask and other important considerations, and then we bring you the cheapest prices in the UK. Whatever activity you choose, we research the UK companies to make sure you always get the best price.

Cruises and Pampering

An activity gift is a great opportunity for pampering and relaxation. There are many different opportunities, including:

  • Classic Lunch Cruise And London Eye Trip lets you combine a lunch cruise with a ride on the London Eye. You will enjoy a wonderful lunch during your relaxing afternoon on the river. Commentary after lunch will point out the key attractions of London, followed by a flight on the London Eye. This will give you the best panoramic view of London.
  • If you like the idea of a lunch cruise on the Thames but not the flight, consider a Classic Sunday Lunch Jazz Cruise. Enjoy your favourite jazz music while dining on an elegant, relaxing meal.
  • A similar outing would be a Day Excursion On The Northern Belle, or you can travel on the famous Orient Express train. This trip lets you step back in time to enjoy a classic train ride, perfect for any train enthusiast. The trains celebrate classic British heritage, recreating the luxurious train rides of the 1930s. The trains depart from more than 60 regional stations throughout Great Britain.
  • Another fun activity would be a day trip to Paris. There are many packages available that let you travel to Paris for a day trip, complete with shopping and lunch, and be back home by bed time.
  • Of course you don’t have to leave the UK to experience this level of luxury. Stay close to home and enjoy a Deluxe Hotel Break. Stay in one of the UK’s many fine hotels, schedule a spa day of pampering, and then enjoy a night on the town.
  • A Fashion Photoshoot or makes your loved one the star for a day. The day will be complete with a makeover and professional photo shoot, creating lasting memories with the finished photos. Whether you want fashion photos or boudoir pictures, there are different packages to suit.

Classes and Educational Outings

Take the opportunity to learn something new with a class or historic tour.

  • Any whisky connoisseur would enjoy a Glenmorangie Whisky Weekend. This experience will let you learn more about the art of making fine whisky, including an opportunity to sample their fine products.
  • Similarly, a Cocktail Masterclass will teach your loved one how to be a master of the art of cocktail mixing. Learn how to make classic cocktails or trendy drinks, tricks of the trade, and the art of blending different ingredients.
  • For the cooking enthusiast, consider a Classic Contemporary Cookery Course. These Cookery experiences are designed for chefs of all levels, from the new cook who wants to learn the basics to the more experienced chef who wants to learn some advanced skills.
  • History buffs will enjoy a tour of the [pd:Historic Towns & Cities:historic towns] in the UK. Explore the UK’s rich history in a variety of tours with professional tour guides available to point out the sites and attractions.
  • You can also schedule a Fun Poker Experience. Whether your loved one wants to learn the basics or is already a skilled player looking to step it up a notch, a Home Poker Masterclass can be schedule to bring all your friends together for an evening of poker fun.
  • Gardeners aren’t left out of the fun. Choose a Garden Design Course to teach the fine art of caring for your gardens and plants. You can even schedule a Garden Design Package that will teach how to design, create and maintain your dream garden.

Outdoor Activities

Whether you want a rugged outdoor adventure or something a little more tame, there are plenty of outdoor activity days to choose from:

  • A City Treasure Hunt Team outing lets a group of friends enjoy a treasure hunt across the city. You can schedule a treasure hunt for two or three teams, competing against your friends to be the first to find the hidden treasure. The activity gives clues to the locations that must be deciphered, and teams compete to be the first to unravel the clues and arrive at the destination.
  • Schedule a Cowboy Trail Ride to explore your American cowboy fantasies. These trail rides feature Western-style riding and attire, letting your loved one be a cowboy for a day.
  • An Overnight Ghost Hunt lets you take a guided tour of the UK’s most famous haunted locations. Will you find a ghost or just learn about the legends? Who knows? However it turns out, it will be a spooky, memorable outing.
  • Golfers would enjoy a Greenfree golf outing. These certificates will let you schedule two-for-one golf outings to more than 850 courses throughout England and Ireland. It’s a good opportunity to play some of the most famous courses in the UK.
  • A more rugged outing would be a Weekend Survival Skills Course. Test your survival skills and learn advanced techniques for survival in the wilderness. Trained guides will teach how to survive in a variety of settings, letting your loved one experience nature and test his skills in the Weekend Survival Camp Experience.
  • With the Country Pursuits Adventure Day, your gift recipient will enjoy all the fun, and none of the responsibility, of being a country lady or gentleman for the day. Learn clay shooting, explore the countryside in a 4x4 vehicle, or learn to fly a Hovercraft.
  • The Awesome Foursome package will give a full day of adrenalin. Designed to build confidence, start out with the longest indoor zip wire experience in the UK, reaching speeds of 30mph. Travel into the abyss as you get braver, experiencing the rush of gravity with the 150ft Powerfan experience. The day culminates with the only indoor bungee jump in the world.

Tips to consider before buying Activity Gifts for Adults

  • Find out exactly what is included in your activity package and what options require an additional fee. Ask whether lunch is included or available for an extra cost. Find out whether souvenir pictures are provided. Of course you’ll want to pack along your digital camera if possible.
  • Ask whether there are any physical requirements for the more rugged activity, such as being able to lift certain amounts of weight. If there are physical limitations that will hamper the activities, you’d rather find out in advance.
  • Check about the tour guide’s training and experience. Also, does the company have insurance in case there are any injuries? Some of the physical activities may require you to sign a damage waiver to waive liability in case of an injury.
  • Look for proper safety equipment and precautions, such as whether helmets are provided if appropriate.
  • Find out whether parking is included in the fee, if appropriate, or if you will have to pay to park. In some cases, you might prefer to use public transportation and leave the car at home. Especially for a weekend outing, parking fees could accumulate quickly.
  • Is there a rain guarantee or other weather issues if you are booking an outdoor activity. Is there a cancellation policy if you have last-minute changes to your schedule? For some tours, you can exchange your tickets if you provide enough notice, while others are non-refundable.
  • Ask about discounts for advanced ticket sales, off-season bookings, or group activities.

Jargon Explained

Day TripIf you schedule a day trip, it’s expected that you will arrive at your destination in the morning but be home by night. It’s important to consider whether you have enough time for travel to and from your destination in the same day, still allowing enough time for the activity.
Rain guaranteeA rain guarantee lets you reschedule an outdoor activity if the weather does not cooperate. Some activities will not be safe during inclement weather, so you should find out their policy in the event of bad weather.
Travel insuranceIn case you have to postpone your trip for certain covered reasons, such as bad weather or illness, travel insurance covers any deposits or non-refundable expenses. If you don’t purchase travel insurance, you may have to forfeit these costs if unforeseen problems arise.

Buying Guide to Acitivity Gifts for Adults
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