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Baby Walkers buying guide

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Baby Walkers - Babies on the move!

Every parent wants to give their baby the best start in life, so finding the best Baby Walker is crucial. A good baby walker should just not make him or her more mobile it should also be a learning curve and give them the best possible chance when taking their first steps. The first thing on any parents mind when buying a baby walker is safety!

The baby walker is a hot topic for Doctors and Paediatricians across the globe as some studies may suggest that the baby walker does not actually help your baby to walk and they advise that it should only be used now and again and under close supervision. Everything in moderation will do you know harm and the same applies for this.

Things to consider when you baby uses a baby walker

  • Dedicate a room - Ensure that you only have one surface in this particular room. Also remember to take up any rugs as  this could tip the walker upside down if it were to get caught on the edges.
  • Potential dangers - Household chemicals such as candles and hot drinks, remember when your baby was not mobile they would not be able to reach such things, the baby walker now puts these things in their reach. Ensure that you have a good look around the room and remove any such dangers.
  • Keeping a close eye - Ensure that you never leave your baby alone, not even for a split second - you would be surprised to see how quicky your baby can access places like the stairs or a fire where they could never be before.

Types of walkers

  • Infant walkers - usually made of  plastic and rectangular.  Tend to have larger wheels which will make it easier for your baby to move across carpet. Its also washable.
  • Toddler Walkers - They have a square base and a handle attached. The base will normally be brightly coloured and some even come with sound and lights and you will notice they are normally in the shape of a lawn mower.
  • 2 in 1 Baby Walker -  comes with some great interactive toys attached. It is not just a walker but can also act as a play table.
Buying Guide to Baby Walkers
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