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Built in Gas Ovens buying guide

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Built-in Gas Ovens - An Introduction

A built-in gas oven offers a clean, streamlined look to your kitchen décor, while giving you the convenience of modern gas cooking. Cooking with gas gives you quick and easy control of the cooking temperature, while the moisture of the cooking flame helps keep your food from drying out during the cooking process.

While the earliest cooking ovens used wood or coal for fuel, these did not offer accurate temperature controls. Also, as the fuel dwindled or was replenished, there could be major fluctuations in the cooking temperature. The first successful gas stove was patented in 1826 by British inventor James Sharp. By the 1920s, most households had a gas stove, usually with top burners and interior ovens. Today’s gas ovens offer many modern conveniences, such as electronic ignitions, gas shut-off safety features, and digital temperature controls.

Some of the popular brands include Hotpoint, Indesit, Neff, and Smeg, while the most popular colours include black, white, or stainless steel. There are also several different types and sizes of gas cookers to choose from. Considering that most of us do not buy a new cooker very often, it’s no wonder it may be intimidating to sort through the decisions.

Price Inspector’s buying guide will help answer your questions about the different types, sizes, and features of built-in gas ovens, helping you make an informed purchase decision. Once you have decided what you want to buy, we will help you find the best price. Our Inspectors shop the UK stores to bring you the cheapest prices available.

Types and Sizes of Gas Ovens

  •  A single gas oven with grill combines the oven and grill in one cooking cavity. This is the least expensive option, and the prices start around £150. The drawback to combining the oven and grill is that you can’t grill and bake at the same time. Also, because the grill is located inside the oven, it can get coated with fat and grease. When you turn on the grill, it can generate a lot of smoke while this grease gets burned off. If you only use the grill occasionally, this is even more noticeable. Finally, the gas grill takes up a lot of room, which will reduce your available cooking space.
  • A twin cavity offers separate cooking compartments for the oven and the grill. This is the most popular oven option because it eliminates the problems inherent with a single cavity oven, but it is still much less expensive than buying a double oven, with prices starting around £200 up to several hundred. With this style of oven, you are able to bake and grill different foods simultaneously.
  • A gas double oven offers two separate ovens, the smaller of which usually includes a grill. If your budget allows, this is the best option. It usually offers both a minute minder and programmable timer control for the main oven. You are able to grill and bake at the same time, or you can use the smaller oven to keep foods warm while you finish cooking.

Tips to consider before buying Built In Gas Ovens

  • No matter what type of built-in gas oven you choose, you will need a safe gas cooker connection, and you might need a 13 amp electric socket for the oven’s ignition system. If you are not sure whether you have both of these available, consult a registered gas engineer before buying your cooking oven, because these can be quite expensive to install. Also, remember that your oven must be installed by a registered Gas Safe Registered fitter.
  • Consider the delivery times and services offered by the manufacturer. If you are in a rush after an old cooker broke, a few days may mean a great deal to you. If necessary, will they haul away your old oven? Times may vary based on region, but standard delivery times advertised by major companies include:

    - Belling: 7 to 10 business days
    - Cannon: 3 to 4 business days
    - Creda: 3 to 4 business days
    - Hotpoint: 3 to 4 business days
    - New World: 7 to 10 business days
    - Parkinson: 3 to 4 business days
    - Stoves: 7 to 10 business days
    - Zanussi: 3 to 4 business days

  • Measure your available space carefully. Especially if you are putting a built-in appliance into an existing space, such as replacing an old cooker, make certain it will fit before you purchase. Also make sure that the appliance will fit through your doorways.
  • Ask about the guarantee provided by the manufacturer. Most will offer parts and labour coverage for a certain period, such as six months to one year. Also find out whether there is a convenient service centre if you need a repair and how much they charge for a post-warranty repair call.

Optional Features

Once you know what size and type of gas oven you want, it’s time to select the optional features. You can often save money by eliminating features you won’t use, just by stepping down a model with the same manufacturer. Decide in advance which, if any, are worth paying extra for you.

  • Timers: Modern gas ovens usually offer a minute minder, which is a simple alarm to remind you to stop or change the cooking at a predetermined interval. Another option is a programmable oven, which actually turns the oven on or off for you at a certain time.
  • A window in the door and an interior light will help you monitor your cooking without opening the door.
  • Grills: Grills can have both inner and outer elements. You can use the inner element for smaller amounts of food. They may offer variable controls to let you more precisely set the temperature. With a fixed grill, you would instead raise or lower the grill to control the heat. A high-speed grill will heat up more quickly, which saves energy and speeds up your cooking. 
  •  Electronic or digital controls: This will help you set a more accurate baking temperature, which is especially important for baking more delicate items. Some ovens offer pre-selected temperatures for common foods.
  • There are three primary types of cleaning systems for gas ovens.

    - Stay-clean liners are the least expensive option. These are simply detachable liners located in the back and sides that can be removed for easier cleaning.

    - Catalytic liners incorporate a lining made of a special material that absorbs splatters. When the oven operates in excess of 200 degrees C, the splatters burn off the liner.

    - Self-cleaning ovens operate at extremely high heats for several hours to burn away any spilled food. This provides the most effective and efficient cleaning system, but it needs to be used every few weeks for maximum effectiveness.

  •  Non-tip shelves give you added safety, and a drop-down grill will be easier to clean. A shelf rack lets you pull out or remove all your oven shelves at once. 
  •  If you don’t need the largest possible oven and are otherwise limited on storage space, consider an oven with a storage drawer beneath the cooking cavity. This is convenient for storing your pots and pans near your oven. It’s a nice option if the drawer also removes for easier cleaning

Popular Brands

Some of the most popular brands for built-in gas cooking ovens include:

  • Aeg: One of the top-rated appliances in the UK. They are expensive but worth the money if your budget allows.
  • Belling: The biggest name in the UK for cookers, Belling is known for quality appliances, affordable prices, and excellent customer service.
  • Bosch: At Bosch, their goal is to make your life easier by making your chores easier. Their appliances combine beauty, innovation, and quality.
  • Candy: Candy’s ovens are known for the clean lines, simple styling, and outstanding quality. They are continually at the leading edge of cooking and design trends.
  • Indesit: One of the largest appliance manufacturers in the UK, Indesit’s brands include Cannon, Hotpoint, and Creda.
  • Miele: Miele has made high-quality kitchen appliances for over 100 years. Combining German engineering and reliability, Miele stringently tests their appliances for maximum durability.
  •  Smeg offers high-quality appliances, best known for stainless steel. They are continually one of the highest-rated appliance brands in the UK.
  • Zanussi: Zanussi has long been at the forefront of UK stove manufacturing, dating back to their entry to the marketplace in 1920.
Buying Guide to Built in Gas Ovens
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