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Dishwashers buying guide

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Introduction to Dishwashers

Ever get that feeling that you are chained to the kitchen sink? Just when you have finished one batch of washing up, a few hours later and another load lands your way! There is no doubt the invention of the dishwasher is up there amongst some of the best. Although it costs more than a bowl of water, a dishwasher uses less water, makes your dishes sparkle, and depending on the model you purchase will be environmentally friendly.

The most important element to buying a new dishwasher is working out your needs for your budget. General basic models can cost around £150 (some companies will charge more depending on installation and removal of old appliances). However if you want bells and whistles on your dishwasher, such as noise reduction, fast working, multi-option programmes, you should be prepared to pay £300 or more.

Buying Tips

Let Price Inspector run you through some of the most important features to consider when looking to buy a dishwasher in the UK.

  • Wash Tiers - Otherwise know as the Wash Levels, these are the number of sprays that are used to clean the dishes. Most of the better branded have about 3, some basic sprays only have 1 so you should check this. Dishwashers are rated based on their cleaning ability, usually A-G (A being the best)
  • Noise - Your living area may be situated close to your kitchen, so opting for a quiet dishwasher is definately advisable. Quieter dishwashers are more expensive due to its internal insulation, however as designs are streamlined a lot of the budget dishwashers are relatively quieter than they used to be.
  • Speed and Programmes - Generally speaking, the more expensive dishwashers are quicker and have more programmes. At worst the lower end models take up to 150 minutes to run through a wash cycle. Some dishwashers have special programmes such as "best china" option, these are quite specialist and you should only consider this if you have plenty of tea parties!
  • Styling - Stainless Steel dishwashers always add that "wow" factor to any appliance - don't be surprised to have to pay considerably more for genuine stainless steel dishwashers - keep the kids fingerprints off it though! Some expensive models, such as Miele dishwashers, have hidden controls and features so that the overall look is a neat and streamlined as possible for that ultra modern feel.
  • Sizes - Dishwashers by standard are 60cm wide, 60cm length and 85cm in height. Slimline dishwashers can make good use of limited space at 45cm wide. Countertop dishwashers are usually 45cm high. Make sure you measure out your kitchen for your new dishwasher to avoid problems when installing. Also consider the types of dishes (large) you may want to use in the dishwasher as some dishwasher capacities are bigger than others.
  • Efficiency Ratings - Spend more on your dishwasher for a more efficient model - PI advises that if you outlay more cash now, you will make the money up down the line with reduced energy bills! Check for ratings on efficiency (A-G)


There you have it - the complete low down on what to look for when buying a new dishwasher in the UK. We have outlined some of the best brands in dishwashers below:

If you really want a bit of class in terms of performance and kitchen appeal, why not have a look at these classy brands: Bosch, Miele, Fisher & Paykel, Electrolux.

Buying Guide to Dishwashers
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