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Christmas Fancy Dress Costume buying guide

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Get festive this Christmas with fancy dress costumes

With the Christmas season fast approaching, you might find yourself needing a fancy dress costume. Whether it’s for a kids’ party, the office Christmas party, or a Boxing Day party, you’ll want to look your best. There are also opportunities for fancy dress at a Christmas Day party or a New Year’s Eve party.

Christmas fancy dress costumes are a great way to get in the spirit of Christmas, and you can express your personality with an almost endless selection. Whether you want sexy or conservative, religious or secular, funny or serious, there is a Christmas fancy dress costume that will be perfect for you.

You can even organize a competition with your friends for who will have the more stylish fancy dress costume. If you like, you can even have everyone wear masquerade masks to keep the competition secret until the costumes are judged. Your annual Christmas party will be even more fun this year, and you’ll be sure to have plenty of laughter and memories of the event. You can even have prizes for different categories, such as funniest, sexiest, most stylish, and more original.

Whatever your occasion, you’ll want to look your best and be dressed appropriately. The costume you wear to a kids’ party might not be appropriate for the office party, and you will probably want to dress a little fancier for a New Year’s Eve party, with plenty of glitz and sparkle.

No matter what type of fancy dress costume you want, Price Inspector brings you the best selection at the cheapest prices. We always compare prices around the UK to bring you the best deals, so you won’t have to shop around. Just read our buying guide, and you’re sure to find plenty of ideas for your Christmas fancy dress costume.

Women's Christmas Fancy Dress Costumes

Ladies have many different options for fancy dress. Whether you want cute and slightly flirty to all-out sexy, there are many popular Christmas costumes to choose from. While the red and white Miss Santa or green elf costumes are traditional, you can also find snowflakes, angels, or even a hot pink Santa costume. For a church or children’s party, you can dress more conservatively, such as an angel costume or Christmas tree costume.

Whatever your personality, there is a fancy dress costume to match. If you have several parties to attend, you might like something you could wear to all of them, or you might prefer to have a different costume for each gathering. A snow princess costume lets you be beautiful and elegant, or you can play Santa’s helper with the Miss Santa deluxe or Miss Santa dress. For the office party, a Secret Santa dress would be a great option. If the skirt is a little too short for your comfort, consider adding white tights for a little more modesty. This would let you wear a short skirt to a children’s party, then show a little more leg for the adult party.

If it’s an adult party, you can take the opportunity to dress a little more provocatively than usual, such as with a sexy snowman costume or sexy little helper costume. Other sexy alternatives include a saucy pud costume, a red hot reindeer costume, a PVC sexy Santa costume, or a sexy toy soldier costume. Your special someone will love unwrapping you in a Christmas present costume. You’ll be the hit of the party in a Santa babe costume, also available in pink, a sexy pixie costume, or a Miss Sequin Santa costume.

If you want something less traditionally Christmas themed, you can consider a Miss Snowman costume, a Snow White costume, or even a woodland fairy or mystical fairy costume.

Don’t forget to consider whether any special accessories are required, like shoes, jewellery, hats, or undergarments. If you have a skimpy costume, consider a cape to wear while traveling to your party. This can look like part of the costume, rather than just throwing on a coat, while still keeping you warm and dry.

Mens Christmas Fancy Dress Costumes

Men are not left out of the fancy dress selection, and every children’s party needs a good Santa costume. You can even play sidekick to Santa with a workshop elf or green elf costume. To put a more modern edge on the Santa look, consider the Santa Cool costume.

Regardless of your personality, we have plenty of choices for any occasion. Whether you want a traditional Santa, a funny costume, or a cool outfit, you’re sure to find a great Christmas fancy dress costume at Price Inspector.

If you’re looking for something more humourous, you can be Mr Hankey the Christmas Poo, made popular by the South Park television show. For a sexy men’s costume, choose a take me home and unwrap costume to set the mood. You can even combine Santa and Superman to be the superhero of Christmas.

These might not be appropriate for a church party, of course, and for those types of parties, you can choose a Jesus costume for the annual Christmas pageant. For a more general winter theme, you might like a Mr Snowman costume, and you can even make it a couples theme, with her also dressed in a Miss Snowman fancy dress costume. Other choices include a turkey or penguin costume.

You can even dress as Scrooge, the Ghost of Christmas Past (or Present or Future), or even the Grinch. For a more religious theme, consider Joseph or one of the Three Wise Men.

Whatever you choose, look for a costume that will be comfortable, especially if it’s a long party. You want a fancy dress costume that isn’t too hot and that will allow you to eat and drink with your friends.

Father Christmas Fancy Dress Costumes

Santa Claus is always a classic Christmas fancy dress costume for men. If you’re planning to play Father Christmas or Santa Claus this year, make sure you have a great Santa suit. The more authentic, the better, especially if you have children who are starting to question whether Santa is real. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and you’ll be the best version ever with a Santa gown with hood. You can choose a modern look or a traditional Victorian Father Christmas look, depending on your preferences.

A Super Santa costume would include everything you need to play Santa. Don’t forget white gloves, a wide black belt, and black boots. A plush Santa suit gives you a more authentic look for your adult Santa suit. Of course, if you’re dressing for fun rather than authenticity, there are other options available, such as a Santa Cool costume.

Whatever you do, don’t forget the little touches like padding for your stomach, long white wig, and long white beard. That is, of course, if you don’t naturally fit the part. If you do have long white hair and/or beard, you might even consider bleaching them to make them even whiter. Professionals who dress as Santa for appearances in shops often do this, making sure to remove any traces of grey or yellow.

Children’s Christmas Costumes

If you have a little one at home, Christmas is the perfect opportunity for a fancy dress costume. Children love dressing up in fancy costumes, imitating their favourite Christmas personalities like Santa, elves, and reindeer.

Whether for a Christmas pageant, a party, Christmas card photos, or just for fun, take advantage of the chance while they’re still young. Take plenty of pictures, because soon enough, they’ll be teenagers who are too cool to dress up. Just make sure the costume is comfortable, not too hot or itchy, or the fun will be spoiled by complaints. For younger children especially, make sure the costume is easy to get in and out. You don’t want a little holiday accident because it was too complicated for a potty emergency.

For a religious Christmas pageant, choose a Mary costume, Mary tabard, an angel such as Gabriel, or a king costume. To complete the manger scene, you can also choose a little donkey,camel, cow, lamb, or pig. If you want a donkey costume, you can also find a donkey tabard.

For other occasions, you might choose something just for fun, like a Santas little helper costume, a little reindeer costume, kids elf costume. What child wouldn’t enjoy getting to be a reindeer and pretend to be part of Santa’s team? Even babies can play a part, with a baby Santa costume or Santa dress.

Little girls aren’t left out of being Santa, with a Little Miss Santa costume. If your girl doesn’t want to be Miss Santa, there are plenty of other choices, such as a queen or a fairy.

Great winter costumes include a red robin, snowman, snow angel, or Frosty the Snowman. A funny choice would be to dress your child as a Christmas pudding.

Christmas Hats & Accessories

Sometimes, you want to get in the holiday spirit without wearing a full fancy dress costume, or maybe you just need some finishing touches to complete the outfit.

If you’re playing Santa, make sure you get a Santa hat and Santa beard. You might also like white Santa eyebrows for a more authentic look. Other finishing touches that you might need include boots, belt, gloves, and a bell. Don’t forget the Santa sack to carry all the gifts, and if you need it, be sure to get a Santa belly. This will look much better than trying to get away with a pillow for stuffing.

For the elf who will be helping Santa, you also need a few accessories. Don’t forget elf shoes and ears. For the hat, you can choose from an elf hat with ears or an elf hat with bells. The elf might also like gloves, such as white ribbed gloves.

If you’re dressing as a fairy this year, you might like a sequined fairy wand, and no fairy would be complete without wings. Miss Santa would look terrific with red and white thigh high stockings and red Santa plaits.

A hat is a great way to show your Christmas spirit without the expense or commitment of a full costume. With a hat, you can easily remove it if you find yourself the only one dressed up at the office, for example. Fun choices include flashing antlers, a Christmas turkey hat, reindeer horns, a turkey gobbler hat, a giftbox hat, or a Christmas pudding hat.

You can even buy a baby Christmas hat that might get more use than a full baby costume. Your baby can wear the hat all season long, rather than just once or twice for a special occasion. For your baby, you can even get Christmas nappy covers, so they’re in the Christmas spirit from head to toe!

Boppers are another fun way to dress for the holidays. These feature small headbands with springs that hold little decorations above your head. Snowman boppers will look cute at any age, while mistletoe boppers might be better left for adults. You never know—you just might get a kiss from that special someone! Just watch out for people that you don’t want to kiss.

Buying Guide to Christmas Fancy Dress Costume
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