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Christmas Stockings buying guide

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No Christmas celebration would be complete without a Christmas stocking for every member of the family. Your options are virtually unlimited, whether you want a (musical Christmas stocking), a (personalized Christmas stocking), or even a dog Christmas stocking. If you have a new member of the family, consider a baby Christmas stocking or make a handmade Christmas stocking.

Your colour choices are just as varied. Depending on your decorating tastes, consider a red Christmas stocking, white Christmas stocking, gold Christmas stocking, or pink Christmas stocking. For some people, choosing the little gifts to fill the stocking is half the fun of Christmas, but other people might enjoy the convenience of a filled Christmas stocking. When you’re hanging the stockings by the chimney with care, don’t forget the Christmas stocking hanger.

There are many legends and traditions surrounding the Christmas stocking. One such story is that there was a kindly nobleman whose wife had died, leaving him and his three daughters. After losing their money, the family moved to a peasant cottage. When it was time for the girls to marry, the father had no money for their dowries. One night after washing their clothes, the daughters hung their stockings by the fire to dry. St. Nicholas, knowing the family’s despair, stopped by that evening after they’d gone to sleep. He peeked through the window and spied the stockings by the fire. He threw three bags of gold down through the chimney into the hanging stockings. The next morning, the girls found their stockings filled with enough gold that they could married.

However the tradition started, it is now a key element of Christmas, both for filling with small gifts and for your seasonal decorations. Price Inspector can help you buy cheap stockings. We research the UK stores so you don’t have to, making your shopping easy and fun.

Things to consider before buying

  • Consider the types of gifts you will be placing in the stocking at Christmas. You may want a large Christmas stocking if you will be putting anything other than small toys and candies inside, as the stockings fill up quickly.
  • f you don’t plan to fill the stockings and they are only for decoration, a small or medium-sized Christmas stocking will look most balanced.
  • Do you want matching stockings for every family member, or do you want a different style to express each person’s interests? For example, you could buy a Santa Christmas stocking for one person and a football team stocking for another.
  • If you do want matching stockings, choose a style that can easily be personalized. Depending on your craft skills, you can use add names in a variety of ways. Some popular choices include writing the names in glitter glue, embroidering names, or sewing on alphabet beads. Decide which will fit your taste and abilities, then choose the stocking accordingly. A furry cuff on a stocking may lend itself to glitter glue but not embroidery, for example.
  • How will your stocking match the rest of your decorations? If you have chosen a traditional decorating theme, stockings in red or white, made of velvet or satin, are good choices. For a more modern decorating theme, your options are more open, including non-traditional colours and patterns
  • If you choose to make your own stockings using a kit, make sure you understand the instructions, skill level, and time commitment required to complete the project. You don’t want to end up without a stocking because you weren’t able to finish in time, or worse yet, have to rush out at the last minute to buy one.


Making your own stockings

Depending on your skills and interests, you may decide to make your own Christmas stockings. You can buy a Christmas stocking kit in several different craft types, including one to make a knitted Christmas stocking, a quilted pattern, or a sewn stocking. By making your own, you have more control over the colour, material, and pattern than you may find in a store.

When you are buying a kit, consider the skill level necessary for the project. Many people get excited about Christmas projects at the start of the season, only to find out it is more difficult than they anticipated, leading to frustration and a half-finished project. Read the instructions carefully before buying to make sure you understand the steps. For example, with a knitting pattern, are there any stitches you don’t know how to do? If there are, decide whether this is a good time to increase your skills, or if you’d be better off looking for an easier pattern. Also make sure you consider the necessary tools. If you have to buy special equipment, be sure to include those costs in the overall cost of your project.

Make sure to buy high-quality materials. For a store-bought Christmas stocking, this may not be as important, but if you’re taking the time to make a stocking, you probably want to use it for many years to come. Your children may even hang it in their own homes decades in the future. So make sure to use beautiful, durable materials that will be worthy of an heirloom. Whether you’re knitting or sewing, the stocking should be made to last.


 Christmas stocking materials

Whether buying a Christmas stocking or making one, the materials you choose will be an important factor in your decorating scheme. A velvet Christmas stocking provides a luxurious look, while a Christmas felt stocking is a simpler theme. Some people want rich, opulent decorating themes, while others would prefer to be plainer, more in line with the religious meaning of the season. Whichever you choose is a personal preference; just make sure the stockings fit the rest of the theme.

For an opulent, traditional look, consider velvet, velveteen, or satin. Stockings decorated with pearls or gems provide another beautiful look. For a simpler look, good materials include felt, soft wool, or cotton.

Colour is also an important choice for the materials. Deep, rich reds offer a more grown-up look, while remaining traditional. Bright reds can be a more festive choice for younger families. Gold and silver stockings can provide a slightly non-traditional look but still fit perfectly in a traditional decorating theme. Gold and silver would also be equally at home in a modern décor, as would completely non-traditional colours like pink Christmas stockings. Another popular choice is the stocking that resembles Santa’s suit, with a red fuzzy body and furry white cuff.

If you are making or personalizing the stockings yourself, consider whether you will be adding members to your growing family, either by adding more children or as your own children get married. If you have every stocking matching, it’s a good idea to plan ahead so that future family members will also be able to have matching stockings. For common materials like glitter, you should have no trouble finding the same item in future years. If you’re choosing a unique material that you may not easily find again, consider buying extra for new stockings.

Stocking Stuffers

Once you have your stockings, now what are you going to fill them with? Some families limit the stocking contents to a few small candies and very inexpensive little toys, while others use the stocking as a central part of the gift-giving. Some popular ideas include:

  • Mobile phone: If you have a teen that is getting a first mobile phone or an adult who wants the latest technology, a mobile phone is the perfect size for a stocking.
  • Lip glosses: This can be a nice, expensive lipstick for a woman or older teen, an inexpensive lip gloss for a younger teen, or a flavoured lip balm for a child boy or girl.
  • Jewellery: Again, this can range for an expensive piece of nice jewellery to an inexpensive trinket, depending on the age of the recipient. A nice surprise is to put a mother’s ring in a baby’s first stocking, as a nice surprise for the new mother.
  • Small cars and airplanes, novelty pens and pencils, bath crayons, and holiday socks are fun little trinkets that don’t cost very much. Small magic tricks or playing cards are good for boys or girls.
  • CDs and DVDs: choose a favourite band or movie, or give blank discs so they can burn their own.
  • Depending on his age, a small pocket knife could be an exciting gift for a boy. A nice razor is a good stuffer idea for a teen boy.
  • Consider giving a new Christmas ornament each year as a stocking stuffer. This can make a new family tradition, and it will be a special reminder each year. Maybe just a dated ornament or maybe a theme that commemorates that year’s activities, such as a new sport or hobby acquired during the year.
Buying Guide to Christmas Stockings
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