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Cooker Hoods buying guide

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Introduction to cooker hoods

Nearly all modern kitchens today use a cooker hood. This appliance can help you get more efficient cooking, but also a cleaner home, as cooker hoods remove odour and grease through either air extraction or by filtering and re-circulating the air. For cooker hoods located on an outside wall, an extractor hood model will remove the grease and odour to the outside, replacing it with fresh air. If your kitchen doesn’t have access to an outside wall, the cooker extractor fan will filter the air to improve the cleanliness. There is even a special island cooker hood for cookers located on a kitchen island.

With many popular brands such as Neff, Elica, and Aeg Extractor, a cooker hood can be the showpiece of your modern kitchen, as they are usually very large, visible appliances. For this reason, cooker hoods are available in many styles and colours to perfectly complement your kitchen’s design.

Price Inspector is here to help you buy a cheap cooker hood in the UK. We have researched the models and the stores to make your shopping easier. Cooker hoods are an important component of any kitchen, and we want to help you find the right model at the right price.

Based on research of the cooker hood industry, Belling is the most popular brand for 50 cm hoods, while Neff is the most popular choice for 60 cm. Elica is the favourite choice for the 90 cm size. Each of these brands is more on the expensive side, but they all make high quality products and have excellent reputations in the industry.

Buying tips

There are several different styles of cooker hoods, as well as different features to consider.

  • Because your cooker hood will be exposed to steam and smoke, a stainless steel cooker head will last much longer.
  • The cooker hood’s power will determine how quickly it removes the air, and it is measured in cubit feet per minute. Most home kitchens will use a 700 to 1,000 CFM blower. Professional size cookers with more hobs than average may require higher CFM blower.
  • Consider the energy efficiency of the cooker hood models. Generally, a more powerful blower will use more energy. You can even buy a cooker hood with an automatic time that shuts off after a certain period.
  • Cooker hoods usually have a light. Some models use an energy-saving light, while some use a powerful halogen bulb.
  • Make sure the cooker hood offers a one year warranty or longer, plus parts replacement. Also find out whether the company has a service centre located in your area.

Different types of cooker hoods to consider

Cooker Hood Brands

There are numerous high quality brands of cooker hoods. Some of the top brands include:

  • Baumatic is known for combining image and excellence, providing functional, energy efficient appliances. Baumatic produces high-end appliances meeting exacting standards and meticulous details, working only with the finest materials. Their goal is to ensure every appliance they create works to the very best of its ability to make your cooking and cleaning easier. They maintain a good reputation for providing quality appliances that fit a small budget.
  • Aeg is continually one of the highest rated appliance brands in the UK. With German engineering and quality workmanship, most users experience years of quality service from Aeg products. They are generally on the higher end of the pricing spectrum, but they also have a good reputation for providing service in the event you experience a problem. Through their partnership with Elica, they have received international awards for design and quality.
  • Electrolux is one of the sister brands with Aeg. They are generally known for providing the same high quality as Aeg products but for a less expensive price.
  • Smeg has created distinctive appliances for more than 60 years. Internationally recognised for providing quality appliances, they are best known for high quality stainless steel appliances, glass surfaces, and a sophisticated use of colour. They are one of the premier appliance brands in the UK.
  • Belling is the largest brand in the UK cooking market, long a favourite of many families. They are renowned for providing high quality appliances at an affordable price. Just as important is their reputation for service, frequently winning customer service awards in their industry.
  • Neff was founded in Germany more than 125 years ago, and has long been a major competitor in European kitchen appliances. Since their introduction to the UK more than 30 years ago, Neff has maintained a reputation for making appliances that look and work brilliantly.

Cooking Hood Decisions

The first and easiest decision when buying a cooker hood is whether to buy an extraction or re-circulating model. If you have access to an outside wall, extraction models work better. Re-circulating models are designed for islands and cookers that are not near a wall.

The next important decision is the size of your extractor. If you buy one too large, it’s wasting electricity, but if you purchase one too small, it won’t efficiently remove the grease and odours. To determine the right size, multiply the length of your kitchen by the width by the height to determine the volume. Multiply this by 10, which is the number of times your cooker hood will filter the air in an hour. The result is the minimum extraction rate, which is listed as cubic meters per hour, or m/h. Every cooker hood manufacturer lists this figure, making it easy to find the right size blower.

Finally, consider the looks of your cooker hood. You want the cooker hood to be attractive and fit the design of the rest of your kitchen. For example, if you have a modern kitchen design, stainless steel may provide a stunning focal point. However, in a traditional kitchen design, it wouldn’t fit. Depending on your kitchen style, there are a variety of colours and materials available, including stainless steel, brushed metal, and copper. Glossy black is a current favourite in the market, although it does show smudges more easily. Geometric styling is currently very popular, with bold lines and angular corners winning out over classic curves.

Your cooker hood can attract as much or as little attention as you desire. If you want to make a statement, choose a bold design. If you want the cooker hood to be discrete, consider an integrated pull-out model.

Other appliances

When you are upgrading your kitchen, a cooker hood is obviously an important component. It serves both a function and a design purpose, perhaps making it one of the most important pieces in your kitchen. However, it’s obviously not the only important appliance. Price Inspector has also researched other large kitchen appliances, helping you find cheap prices in the UK using our buying guides. Here are a few quick points to get you started on your appliance shopping.

  • Fridge freezers are the most popular refrigeration choice today. To buy the right fridge freezer, first figure out how much capacity you need and how much available space you have. Fridge freezers generally range from 120 to 300 litres or more, and they available in different configurations, including side-by-side and top-bottom designs. Different models also offer different splits between fresh and frozen capacity.
  • When buying your cooker, first determine what fuel you want. Some homes are limited to either gas or electric, which makes the choice for you, but some homes have access to both fuels. Gas cookers are cheaper to run than electric ones, and they offer a moister cooking method. On the other hand, electric cookers provide faster cooker results, and they usually offer more features. You can even buy a dual fuel cooker that combines the convenience and speed of an electric oven with the instant heat and better temperature control of a gas hob.
  • Dishwashers are no longer a luxury, saving both time and water over hand washing. When you are buying a dishwasher, it should have at least 3 programmes: economy, normal, and intensive. If you want more flexibility, some models offer a quick wash or lower temperature setting for fragile glasses and china. Other options include a half-load programme ideal for times when your dishwasher isn’t full but you don’t want to let dirty dishes set.
Buying Guide to Cooker Hoods
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