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Corner Sofas buying guide

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Introduction to Corner sofas

If you are considering buying a new sofa you may want to consider a Corner Sofa for a number of different reasons. People are starting to invest in their homes more and your living room is the place where you often want to kick back and chill out, and your sofa is the ideal place. Corner Sofas come in a few different sizes, colours and materials.

Everybody's taste is different and what suits one living room may not suit another. So there are a number of different things that you need to take into consideration before you make your choice.

Corner sofa buying tips

Here are a few handy tips to consider before you buy your Corner Sofa

  • Firstly if you are thinking of investing in a Corner Sofa, consider the size and layout of the room.
  • Corner Sofas can look good against a wall or just standing in the middle of your living room. Just ensure that you have the correct amount of space to do this.
  • Think about the kind of budget that you have and try and stick to this. This is a purchase that will be with you for a long time.
  • If you have young children think about the kind of material, either fabric or Leather. The Leather Corner Sofa is more practical if you have young children, any little accidents you can just wipe away.
  • If you have pets and you do allow them onto your sofa, then you may want to think about a Fabric Corner Sofa, the last thing that you want is your pet putting their claws through a Leather Sofa.
  • If you are worried about pet hair collecting on your sofa, then the leather corner sofa may be a good idea in this case, as you will be able to dust it straight off, as opposed to a fabric sofa that will tend to hold the hair.
  • Consider your colour scheme; whether you opt for a Leather or Fabric Corner Sofa, they all come in a whole host of colours.

Types of Corner Sofas

  • Leather Corner Sofas
    They tend to be of good quality and long lasting. Leather sofas also look very stylish and are timeless. They are ideal for keeping clean and very easy to maintain. If you are looking to pay that bit extra and really splash some cash then think about Italian Sofas.
    Different types of Leather range from Bi-cast leather which will give you a high gloss finish which looks very modern. You then have spilt leather - this does not tend to be as thick as other leather and not that hard wearing so you will find it on areas like the back and side. You could choose to opt for the leather effect or faux-leather which is man-made. It looks like leather but isn't. However it still looks good but won;t cost you as much. You may also want to consider corrected top grain leather, this is very hard wearing leather and is slightly treated with no blemishes and will last you a very long time.
  • Fabric Corner Sofas
    If you are looking for the most durable and hard wearing of the fabric then look out for the micro fibre, this one is good for families with little ones that may bounce around. Its also very good value for money. If you are looking for something a little bit up market then you may want to consider a chenille sofa - this particular material adds a little touch of class. Or you even have the choice of half leather and half fabric that way you get the best of both worlds. All the above come in a great range of colours from Dare Devil red or stylish black or more subtle tones of cream.

Ensure that you have a good shop around on and look out for some great offers. Remember to consider all the tips before you make your decision.

Buying Guide to Corner Sofas
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