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Divan Beds buying guide

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Introduction - what are divan beds?

Divan beds offer comfort, practicality, and style, similar to a sophisticated hotel's decor. Today's divan beds are available in a wide range of styles, prices, and materials, such as the latest sleep innovation: memory foam mattresses. Divan beds typically offer hidden storage drawers built into the bed frame, expanding your storage space while maintaining an elegant look.

With or without an upholstered headboard, divan beds make a perfect complement to any bedroom decor, and you can easily update the look and feel of the room by changing the headboard. Divan beds offer a bed and mattress combined into one unit, making them versatile and convenient.

Considering the array of choices for manufacturers, sizes, materials, prices ... how will you narrow down the choices?

Some tips to consider when looking for a Divan bed

  • The mattress size will depend on your available room space, number of occupants, and budget. Divan beds are available in all sizes, such as compact single, single, compact double, double, king size, and super king size. Once you know your size, this will help narrow your options and your budget.
  • The cover of your mattress will affect the softness and the price. There are several different materials, including jacquard and damask, which provide a durable finish. Micro quilting creates a smooth and even sleeping surface. Finally, hand tufting creates a wavy surface and looks like buttons have been sewn into the mattress. This option is most common on the more expensive mattresses.
  • Keep in mind that although divan beds offer storage space, they are designed for lighter items, so avoid overloading, which can damage the drawers and runners.
  • Unless otherwise specified, headboards are not typically included in the price of the divan bed. There are a number of options available for materials and design, or you do not have to use a headboard. Just be aware that this will typically be an additional cost.

Divan bed styles vary in the following areas

  • Storage space: Divan beds typically offer storage, and there are a number of alternatives depending on your style and use preferences, including a sliding storage area, two drawers, four drawers, or an end drawer.
  • Base type: Originally, divan beds all had springs, which is still a favourite for their level of comfort and support. This style is called 'sprung edge' base, and they are typically softer, even with a firm mattress, especially at the edges. Another alternative is the 'platform top' which offers a solid lid, sometimes padded, to make the mattress firmer. This is generally a less expensive option.
  • Mattress firmness: Divan beds are available in soft, medium, medium firm, firm, and extra firm. Firmness depends on the spring type, type of filling, and construction.
  • Spring type: The spring type determines the comfort level. Open coils intertwine steel wires to create a complex frame of springs. Pocket sprung systems use individual springs that are wrapped in individual pockets.


Once you have made preliminary decisions about size, material, firmness, storage style, base type, and firmness, you are ready to start comparison shopping. You can directly compare beds from manufacturers, determining who offers the features and quality you want, while meeting your budget. Price Inspector can help you compare beds side-by-side for easy evaluation. Divan beds can easily range from less than £200 to more than £1600, so you'll want to make sure you get the most for your money, regardless of your budget.

Popular brands include:

Buying Guide to Divan Beds
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