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Espresso Makers buying guide

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Introduction to Espresso Makers

Espresso Machines are pretty complicated pieces of kit. Ever wondered why they are so noisy, big and steamy, all to get a little cup of coffee at the end of it? In a nutshell, an espresso machine forces boiling water through ground coffee at incredibly high pressure. By doing this, it creates the rich flavour in the cup of coffee you get at Marks and Sparks or in Costa Coffee. Get yourself an espresso maker and you can get that perfect cup of coffee in your own home!

Types of Espresso Machines

There are few different types of Espresso machines to consider:

Stovetop espresso makers - Stovetop espresso machines are older in design and is the traditional method to making espresso. However they do come with their problems, including regularly burning the coffee. The pressure in this machine can fail to make it high enough for decent espresso brewmaking. They do come with a fan, so although they are not great for making espresso, they are sufficient at making a cappunccino. Relatively cheap at less than a hundred quid.

Manual Pump espresso makers - These machines are much better at making a decent espresso. You need to get the timing just right on the lever to extract the coffee at the right pressure, but get this right and you will make a superb espresso. They are reasonably priced, anywhere between £250-£1000 depending on the additional features and style you choose.

Semi-Automatic and Automatic espresso makers - Both these machines are similar in design. Using the pump you extract the coffee grounds with the right pressure and then standardise this pressure for future use. Automatic espresso machines keep an eye on water usage, and ensures the perfect espresso creation with next to no human effort! Price varies, but can come under budget at £100 or as much as £650.

Super-Automatic Espresso Machines - To get that "Costa" style espresso, this is the machine for your home or business. No need to measure your scoops of grounds, just add the lot to the machine and it will do the work for you. If you want a coffee, this machine will grind the optimum amount for you. The only requirement is to keep it stocked up with enough filtered water and beans. These machines are the most expensive as you would expect, reaching £300 to in excess of a grand.

Popular Espresso machine brands

Some popular brands of espresso machines include: Gaggia, Francis Francis, Magimix, Krups, Kenwood, Russell Hobbs and Jura.

Buying Guide to Espresso Makers
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