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Hair Straighteners buying guide

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Introduction to hair straighteners

I think that most women crave straight, sleek hair with no frizz. The ideal way to achieve such a look is by investing in a good pair of Hair Straighteners. They have really envolved over the last couple of years; take GHD for example - at one time they were only available in hair salons and now you can get them on your local high street. This will give you the saloon look 24/7 which will give you the confidence for that all important meeting or special night out on the town.

There are so many different types of Hair Straighteners in the market at the moment. Its just a case of choosing the right one for your hair type and the look that you want to create.

Handy tips for buying Hair Straighteners

  • Check out the kind of functions that you may require in your new straighteners. For example, curling tongs that will help to create different styles other than simply straight. Some come with temperature controls and auto shut off.
  • Digital display can be very useful in knowing what to set your temperature.
  • Think about the cord length as well, depending on where you will be plugging them in.
  • Ceramic straighteners are the most up-to-date design in hair straighteners today. They will create a very smooth and sleep look without damaging your hair. They do tend to be the more expensive of the models.
  • If you have thick hair you may want to go for thicker plated straighteners as thinner plates may not give you the desired straight look.

Different types of Hair Straighteners

Hair accessories

You may want to think about hair straightener accessories, such as:

Brands of hair straighteners include:

Buying Guide to Hair Straighteners
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