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Laptop Bags buying guide

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Laptop Bags Guide - An Introduction

Laptop bags come in a variety of shapes, colours, and sizes. Consumers should select a laptop bag that is visually appealing, space-conscious and easy to carry. Depending upon the size of the laptop, the weight can be heavy. Therefore, experts recommend selecting a laptop bag which does not add a significant amount of weight to the laptop. Carrying heavy items for extended periods of time may cause back and shoulder pain.

To minimize the weight of carrying a laptop, consumers should purchase a laptop bag large enough for the laptop and other small accessories. Also to protect the laptop, it is best to have a laptop bag that meets the size requirements. For instance, a 12 inch laptop computer will be best protected by a 12 inch laptop bag. Consumers may also purchase other sizes as well. Some of the common sizes are as follows: 8 inches, 13 inches, 14 inches, 15 inches, 16 inches, 17 inches, 18 inches, 19 inches, and 20 inches.

Laptop bags are made of various materials.

A list of materials is provided below:


Laptop bags are available in almost every colour. Black, brown, gold, purple, white, silver, blue, khaki, camouflage, and grey are just a few colours available to consumers. Colours may be customized to fit the consumer’s personality and style.

The style of a laptop bag is essential in determining how the weight will be distributed on the body. Some laptop bags are worn on one shoulder and draped diagonally across the upper torso. This style of bag is called a laptop messenger shoulder bag. The style is ergonomic and distributes the weight to reduce pain on the shoulder and lower back. The back pack is also another style of laptop bag that distributes weight evenly. Rolling laptop bags are the most effective in alleviating back pain. Bike messenger laptop bags fit on the side of a bike and are efficient in relieving back pain if a bike is taken to work.

Leather bags possess visual appeal, durability and consumers prefer them. However, leather bags are typically heavier, bulkier and more expensive. Leather bags are great for light weight laptops and Netbooks. Portfolio sleeves are also great options for alleviating back pain.

Tips to consider before buying Laptop Bags

  • Experts recommend a laptop bag that is lightweight and easy to carry. The nylons, polyesters, and cottons are all light weight. However, these materials are not as durable as metal, leather, suede and others over extended period of time.
  • Determine the frequency of use. Select a material durable enough to withstand the frequent usage. Nylons and cottons tend to ravel at the seams over time. Leathers, metals, and ballistic nylon are all durable, but are heavier than other materials.
  • If a suede, nubuck or cotton bag is purchased, experts recommend spraying the bag with a protective agent to protect it from weather, dirt and stains.
  • Laptop bags that consumers do not have to carry are best for reducing back strain. Rolling laptop bags and bike messenger bags are both great solutions for this problem.

Types of Laptop Bags

Rolling Laptop Bags

Rolling laptop bags may come in a variety of shapes and sizes. One of the popular styles is the rolling back pack laptop bag. Messenger bags are also available on wheels. These types of bags alleviate back pain by removing the stress from the lower back and shoulder.

Bike Messenger Bags

The bike messenger bags fit onto the rear of the bike. This type of bag alleviates back pain by removing the stress from the lower back and shoulder while cycling.

Laptop Messenger Shoulder Bags

Laptop messenger shoulder bags are worn on one shoulder. The strap drapes diagonally across the torso of the body. By evenly distributing the weight of the laptop, the bag reduces the weight of the laptop on the back and shoulder.

Portfolio Sleeves

Portfolio sleeves are made of micro-fibre and silicone and are light weight. The portfolio sleeve fits snugly around the laptop or Netbook. Laptops in portfolio sleeves may fit in an existing bag or purse. Alternatively, it may be carried alone.

Brands of Laptop Bags

Acer - Acer offers consumers portfolio sleeves, portfolio sleeves with handles, and executive laptop carrying bags. Many offer padded interiors for laptop protection and storage compartments for accessories. Acer offers a laptop bag and laptop car charger combination for an economical price. Prices range from £10 to £35.

Aha - Aha laptop bags come in a variety of colours, patterns, materials and styles. This brand features padded compartments for laptops and zipped compartments for accessories and PDAs. Aha focuses on the messenger bag style for consumers. This style has an adjustable strap. Prices range from £20 to £30.

Belkin - Belkin designs an ergonomic laptop messenger shoulder bag. The design is streamlined, possesses clean lines and is visually appealing. The straps are wide, padded and adjustable. This laptop messenger bag is designed to be worn on one shoulder with the strap draped diagonally across the upper torso. This evenly distributes weight to avoid shoulder and lower back pain, while maintaining a stylish appeal. Prices range from £20 to £30 in online UK stores.

Case Logic - Case Logic provides bags made of light weight nylons, ballistic nylons, canvas and cottons. Each design is padded and possesses compartments for accessories, mobile phones, and pens. The straps are adjustable, strong and wide. Prices range from £40 to £50 in online UK stores.

Nike - Nike offers consumers a shoulder messenger bag, laptop rolling bag, backpack laptop bag, and an executive bag. Nike laptop bags come in a variety of colours with sleek and modern designs. The bags are made of durable nylons, cottons, canvas, and other materials. Padded areas are provided for laptops. Prices range from £25 to £65.

Targus - Targus laptop bags are available in leather, canvas, cotton, nylon, and ballistic nylons. Targus specializes in executive products and bags. The compartment for the laptop is padded for additional protection. Compartments for pens, laptop accessories, and mobile phones are provided. The straps are wide for increased comfort. These bags are not as streamline as Belkin. However, the internal capacity is large. Prices range from £20 to £100.

Toshiba - Toshiba’s laptop bag styles include the rolling laptop bag, backpack laptop bag, messenger laptop bag, and an executive bag. Padded compartments are provided for added laptop protection. Most styles have both handles and straps. The design focuses on internal capacity rather than a sleek, streamline appearance. Toshiba’s laptop bags are available in nylon, leather, canvas and cotton. Prices range from £11 to £70.

Each brand could not be described in depth for the sake of brevity. Additional brands are listed below:

Briggs Riley
Hello Kitty
Packard Bell
Speed Link
Tech Air

Advice for Purchasing Laptop Bags

Carrying a heavy bag for an extended period of time can be damaging to the back and shoulder. Therefore, consumers should purchase a laptop bag that can accommodate the laptop computer, while minimizing the weight. The weight of the bag should be in proportion to the weight of the body. Light weight materials include nylon and cotton.

Shoulder straps are more comfortable if they possess padding rather than a woven nylon or cotton strap. Many of the over-the-shoulder messenger bags pad the shoulder straps for additional comfort. Belkin produces a quality messenger laptop bag that is economical and durable. Each of these conditions is met in the Belkin product. Consumers may buy a Belkin product for cheap in online UK stores.

Laptop bags are designed to protect the laptop computer or Netbook. Experts suggest purchasing a laptop bag with padding to protect the laptop. If the bag is mishandled or dropped accidentally during transport, the laptop will remain functional. Select a bag that is proportional to the laptop computer. Also, select a product that will accommodate any accessories while traveling.

Jargon Explained

Ballistic NylonBallistic nylon is a tightly woven nylon designed to withstand wear-and-tear. The material was originally designed by Dupont for use in bullet proof vests. The adjective, “ballistic” describes its ability to resist bullet penetration.
NubuckNubuck is similar to suede and is available in a variety of colours. The material is derived from cattle and buffed to give a smooth, yet suede like appearance. The material is durable and strong to withstand damage from frequent use. Nubuck typically costs more than suede.
SiliconeSilicone material is generally found on laptop portfolio sleeves. The material is durable, flexible, and protective. Therefore, it is desirable for laptop covers. Most laptops will withstand a fall with a silicone cover. Silicone covers will also protect from inclement weather. 

Buying Guide to Laptop Bags
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