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Laptop Privacy Filters buying guide

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Laptop Privacy Filters Guide -An Introduction

Laptop privacy filters serve several purposes for the business professional. As the name indicates, the main purpose of the laptop privacy filter is to maintain the privacy of information on a laptop computer screen. The laptop privacy filter is made of thin film. The film contains an anti-reflective agent and a polariser to prevent the screen from being viewed at a side angle. Information on the screen may only be viewed when seated directly in front of the screen.

The anti-reflective agent reduces glare. Glare reduction is important when working with laptop computer screens. Glare increases strain on the eyes and results in fatigue. Consumers also remark about the reduction of headaches associated with prolonged computer usage. Experts recommend glare reduction as a part of a productive work environment.

Because of the anti-glare agent, laptop privacy filters can be used outside in bright environments. Many laptop privacy filters block almost 100 percent of E-field radiation emitted. The filter is also effective in reducing scratches on the laptop screen, dust reduction, and static charge build-up.

The laptop privacy filter “blacks out” the screen. Consumers are concerned about distortion or blurring from the screen. Neither of these problems has been cited as an issue with laptop privacy screens. Most consumers remark positively about the benefits of the laptop privacy screens.

The privacy screen filter is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different monitor sizes. The pc screen filters are easy to install and de-install. Most laptop privacy screens may remain attached to the screen even when the laptop is closed. The privacy screen filters attach to the laptop screen in a variety of ways. Currently, the consumer has the option of selecting a framed privacy screen with clips for attachment. Alternatively, a frameless privacy screen filter may utilise small adhesive tabs to attach to the computer screen. Most frameless laptop privacy screens are only 1 millimetre thick.

Tips to consider before buying Laptop Privacy Filters

  • Do not clean the surface with an abrasive cloth or cleaning agent. Many filters come with a special cloth designed specifically for the laptop privacy filter. Experts recommend purchasing a laptop privacy screen with an accompanying cloth.
  • Special cleaning wipes may be purchased along with the privacy filters. These wipes will not scratch the surface of the screen. Most are anti-static, bio-degradable, non-smearing, non-flammable, and alcohol-free.
  • Experts recommend the frameless privacy filter if the consumer is a frequent traveller.
  •  Privacy filters with anti-glare technology should be used in a well-lit environment.
  • Consumers may adjust display brightness, if the privacy filter must be used in an environment that is not bright.
  • Privacy filters should not be folded or bent in any way. This will cause distortion, and the filter may not work properly.

Types of Laptop Privacy Filters

Framed Laptop Privacy Filter

When the thin film is encased by a plastic frame with clips for attachment, this is called a framed laptop privacy filter. These laptop privacy filters are recommended for stationary applications. The plastic frame makes it difficult to close the laptop screen when attached. Therefore, it must be removed during transport. Many consumers prefer the framed privacy screens to frameless because of the stability it offers. This method also does not require an adhesive for attachment to the actual laptop.

Frameless Laptop Privacy Filter

Frameless laptop privacy filters refer to the thin film itself. These filters are 1 millimetre or less in thickness and can be transported without removal. For consumers who travel frequently, this may be the best choice. This frameless laptop privacy filter attaches to the screen with adhesive tabs and is easily removed if necessary.

Brands of Laptop Privacy Filters


3M is a major manufacturer of laptop privacy filters. They provide many products that may accompany laptop computers. 3M’s laptop privacy filters range in price from £30 to £400. Consumers can buy the laptop privacy screens in online UK stores. Many of the cheap laptop privacy filters are frameless. Framed laptop privacy screens are much more expensive. Some of 3M products use Micro-Louvre technology to achieve the privacy desired by consumers.


Fellowes provides consumers with laptop privacy filters for various sizes of laptop screens. The prices vary primarily according to size and also type. Frameless laptop privacy filters are generally less expensive than framed. Prices range from £25 to £65.


Kensington also produces framed and frameless laptop privacy screens for consumers. Kensington's products are slightly more expensive than Fellowes, but comparable to 3M prices. The prices for framed laptop privacy filters begin at £98. Other economical solutions are offered. However, Kensington's framed privacy filter does not appear as sturdy as the 3M framed privacy filter. The Kensington framed filter hangs in front of the laptop screen. Whereas, the 3M privacy filter fits firmly to the laptop screen. The Kensington product is more portable than the 3M product, however.


Dell offers consumers framed and frameless laptop privacy screens. Consumers can buy a frameless Dell privacy screen for £32. These filters are similar to other brands of laptop screens in terms of quality; however, they are slightly more expensive.

Advice for Purchasing Laptop Privacy Filters

Ultraviolet light may be a contributing factor to increased eye strain. Select a laptop privacy screen that will filter out ultraviolet light, as well as Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation. Also, select a filter with anti-reflective agents to reduce glare.

If consumers travel frequently with the laptop, the frameless privacy screen filter is recommended. Use the privacy screen filter in bright locations. The screen is dark and will increase eye strain if lighting is inadequate.

3M offers a range of privacy filters of varying prices. Experts recommend this manufacturer for these types of products. The manufacturer not only provides quality laptop privacy screens, but they are offered at cheap prices.

Jargon Explained

Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Radiation Extremely low frequency radiation is emitted from most electrical devices. Low frequency is described between 1Hz and 300Hz. Prolonged exposure to intense radiation over time may cause cancer. However, no studies have linked cancer to laptop use. Laptop privacy filters reduce emission of ELF radiation.
Micro-Louvre TechnologyMicro-Louvre technology uses patterns on a film to create a polarising effect. Viewers can only see information on the screen if they are directly sitting in front of the screen. Viewers seated to the left and right will not be allowed to view the information on the laptop screen.
Ultraviolet (UV) LightUltraviolet light possesses a wavelength that is shorter than visible light. The sun emits ultraviolet light. Laptop privacy screens should effectively filter out this type of light as well. 

Buying Guide to Laptop Privacy Filters
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