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Lawnmowers buying guide

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Introduction to lawnmowers

The choice of lawnmowers can be overwhelming. Choosing between lawnmowers is easier once you consider your individual needs. You'll be maintaining your lawn week after week, season after season, and you want to be confident you've purchased the best product.

Price Inspector's handy tips when purchasing a lawnmower

  • How large is your garden - The size of your lawn is the first consideration regarding the type of mower to buy. Large and small lawns have completely different mower requirements.
  • What quality of cut do you want - If you want a traditionally striped or close-cut finish, you'll want a cylinder mower instead of a rotary one.
  • How easy to use is it - For any lawn size, you want a mower that's easy to use and maintain, but with a small lawn, you don't want to spend more time setting up the mower than actually mowing.
  • What is your budget - Once you've determined the general type of mower that you need, your budget will help narrow the field in terms of brands and optional features.

Let's review the types of lawnmowers

  • Hand or push mowers: These do not require petrol, extension leads, or recharging; you just start mowing. They are good exercise, low maintenance, and virtually silent. They are lightweight and don't require much storage space.
  • Electric Mowers: Require less physical labour than hand mowers, but are lower maintenance and less expensive than petrol motors. The main restriction is that you need an accessible source of power and a long extension cord. The cord can be restricting, and you can't mow a wet lawn.
  • Cordless or battery powered mowers: Similar to electric mowers, except they offer the convenience and freedom of a rechargeable battery, rather than being restricted by the electric cable.
  • Petrol Mowers: The freedom of a petrol motor enables homeowners to maintain a larger yard than what's possible with an electric mower. Smaller petrol mowers are ideal for medium lawns, offering flexibility and increased cutting power.
  • Automatic robotic mowers: These mowers can completely maintain your lawn for you, include such features as automatic blade adjustment, and can handle steep grades up to 30 degrees. They are energy efficient and do the work for you, but of course you'll pay a premium for this feature.
  • Ride-on Mowers: These are designed primarily for fast cutting of large grassy areas. These are large and expensive, used only by homeowners with very large lawns or public spaces such as golf courses. Some high-end petrol mowers include attachments to turn a propelled mower into a ride-on mower. It's still expensive, but less than a traditional tractor style.

Summary to buying a new lawnmower

If you have a small garden, your mower should be compact, easy to manoeuvre in small spaces, and quick to set up and put away. Your options include manual, electric, and cordless mowers. For medium-sized lawns, a manual push-mower is no longer a good option, so the best choices are electric, cordless if it's a long-lasting battery, and petrol. Large lawns are best served by petrol or ride-on mowers. Depending on the acreage, there are a variety of motor sizes, from 6.4 hp to more than 15 hp. Larger motors are more expensive, so be sure to choose the appropriate motor size for your lawn.

Now you have a complete overview of lawnmower styles in the UK. Some of the featured brands include Hayter, Al-Ko, Oleo-Mac, and Toro. Let Price Inspector help you choose the best mower for your lawn, and for your budget.

Buying Guide to Lawnmowers
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