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Leather Beds buying guide

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Leather Beds - An Introduction

When our changing needs and new homes call for the purchase of a new bed, Leather Beds offer affordable luxury and a very durable, (lasting up to four times longer than other materials used in bed construction), as well as beautiful decoration to any bedroom. Models are available in a stunning selection of models, finishes and colours, including a very stylish Italian Milano Leather Bed and the classic Leather Sleigh Bed, two of the most popular kinds.

A good night’s sleep is beyond price, but we have managed to hunt down some good quality and good value leather bed that will ensure you never lose a night’s rest from either discomfort or the cost of your new Kingsize Leather Bed

To help restless sleepers and couples where one or more of them gets up frequently in the night, we offer tips from sleep experts to suggest models that aid in minimizing disturbance and get you the rest you need.

Since it has probably been at least a few years since the purchase of your last bed, let us bring you up to speed on all the latest technology that makes a Contemporary Leather Bed, or any Leather Bedroom accessories, such as Leather Bed Furniture so competitive in price, when compared to wooden and fabric types. Our Leather Bed guide has done the research for you, to enable you to choose the best combination of style and comfort; after all, you are going to be spending up to a third of your life enjoying this Leather Bed And Mattress.

If the wide choices of models are somewhat mind boggling, but rest assured, we have suggestions, Buyer’s Tips, a Jargon Buster and a Best Buys reviews section to put all the information you need to make the right choice at your finger tips.

Since bed buying is such an individual matter, we will look at models to suit every size room, from a Leather Sofa Bed for flats and smaller spaces to a luxurious but affordable King Size Leather Bed.

Tips to consider before buying Leather Beds

  • When measuring available space, include room for any headboards or footboards, adding up to 6 extra inches for bulky duvets, plus room to stand and walk beside it. (2 to 3 feet walk space is a good average amount.)
  • Buying a mattress and base combination means you are getting a unit where both are specially designed to work well together. Knowing this can cut down the amount of time you spend choosing.
  • To test the amount of floor space of any bed in your room, block off the area it will cover with open pages of a newspaper .This will only give you an idea of size on the ground, so the next move is to check any room, bathroom, cupboard and wardrobe doors which may open out onto those sheets of paper.
  • For extra storage space choose a bed with 2-4 drawers underneath, or an ottoman style with one large space for tidying away items.
  • When buying a large bed for your guest rooms, check to see if two standard twins will fit, as these give more sleeping options, since they can be pushed together to make a bed for a couple, or used separately for single occupants.
  • Be realistic about choosing the colour of leather, since the darker shaded brown and the classic black would look good for years to come, since a patina from usage develops to give a pleasing antique effect. If lighter shades are out, due to usage, consider trying a Red Leather bed to compliment lighter tones in a room.
  • All mattresses need replacing sometime before their eight birthdays, sooner if they show signs of wear such as lumps, sprung springs and any time your needs change, for example, during pregnancy, a more supportive mattress will greatly ease the issues expectant couples can experience.
  • A Tan Leather Bed will go well with existing wood décor in most bedrooms, providing the underlying yellow or red tones match up.
  • Poor sleepers can find help from a mattress which features independent pockets of springs to eliminate the disturbance when one of you has sleeping difficulties.
  • For solo sleepers who tend to wake up hanging off the ends of their beds, we advise trying a sleigh bed with both head and footer boards.
  • If pets are using your new acquisition for naps, this can be detrimental to lighter shades such as the Cream Leather Sofa Bed. Consider getting them their very own Leather Cat Bed or Leather Sofa Bed For Dogs to entice them away from your new Cream Leather Bed or White Leather Bed.
  • For houses with narrow entrance doors and hallways, or top floor flats with only stair access, a bed that can be assembled in its destination offers a neat solution to all that effort and the possibility of property damage or injury.

Types of Leather Beds

Leather is a totally natural material that has been used for furnishings over centuries because of its durability and beauty, especially seen as its ages and takes on a patina from polishing. Unlike other coverings, it improves in appearance with age, a factor that has made the Leather Beds a popular feature of décor.

Modern processes which extend the life of leather furniture and resist stains and scratches have significantly lowered prices across all forms of leather beds and furnishings.

Leather beds currently are available in all the popular styles wooden finish and fabric covered beds come in. Some offer optional extras in the form of mattress upgrades and matching Leather Bed Furniture.

Many offer room for organizing items such as bedding, clothes and towels in built-in drawers or other storage areas, including the handy Leather Double Ottoman Bed with extra room underneath the mattress for storage, a valuable space saving option. If more storage space is a feature that you need, also consider the Leather Bed With Draws which offers a more organized storage system than the ottoman bed, which gives you one large area as opposed to several drawers, depending on the size you choose.
For optimal space saving, the Black Leather Sofa Bed has the look of a classic couch to suit any room, but doubles as a bed, quickly assembled in minutes. In the daytime, no one can tell this is also your bed, since the comfortable seating cushions and fine upholstery details are a very convincing camouflage.

If you are adept at putting a room together from individual pieces, choosing from the options of a Leather Bed Base or a Leather Bed Headboard combined with a Leather Bed Frame and your choice of mattress can achieve an effect that uniquely reflects your style.

Sizes of Leather Beds

Sizes are not standard across all manufacturers, but more of a guide. Models actually vary by a few inches, especially those made outside the U.K. A King Leather Bed will fit in most good sized master bedrooms, but if you have a smaller space to fit a bed into, measure carefully, adding up to 4 inches to account for bedding.

A general size guide:

  • A Twin bed measures 38 to 39 inches by 75 inches. This is a standard single bed, as seen in the Single Leather Bed model and used for children’s room and spare rooms where the space is at a premium
  •  An Extra-Long Twin, or Twin XL, measures 38 to 39 inches by 80 inches

    These single beds suit longer occupants, adding an extra 5 inches onto the regular twin bed measurement. They are a little harder to find bedding for than other sizes, such as the double Leather Bed
  • A regular sized Double or Full bed measures 54 inches by 75 inches

    These larger beds may be used for couples, but may be too small for some, offering only 27 inches, width-wise, to each person. They are well suited for children outgrowing their twin beds, who love the grown-up feel of a Faux Leather Bed
  • A Standard sized Double bed measures 54 inches by 75 inchesThese suit guest bedrooms, where a Real Leather Bed adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to the décor.
  • The sheer luxury of a Leather Double Bed can easily fit into a household decoration budget, because it lasts up to four times longer than those made from other upholstery fabrics, looking smart and classy for years to come
  • A Queen sized bed measures 60 inches by 80 inches
    This size fits guest rooms and main bedrooms well, giving plenty of room for a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • A king sized bed measures 76 inches by 80 inches

    The Leather King Size Bed is a great example of the this size, it’s the perfect bed for couples, or anyone who likes room to roam.
  • An Eastern King sized bed measures 78 inches by 80 inches

    Both the King and Eastern King models give each occupant the same width as a standard twin bed. The eastern King differs by having a two-part bed base, easier to move in and out of rooms.
  • A Californian King sized bed measures 72 inches by 84 inches
  • A Western King sized bed measures 72 inches by 84 inches

    Taller adults find this size very comfy and roomy as it’s the longest bed currently on the market.

Best Buys

Our choice for a value, good looks, a wonderfully comfortable mattress and great storage options is the Silentnight Leather Bed. This double bed has all the features we look for a in good quality bed, including a strong wooden slat sprung base and a Silentnight Montesa mattress for years of comfortable nights. The sleigh bed styling is fashionable and elegant, and the four drawers for storage located under the mattress add space for organizing clothes and bedding.

A great and economical option for an extra bed or for turning a study into a guest bedroom comes in the The Felicity Futon in Black. A supremely comfortable sofa or double bed with a click-clack frame that transforms one into the other in seconds suits all kinds of decor. It offers the luxury of being able to view TV, read a book or just relax from the bed or sofa and comes in handy when guests need a place to sleep

Couples looking for a classy looking and spacious modern bed at a good price will love the room and styling offered by the Kingsize Black Faux Leather Bed from KD Kenton. The effect of the modern design featuring dark wood feet and the look of leather conceal a strongly constructed bed with a comfortable mattress. Its price makes it a bargain at well under £500.00.

Our last pick is another extremely versatile item of furniture for smaller spaces and living rooms that sometimes welcome overnight guest. The sofa bed style is well established as a handy manner to add an extra bed to your home, but the options offered by leather sofa beds are the top of the line, fitting seamlessly into existing décor and completely concealing their useful secrets, until they are needed. The Victoria leather sofa bed is a classic piece that adds its deep toned leather elegance to any room, improving with age, a sofa to last for a lifetime. The cost is higher than some of our other picks, but the quality, strength of construction and durability is well worth it.


Jargon Explained

Black Leather Ottoman BedBlack Leather Ottoman Bed: A bed style which features storage space under the mattress.
Leather PigmentA form of leather finish which gives a consistent, rich colour and very tough, hardwearing surface.
Aniline FinishProduces softer leather which is slightly less stain resistant.
Leather Bed FrameLeather Bed Frame A bed frame covered in tough and beautiful leather.
Twin Bed38-39 by 75 inches
Extra-Long Twin Bed38-39 by 80 inches
Double, Standard or Full Size Bed54 by 75 inches
Queen Bed60 by 80 inches
King or Eastern King Bed76-78 by 80 inches
California or Western King Bed72 by 84 inches
Leather Bed SteadLeather Bed Stead: The head of a bed.
Half Leather BedHalf Leather Bed: Beds that come with a split base.
MattressThe best mattresses have equally distributed coils with foam padding to cushion sleepers and a quilted cover.
Leather Upholstered BedLeather Upholstered Bed: A bed with padded leather covering a hardwood frame.
Mattress DepthThe standard depth is 9 inches.
Extra Deep MattressUp to 16 inches of padding for an extra comfortable night’s sleep.
Number of CoilsA guideline is 300 coils for a double, 375 for a queen, and 450-600 for a king, each side topped with several layers of upholstery, one or more layers of foam, and a quilted pillow top.
Open Coil MattressA spring system for extra comfort and air circulation.
Continuous Spring MattressA spring system less prone to weak spots.
Trizone MattressA system which supports sleepers more firmly in the middle section of the bed.
Pocket Sprung MattressIndividual springs are enclosed in fabric, useful if one sleeper tosses and turns, as the other will feel less movement.
Latex MattressA rubber mattress great which is naturally hypo-allergenic, useful for asthma suffers and those with allergy issues.
Memory Foam MattressFoam that remembers the shape of your body to provide a supremely comfortable bed.
Sprung Mattress a traditional mattress containing metal springs covered with padding.
Leather Chair BedLeather Chair Bed A classic armchair with a concealed bed which pulls out from under its seat.
Leather-Effect FinishA tough finish that closely resembles leather.
Suede-Effect FinishImitation suede that resists stains better than the real thing.
Foot Leather BedFoot Leather Bed a bed with a high or low board at the end, as well as a headboard.
Self-Assembly Bed A packed up bed that can be assembled in your room, saving time and effort, especially good for rooms with limited access.
Leather Sofas BedLeather Sofas Bed: A traditional leather sofa with a pull out bed hidden under the seat. 

Buying Guide to Leather Beds
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