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Luggage buying guide

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Introduction to buying luggage

Whether you are going away for the weekend, or travelling with work on a business trip, you need something to carry all of your belongings. Luggage is now a massive marketplace, with many different types of products varying in size, brands and functions. Before considering which type of luggage you require, you should think about the type of travel that you will need your luggage for.

  • People who are on their travels more than a few times a year should purchase very durable luggage and luggage that is flexible for differing needs depending on the type of travel.
  • People only travelling a couple of times in a year should look for more affordable luggage but similarly as durable.
  • Everyday commuters should purchase luggage that is light and can take a bit of a hammering, with extra features such as plenty of pockets for smaller business items.

What to consider when purchasing luggage

Let Price Inspector take you through some of the main aspects to consider when looking to buy luggage:

  • Material - Good quality luggage will usually describe the type of fabric and level of resistance. Look out for "denier" which is luggage speech for durable - similar to ladies tights, the more the denier, the more durable the luggage will be.
  • Zip - a good way of testing the quality of luggage is to give it the zip test. Large teethed zips are more durable, and make sure the zip stitches end off the edge of the bag. Zips that don't do this will find themselves broken very quickly.
  • Handles - Look for screwed in handles rather than glued as these are far more long lasting. Bonus handles will expand to cater for differing heights.
  • Wheels - Mounted and screwed wheels are much better than riveted ones.
  • Frame - Goes without saying the stronger the frame, the more durable it will be for your luggage. Good frames are able to take a beating, and are able to keep its original shape. Next time you're at an airport, watch the baggage handlers and be amazed just how "careful" they are!
  • Price - Don't spend a fortune if you know you're only travelling once a year. However, quality luggage is an investment so you should spend enough to get the right features mentioned.
  • Warranty - Be aware that dropping your case down a flight of stairs or handling damage is not covered under warranty.

Different types of luggage

Now lets give you the low-down on the types of luggage that you should be choosing from:

  • Small Luggage - Consider smaller luggage for shorter trips where you only need a few items. Smaller luggage include backpacks, business cases, airplane baggage, duffle bags and tote casual bags (some sizes include tote compartment bags or a shoulder version)
  • Large Luggage - Larger luggage is for travellers who go away for at least a week. Other types of large luggage include Hard suitcases which are designed to be very durable, lightweight suitcases which are lighter to carry (also known as semi-soft), and Soft-sided suitcases which have a tough, protective frame with a softer exterior.
  • Luggage sets - Sets are very functional and a good investment for families and groups of people who travel together. Common luggage sets usually comprise of 2 or 3 suitcases and a series of smaller bags such as duffle bags or a tote bag. If you are a larger family, you could consider the size of your luggage set. Standard sets include 3, 4, 5, 6 or even 7 piece luggage sets. For the ultimate fashion statement why not search for some designer luggage.

Popular luggage brands

Our price detectives have worked hard to find the following luggage brands for you to study:

Buying Guide to Luggage
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