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Nintendo 3DS buying guide

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Nintendo 3DS

If you’re looking for a hot new Christmas gift for your gaming enthusiast, the new Nintendo 3DS may be just what you’re looking for. Price Inspector will help you find a cheap price on this hot new gaming system, and we can also get you great deals on the accessories and games to complete the package.

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Nintendo 3DS Starter Kit

Much like the popular Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi already on the market, the new Nintendo 3DS is a portable game console, letting you take your games wherever you go. What’s new about the 3DS is that its 3.53 inch widescreen enables 3D game play without using special glasses. The LCD display provides 800x240 pixel resolution for good clarity.

Other fun features include the inner and outer cameras and built-in microphone. These let players communicate or compete online with friends using a wireless connection. The system can also connect via LAN access. The Nintendo 3DS can even send or receive data when in sleep mode.

Gamers control the game using the touch screen, slide pad, control pad, or the cameras. The new 3D aspect of the game is controlled by a gyro sensor and a motion sensor. You can also adjust the level of 3D, either turning it down or completely off depending on your preferences.

If you already have a regular Nintendo DS system, you don’t have to throw away your current DS games. The new 3DS will accept game cards designed for any of the Nintendo DS family, although they won’t have 3D capabilities.

Similar to the Nintendo DSi, parental controls are included. This allows parents to choose which features to restrict, such as chat, downloading games, demo software, Internet browsing, photo exchange, and shopping.

The Starter Kit also comes with a power adapter and a charging cradle. This is a nice savings, as these are sold separately with many game consoles.

Nintendo 3DS Games

There is a large collection of games scheduled for the Nintendo 3DS system; however, because they are not yet released, the titles and features are subject to change. Ratings are also not yet available. Games scheduled for release include:

  • Animal Crossing 3DS: This popular Nintendo title is reworked for the 3DS system. In this version of Animal Crossing, you will play as the town’s mayor. With the help of your secretary and the townspeople, it’s your job to improve the town, making it a better place for everyone to live.
  • Assassins Creed Lost Legacy: This sequel to the original Assassins Creed again features Ezio Auditore da Firenze as the hero. In this version, Ezio travels to Masyaf, the Assassins’ former home, where he searches for the origins of the order.
  • Chocobo Racing 3D: This is a spinoff of the Final Fantasy series, featuring the mascot Chocobo as the hero. This 3D racing game takes Chocobo through a series of courses, competing against in-game characters or live against your friends.
  • Combat of Giants Dinosaur Strike: The version of the popular Combat of Giants series features RPG elements combined with combat. Gamers will control Dinosaurs who have light or heavy attacks, as well as combo attacks. This game will also be released for the Nintendo Wii system.
  • de Blob: The Underground: This sequel to the 2008 de Blob game for the Wii system will soon be released for both Wii and 3DS game platforms, as well as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game picks up a few years after the initial story. A mysterious priest (Comrade Black in disguise) is trying to rig Prisma Cit’s election, in the hopes of giving his cult control over the metroplis, creating colour-related mayhem.
  • Dead or Alive Dimensions: This is the 16th title in the Dead or Alive gaming series, and it’s the first to be released for any Nintendo system. In this series of fighting games, players fight in a 3D playing field. There is an emphasis on quick, efficient strikes, as your opponents fight back and recover quickly.
  • Dragon Quest: In this series of best-selling Dragon Quest RPG games, players buy weapons and armour in town, then explore the surrounding countryside. The exploration party is subject to random attacks by monsters, which are fought in first-person menu-based attacks. Players choose which magic, weapons, or other items to use in the battle. Gain experience points and gold by winning the battle, which can be used to purchase more items.
  • DJ Hero 3D: This game simulates DJ Hero action, combining turntable effects, letting players create mashups and sound effects using pre-recorded songs. Play in single-player mode or multi-player, where you can work together or compete against your friends.
  • Driver Renegade: This sequel finds John Tanner frustrated with following the rules of the Force, deciding to fight crime on his own terms. The town is corrupt and run by criminal mobs, so Tanner leads a one-man, undercover crusade.
  • FIFA Football: This successful FIFA Football franchise is being reworked for the Nintendo 3DS System. Play as the Manager, Player, or Player Manager. The newes version has an improved passing system, and it adds the ability to play as goalkeeper for the first time.
  • Nintendogs and Cats: This upcoming pet simulation game is a sequel to previous Nintendo DS Nintendogs games. The game will have a similar style of play, with different breeds of cats and dogs. There will be training exercises, and the game will use the 3DS camera and facial recognition technology for game input. Your pet will recognise you and greet you, and if you come close to the camera, your puppy will ‘lick’ your face on the screen.
  • Paper Mario: This familiar Mario game has overhauled the graphics and special effects for the 3DS release. Except some 3D surprises from Nintendo as well, such as opening new playing areas by smashing a secret wall.
  • Pilotwings Resort: This flight simulation game is in development for Nintendo 3DS and is a sequel to games created for older Nintendo platforms. The game takes place on the same fictional island featured in Wii Sports Resort and Wii Fit Plus. It also uses Mii characters, which is not common outside of Wii games.
  • Super Monkey Ball: In popular Super Monkey Ball game series, players move their character by tilting the world, rather than by moving the character itself. By tilting the world, players control the character’s speed and turns. Your goal in each level is to reach the goal before the timer runs out, without falling off the edge. Collect extra lives and bonus points by collecting bananas scattered around the stage.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!: Based on the popular Yi-Gi-Oh Japanese anime shows, this video game series features the fictional trading card game, Duel Monsters. Each player uses these monster cards to ‘duel’ against their opponents using the skills of their fantasy monsters.

Nintendo 3DS Accessories

  • Neoprene Pouch Case: This accessory makes it easy to carry your Nintendo 3DS, providing complete protection for your Nintendo 3DS system by cushioning it against scratches and minor impact. It has a fastenable cover flap to hold your device securely inside.
  • Accessory Starter Kits: Accessories kits designed for any of the Nintendo DS family will also fit the 3DS system. A good starter kit of accessories may include a protective case, USB charger cable, earphones, a screen protector, cases for game cards, and a wrist strap. Starter kits are available in a variety of colours, and some even have special themes such as favourite cartoon character. Each of these items can also be purchased separately, which is helpful if you need additional game card cases or screen protectors.
  • Earphones: You can use any standard earphones with the Nintendo 3DS system. Keep in mind that ear bud style headphones will be the most portable, fitting easily in your pocket or in your carrying case. If you are playing at home, however, you might prefer larger headphones that cover your ear. These generally provide higher quality sound, and some people find them more comfortable.
Buying Guide to Nintendo 3DS
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