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Ottoman Beds buying guide

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When you’re short on storage space, an ottoman bed might be just the answer. With an ottoman storage bed, you can use the whole divan base for storage. A standard divan base has drawers for storage, but there is still unused space. However, with an ottoman bed frame, there is either a spring-loaded system or a gas lift, letting you lift up the entire bed to access the storage area underneath, then close it with ease.

Ottoman beds are available in different upholsteries. Popular options include leather ottoman beds like a brown leather ottoman bed or black leather ottoman bed, and there is even a faux leather ottoman bed or a wooden ottoman bed. Ottoman bed frames also come in different sizes, including a single ottoman bed, small double ottoman beds, a twin bed ottoman, king size ottoman bed, and super king size ottoman bed. Popular sizes include a 2ft 6 ottoman bed, 3ft ottoman bed, 4ft ottoman bed, 4ft 6 ottoman bed, 5ft ottoman bed, and 6ft ottoman bed.

When storage space is at a premium, ottoman beds offer a practical, stylish solution. Not only will you save space, but you’ll also save money. It is usually less expensive to buy an ottoman bed than to buy both a bed and a separate storage unit.

Let Price Inspector help you buy the best ottoman bed at the cheapest prices. Our inspectors comparison shop the UK stores so you don’t have to. We’ve done the research for you, helping to make your shopping experience easy and convenient.

Things to consider before buying


  • Most ottoman beds have an assisted lift system. Choose from either a spring loaded system or a gas lift. With a spring loaded system, a set of springs will help lift the bed up, then easily let you push it back down again. A gas lift utilises the same type of lift that’s used for a car boot. A gas lift might be a little easier to operate if you have any physical limitations, but there is a slight chance it will break down.
  • Try to select an ottoman bed that has a sprung base instead of a platform top. This will help ensure that your storage solution will also provide a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Ask about delivery costs and terms. Some bed companies use their own delivery system, while others use a courier service. It will usually cost you less if the company provides their own delivery, and you may receive better service as well.
  • Also find out whether delivery will include assembly, and if not, whether assembly service is available at an additional cost. If you need old furniture removed, some companies will provide this service for an additional fee.
  • Make sure the lift system offers a protection system against opening or closing when you didn’t intend.
  • Some ottoman beds lift open toward the headboard, while others open to the side. If you must have the bed pushed against the side wall, you need to make sure the bed will open toward the head, not the side.

Brands of beds

There are a number of ottoman bed manufacturers, and Price Inspector has done the research on some of the most popular brands and styles.

  • Andros faux leather double ottoman bed features a faux leather finish, and it offers metal framed sprung slats for your sleeping comfort. It also includes a faux leather headboard and footboard. The ottoman base is very easy to lift, and the mattress is included.
  • The Bali leather ottoman bed has a sprung slatted base, providing ventilation in addition to comfort and support. It features dark brown chocolate leather, making it the focal point of your bedroom. Its genuine leather provides a luxurious look and feel.
  • With the Boston ottoman bed, you’ll receive a stylish faux leather upholstery, a good price, and a comfortable sprung slatted base.
  • The Dorlux ottoman bed comes with a mattress and the proprietary Flexiform Spring System. This system uses hundreds of small springs, nearly twice the number of other mattresses, giving you an unbeatable level of comfort. It also offers you the choice of either a sprung edge or Platform Top.
  • The Florida ottoman bed comes in gorgeous faux suede, giving it a modern, stylish appearance. It’s a fantastic ottoman bed that uses a revolutionary pivoting base and a gas strut for easy lifting.
  • With the Hyder Naples ottoman bed, you will enjoy a tropical design, using tough and flexible bamboo for the headboard, with durable ash for the body. The Naples is available with a gas lift for easy lifting assistance.
  • The Novak ottoman bed is a gorgeous bed upholstered in faux leather. With its sprung slatted base, you’ll receive maximum comfort and support.
  • With the Star Collection leather ottoman bed, you’ll receive nearly the same features as the Boston ottoman bed, but it is a lot less expensive. It is a great buy, with its bi-cast dark brown leather.
  • In addition to provide storage and comfort, the affordable Vienna leather ottoman bed features a unique low-to-the-ground design, which creates an illusion of space. If you’re buying an ottoman bed because you’re tight on space, this might be helpful.

Completing Your Bedroom

Some ottoman beds belong to collections of Bedroom furniture, which means you can buy matching wardrobes, chests of drawers, mirrors, dressing tables, and bedside tables.
Your bed may be the heart of the room, both for function and appearance, but the rest of the furniture plays an important part. You want beautiful, functional furniture, without overwhelming your room with too many pieces or ones that are too large for the space.

  • Armoires, also called wardrobes, are a beautiful addition to your bedroom, and there are many different configurations available. The most common configuration offers a clothing rod behind two doors, plus a few drawers at the base. Another popular configuration is an entertainment cabinet, which provides room for a television and stereo behind the doors. Armoires take up a lot of room, so make sure you the one you buy isn’t too large for the room. It’s also a good idea to measure your bedroom door to make sure you can get the furniture into the room.
  • Chests or dressers are similar pieces of furniture. A chest is vertical, usually offering a single column of stacked drawers. Dressers are wider. Some chests are called lingerie chests, with a narrower, smaller design. Measure your available space, and then compare it carefully against the dimensions of the dresser or chest you are consideration. Also make sure you allow enough room around the bed and other furniture, especially to stand in front of the chest or dresser and open the drawers. .
  • Another consideration is the drawers, how many and how large they are. With larger, more spacious drawers, your clothes will be less wrinkled because you don’t have to cram as much into a small space.
  • Night stands: You can buy a night stand that has drawers, doors, open shelves, or practically any combination of these. That will just be a matter of personal preference. The main consideration is the height.of the night stand. It should be tall enough so you can reach and see the alarm clock and lamp from your bed. Some night stands are shorter, meant to sit beside a platform bed. Other night stands are tall, designed for a traditional bed that has a box spring mattress. The ideal height combination is for the night table to be approximately the same height as your mattress.

Jargon Explained


Platform TopThe base for a platform top ottoman bed has a hard top. This is usually the least expensive option, and it will give you a firmer feel than other types of ottoman bed bases.
Firm EdgeA firm edge ottoman bed is the most expensive option. It has a similar feel to a sprung edge, but it gives more support around the edges. It is a good choice for people who tend to roll out of bed
Sprung edge A sprung edge base uses a layer of springs that go all the way to the edge, which gives the base a softer feel.
Standard bed sizes While sizes may vary, the standard bed sizes are:
  • Small Single: 75cm x 190 cm
  • Single: 90 x 190 cm
  • Small Double: 120 cm x 190 cm
  • Double: 135 cm x 190 cm
  • King size: 150 cm x 200cm
  • Super king 180 cm x 200 cm

Buying Guide to Ottoman Beds
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