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PDA Chargers buying guide

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PDA Chargers Guide - An Introduction

If you’re shopping for a PDA charger, you’re probably already familiar with PDAs. Whether you love your current model or simply tolerate it, you need a charger to make it as functional as possible. PDAs, or Personal Digital Assistants, are mobile devices that let you manager your personal information and can connect to the Internet. If you have a PDA with a fast processor or use it to play music and video, the batteries can drain quickly. If the battery goes, the PDA is useless. Worse yet, some models may lose all your data if you completely run out of power.

The most popular PDAs today are also smart phones, outselling stand-alone PDAs 50 times over. Modern PDAs may also provide MP3 player capabilities, in addition to the address book, calendar, to-do list, and note program. Some offer software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, enabling you to use the PDA as a pocket computer. The more you ask your PDA to do, however, the faster you drain the battery.

That’s where a PDA charger comes in handy. Whether you are replacing a lost or broken one or adding a new charger, the charger will keep you connected at all times. No more worries about drained batteries, and some will even plug into your car’s cigarette lighter for mobile convenience.

If it’s time to buy a PDA charger, Price Inspector will make it easy and convenient. We always make sure you get the cheapest price in the UK, comparing stores to bring you the best deals. What’s more, our buying guide will make it easy to find the model you want.

Popular Brands

  • The Asus car charger lets you power your electronics using a car adaptor. It has an intelligent chip that knows when the battery is fully charged, and then it switches automatically to a saver mode, which prevents overcharging or short circuiting. The LED light indicates when it’s charging.
  • The Belkin USB Sync charger gives you power and synchronization for your Compaq handheld in the same cable. Transfer data without using a bulky cradle, you can charge your handheld using any powered USB port. The USB cigarette lighter adapter lets you charge the handheld in your car.
  • Eforcity makes a Dell PDA charger that combines a USB, car, and travel charger. This convenient package lets you stay charged wherever you go.
  • The ETEN Gomadic Cup Holder is a car mount system, giving you easy access and clear visibility for your device while on the road. It’s the only mount that comes with a lifetime warranty. It features a non-skid, non-scratch design with thick rubber pads to protect your PDA. Its quick release button lets you easily remove it, and it includes a car charger. The goose-neck measures 165mm, and it fits cup holders with 6.35 cm to 9.2 cm.
  • BoxWave’s Desktop Cradle for your Fujitsu Pocket LOOX is a USB cradle that comes with everything necessary to charge and sync your PDA. It comes with an adapter cable for fast charging.
  • The Rapid Wall Charger for the Garmin Nuvi has a small, lightweight design. The travel charger is portable and easily fits in your briefcase, and it offers a full lifetime warranty. The advanced circuitry protects against power surges, short-circuiting, and overcharging. The 100-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz adapter works with foreign and domestic voltages.
  • The Gomadic i-Mate international charger comes with four plug adapters so you can use your charger anywhere you go. It offers high current output for faster charging.
  • Gomadic’s iRiver charger combines both a rapid wall charger and rapid car charger, supporting a variety of AC and DC inputs for worldwide use. The cable is 14cm long, and the charger is backed by a lifetime warranty.
  • The Gomadic Medion PDA charger uses high capacity rechargeable lithium batteries. Its compact size and weight is about the same as a deck of cards. LED indicators display the battery capacity level clearly and easily. You can continue to talk for 12 to 20 additional hours or charge your PDA two to four times from dead charge. This charging kit comes with a rechargeable batter pack, retractable USB charging cable, and two tips for both the Medion and the battery pack.
  • A universal 3-pin UK adapter works with most PDAs that can only be charged through a USB port, including Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson. With this AC/DC device, there’s no need to power on your computer to charge your PDA. It also works with mobile phones, MP3 players, and digital cameras, making it a very versatile charger.
  • The XYLO car accessory kit includes a windscreen suction mount and USB car charger for your Zest PDA.

        Other popular brands include;

        * Brodit
        * Creative Labs
        * Pama
        * Pdair
        * Proporta
        * T-Mobile
        * Toshiba
        * Vodafone

Tips to consider before buying PDA Chargers

  • Before buying a PDA charger, make sure it is compatible with your exact make and model. This information is usually located on the back of the device, although with some PDAs, you may have to remove the battery to locate the make and model.
  • Understand that there’s a trade-off between using rechargeable and alkaline batteries, which you should consider when choosing your charger. Generally, alkaline batteries will last for several weeks, while a rechargeable battery pack may only last a few hours. Your PDA usually uses more power with a rechargeable battery pack as well. Of course, you won’t have to buy as many batteries with a rechargeable system, which can save money and is also good for the environment.
  • A PDA charger that offers Gomadic’s Tip Exchange technology protects your investment by allowing easy upgrades. It also lets you charge multiple devices using the same power pack. If you get a new PDA in the future, simply buy an inexpensive new tip for the cable without having to replace the charger. Also, a few devices require two different tips—one for charging and one for data mode.
  • If you’ll be taking your charger on trips, look for a lightweight, compact model. These are much easier to transport. Also, a retractable USB cable is an attractive option, avoiding the worries of tangled or damaged cables.
  • Consider a multi-function charger that works with mains power, a powered USB port, and a car adapter. It gives you much more flexibility to have multiple charging options.

Jargon Explained

USBUniversal Serial Bus. A common port on most computers that will let you power and/or charge peripheral devices such as your PDA.
VACVAC refers to voltage alternating current; the number indicates the frequency or amount of power.
ACalternating current. The form of electricity supplied to most homes and businesses.
DCdirect current. The form of electricity that charges batteries and powers mobile devices. An AC/DC adapter converts AC power to DC for charging.
HzHertz. The speed of your electrical current. Higher numbers will translate to powering your PDA faster.

Buying Guide to PDA Chargers
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