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Pushchairs buying guide

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Introduction to pushchairs

Before your new little arrival comes along you will need to purchase the all important pushchair. If you are a first time parent it can be a mind blowing experience as there are so many different things to consider: Size, shape, flexibility and comfort for you and your baby price and even the colour. Don't panic though, here are a few simple tips to consider before you buy your new baby pushchair.

Price Inspector's handy tips when buying your pushchair

  • If you will be using a car quite regulary, ensure that you consider the dimensions of the pushchair with the room that you have in your car boot.
  • If you will be using public transport then you will need to ensure that your pushchair is flexible. The last thing that you want to be doing is struggling to fold and unfold your pushchair when getting on and off the bus.
  • If you will be pounding the pavements each day, then you would be better to opt for a sturdy pushchair. Look out for lockable wheels and pushchairs that swivel as this will ensure that the pushchair is easier to use. Also ensure that the handles are height adjustable as what may be the ideal height for you, may not be for your partner.
  • Consider the space that you have at home and the storage facility. You may want to opt for a pram that will allow the seat unit to fold.
  • Consider your babys needs - if you have a new born they will need to lie down, therefore you could look for a pushchair / carrycot rolled into one. If you decide not to go for this, then get a pushchair that has a lie-back facility. You will also need to decide if you want your baby to face you or the other way around. Some pushchairs do both.
  • Depending on where your baby is going to sleep, it may be in a moses basket, a carrycot or a cot as this will help you decide when kind of pushchair to opt for.
  • Ensure that you check out all the features and specifications before you purchase your pushchair, and make sure you only pay for what you are going to make use of! It's very easy to be seduced into an "all bells and whistles" chair when you don't really need one.

Different types of pushchairs include:

  • You may want to consider a three in one pushchair - this is where you get a carrycot and also a convertible pushchair, ideal for new borns and as they get that little older too.
  • Two in one Pushchairs are a good option - comes as a pram and a pushchair. Suitable for your newborn or toddler.
  • You may want to opt for a 3 wheeler pushchair - this is ideal for all you mums and dads that want to do a little jogging with your little one. So you need your pushchair to with stand and be durable and the three wheeler does just that.
  • Don't rule out buggies and strollers as these are still suitable for newborns and are ideal for the supermarket run, as they tend to be lighter than a pushchair. Also worth considering for holidays and if you are planning on doing alot of travelling with baby.

Prices range from a couple of hundred and upwards depending on makes and models, so give yourself a budget and stick to it. Some brands worth considering on Price Inspector include:

Buying Guide to Pushchairs
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