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Romantic Gifts buying guide

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Romantic Gifts Guide - An Introduction

What is a romantic gift?

It can be challenging to pick out the ideal romantic gift. Simply put, a romantic gift is any gift that expresses and awakens or revives the feelings of love and intimacy between two people. Feelings of love and intimacy are generally prompted by a shared emotional experience and long remembered through a sensual experience.

It has become a tradition to give sensual gifts; gifts that stimulate one of our five senses in order to create a long lasting memory of the love and intimacy shared. Such items as flowers, perfumes, and scented candles rouse one’s sense of smell, while music and poetry create a memory by stimulating our sense of hearing. Delectable foods including gourmet foods, chocolate, champagne, or fine wines tantalize the palate, while art, jewellery, and beautiful scenery play to our sense of sight and create a visual memory.

Tradition has also taught us that our sense of touch is a highly successful way to awaken feelings of love and create lingering memories. Therefore, gifts such as lingerie or a professional massage with sensual body oils or a day at the spa are also excellent romantic gifts.

Traditional gifts are always an excellent choice but the gift of time spent is by far the most romantic gift of all. Whether you have just begun to date, or have been married for years, selecting a gift that requires spending time alone with your partner informs them that you value just being with them. There is nothing more romantic than that.

When a traditional sensual gift is given along with the gift of your attention and time, the most lasting memories of all are created. This is because memories created by one of our senses will act as a memory trigger repeatedly throughout our lives. If your time spent together was enveloped in a particular scent or specific music, for example, then every time that scent or music is encountered again, the memory of the time you spent together is brought to mind.

If the gift is a lasting one such as a piece of jewellery that your partner will wear often, he or she is constantly reminded of the time you spent together; your attention, and love. These memories, built upon over years, are what keep the love between you alive and enduring.

What is the ideal romantic gift for your partner?

It is important to remember that you and your partner are unique; different from any other couple. You are two individuals who together form a partnership that is as distinctive as a fingerprint. Therefore, while attending the opera may be an ideal romantic gift for some couples it may not be right for you and your romantic partner.

Carefully consider how the two of you interact, and what you mostly enjoy doing together, or how something new that you might both enjoy experiencing together. It is good to be a bit adventurous and give a gift of a new experience provided it is based on solid knowledge of what your partner will likely enjoy. For example, if your partner is not the risk taking type who enjoys an adrenaline rush, pass up the (champagne and hot air balloon ride) as a romantic gift. However, you both might enjoy a (Gourmet Classic Car Day Driving Experience).

How this guide can help you to select a romantic gift for your partner.

The Type’s section of this buyer’s guide will provide you an extensive list of romantic gift ideas, which are categorised by one of the five senses, they primarily employ to prompt the imagination and create a lasting memory.

Finally, the Best Buys section will share information on four great escape deals starting at only £56.00.

Buyer’s Tips offers a quick bullet point checklist of the most important criteria for a truly romantic gift as well as a checklist of what to avoid. Print it out to have with you when shopping for the perfect romantic gift for the lover in your life. Simply take any gift you are considering purchasing and run it through the checklist.

Types of Romantic Gifts and Suggestions

Visual memory makers


Art is always a great romantic gift as long as you are certain of your romantic partner’s preferences. It does not need to be expensive but of course, it can be. Perhaps a romantic sculpture would set the perfect romantic mood. A coffee table book of his or her favourite artist’s work or a reproduction may also be an ideal gift for your art lover.


Candles can have dual sensory stimuli if they are scented candles. See the bullet point list under ‘Scents are powerful memory makers’ section below for information on the romantic influence of various scents.

A burning candle sets a relaxing and romantic mood that is just right for inspiring intimacy. Selecting high quality, appropriately scented candles can make your romantic time together even more enjoyable.


Jewellery is a wearable art form and both women and men love jewellery these days. The gift of jewellery will remind the wearer of you on a regular or daily basis.

It is imperative to know your partner’s style preference and taste in jewellery but there are creative ways to get some help. Try asking your romantic partner’s favourite relative or friend for some assistance.


There is nothing more romantic than cuddling up together to enjoy a romantic movie. Romantic comedies are a favourite for both men and women. See the suggestion list below.

The (Star Registry)

Why not name and register a star after your romantic partner. The registry service comes with a certificate, which you can have framed. It is something they would see every day. Moreover, you spend many romantic hours together trying to locate that star in the night sky.

Most popular visual memory maker gifts from Price Inspectors:

• (Romantic Comedies) Box Set
• (The Slow and Romantic Dance Sampler)
• (Romantic Classics Miss Congeniality)/Music and Lyrics/Two Weeks Notice 3 Discs (Romantic
• (Comedy Box Set 6 Discs) Pride and Prejudice
• (Romantic Comedy Triple) When Harry Met Sally/Thelma and Louise/Overboard
• (Ultimate Feel Good Romantic Comedy Collection) Mamma Mia/Love Actually /The Holiday/Bridget Jones Diary/Notting Hill
• (Waldbuhne Concert Romantic Opera Night)
• (Romantic Comedy)
• (Andre Rieu Romantic Moments)

Memory making sounds


If music is your passion as a couple, then perhaps tickets to a London Symphony performance would be an ideal gift. You could also purchase a CD recording of one of the London Symphony Orchestra’s many extraordinary performances to take with you on a romantic escape for two.

There is also romantic music available on CDs in any music category that you enjoy.

The sounds of nature are also a powerful memory maker. Sometimes the best choice is to let nature’s music becomes the memory trigger. For example; if you are going to the seaside together, let the roar of the ocean be the background music for a tender expression of your affection.

Most popular romantic sounds gifts from Price Inspector

• (Premier Sunday Lunch Jazz Cruise)
• (Kylie Ultimate Kylie) CD
• (Strauss SongsLieder) Susan Bullock Malcolm Martineau CD

* See ‘Visual memory maker suggestions from Price Inspectors’ above for music performance DVDs.

Scents are powerful memory makers


It does not matter how the scent is distributed as long as a scent that inspires romance. Items such as oils, diffusers, candles, perfumes, incense, and even bubble baths and soaps that are scented with certain plants or herbs will always awaken the emotions and imagination. Here is a short list of tried and true favourites for stirring up a little romance and love.

o Gardenia
o Geranium
o Jasmine
o Lavender
o Patchouli
o Rose
o Sandalwood


Flowers are a trusted traditional romantic gift because they have so much that is going for them. They are two-way memory placeholders as they are both visual and typically possess unforgettably pleasing scents. It is no longer just a gift to give to women either. Men enjoy the beauty and fragrance of flowers as much as women do.

(12 red roses) have long been a way to communicate romantic feelings of love and romance while (12 yellow roses) send a message of friendship, or a new beginning. Add a few red roses to a bouquet of yellow roses and you are communicating that you are falling in love. The colour of a rose determines its message, see the brief bullet point list called, ‘Rose colour meaning’ below this flower section.

Do not limit yourself to roses only. There are a number of other wonderful, memories making flowers from which to choose. See the bullet point list marked, ‘Other flowers of love and romance’, below this section.

 Rose colour meaning:

? Red – love
? Pink – gratitude
? Coral – passion
? Lavender – love at first sight
? Orange – fascination
? White – truth and purity
? Yellow – friendship and peace

 Other flowers of love and romance

? Carnation
? Daisy
? Gardenia
? Iris
? Lilac
? Lily
? Orchid
? Primrose
? Sunflower
? Tulip

Perfume or Cologne

Perfume for women and cologne for men are wonderful romantic gifts as they are both a powerful intimacy stimuli and a strong memory maker. Scents are well established as triggers for memory recall.

However, selecting the right perfume or cologne can be challenging. It helps to know his current favourite cologne or her favourite perfume. This will give trained sales personnel at the store the ability to assist you with a selection that will be sure to please.

Most popular gifts of scent from Price Inspectors


(Mediterranean French Lavender Wax Candle)


(12 Red Roses)
(12 Yellow Roses)
(The Box of Roses)
(Rose Champagne Gift)
(Name a Rose Gift Box)

Tantalizing tastes that make a memory

The taste, scent, and textures of certain other foods, herbs, and spices are known to invite romance and to possess aphrodisiac qualities as well. Whether you dine out or cook a romantic dinner for your partner, consider including some of these delectable foods.


o Almond liqueur
o Champagne
o Chocolate Liqueur
o Wine

 Fish and Seafood

o Caviar
o Raw oysters
o Salmon
o Tuna Steak


o Apricot
o Banana
o Cherry
o Date
o Peach
o Pear
o Fig
o Papaya
o Strawberry - Fresh strawberries are an excellent accompaniment for champagne.


o Basil
o Cilantro
o Oregano
o Rosemary
o Saffron
o Thyme


o Chilli Powder
o Cinnamon
o Clove
o Coriander
o Fennel
o Ginger
o Nutmeg
o Vanilla


o Chocolate (especially dark chocolate)
o Honey


o Asparagus
o Avocado
o Carrot
o Celery
o Chile Pepper
o Cucumber
o Radish
o Tomato
o Turnip
o Wild Yam
o Zucchini

Most popular gastronomy gifts from Price Inspector:


Renowned as the elixir of love, chocolate has long been a popular romantic gift choice. The ancient Mayans are believed to be the first people to harvest, and process cacao beans from trees and transform it into chocolate. They believed that the cacao bean was created in paradise, as a food for the gods.

When the Aztecs conquered the Mayans, the cacao bean and chocolate became one of their coveted treasures. Cortez is believed to have brought the cacao beans to Europe.
Europeans, especially in Spain, quickly became enamoured with the taste of chocolate.

By 1657, the first Chocolate House opened in England. Many others followed it.
The popularity of chocolate continued to grow and its recipes evolve to become what it is today, the most preferred confection treat on earth.

Chocolate, long considered an aphrodisiac, is the number one, traditional sweet given as a romantic gift. This can now be explained by the fact that scientists have found that eating chocolates release endorphins, which are a natural, feel good hormone, produced in the human body.

Moreover, it has been discovered that chocolate, especially dark chocolate in moderation, is actually good for you. With so much going for it, perhaps it was created in paradise.

Whether or not it is the food of the gods or simply tastes as though it should be, the decadently delicious flavour of fine chocolate ensures that it will continue to be a romantic gift favourite to give and receive.

Most popular boxed chocolate suggestions from Price Inspector:

(Personalised Card Box of Chocolates)
(Box of Chocolates (24) Personalised)
(The Ultimate Box of Chocolates 9 Pink Flowers)
(Box of 12 Hand Made Chocolates)
(Name a Box of Chocolates Gift Box)


The dining date is the most popular type of date for both singles and married couples.
This is because the tastes, scents, and textures of food are so sensual; some foods as noted above even possess aphrodisiac qualities.

Dining establishments have long added to the sensual qualities of their fine menus by intentionally creating additional sensual features. These include such things as candle light, ambience through furnishings and design typically built around sensually pleasing scenery or incredible views of nature.

These combined sensual features, whether for lunch or dinner are what make the dining experience a relaxing and romantic tradition for couples.

Most popular romantic dining suggestions from Price Inspector:

(Annual Restaurant Membership)
(Restaurant Taster Experience)
(Babylon Restaurant)
(Deluxe Babylon Restaurant)
(Restaurant Taster Experience)

Most popular romantic lunch suggestions from Price Inspector:

(Sunday Lunch Jazz Cruise on the Thames)
(Elite Lunch Cruise on the Thames)
(Garden Lunch)
(Gourmet Lunch Cruise and London Eye Trip)
(Lunch Excursion on Orient Express)


Modern living with its demanding work schedules has turned the traditional English afternoon tea into not much more than a quick biscuit and a cup of tea or coffee, usually while one continues working or is on the run.

This is very different from the traditional afternoon tea, which consisted of delightful light fare foods such as scones, clotted cream, lemon curd, savouries, and various other sweets.

The time set aside for the afternoon tea, usually 4:00 PM, was also traditionally a time to pause and relax in a comfortable sitting room. It was a time to enjoy a bit of socializing and courtship.

It is still possible to recapture the romance of the past. Below is a short list of the most popular places to kindle romance during an afternoon tea.

Most popular romantic afternoon tea suggestions from Price Inspector:

(Queens Gallery and Champagne Afternoon Tea)
(Afternoon Tea)
(Afternoon Tea River Cruise)
(Blenheim Palace and Champagne Afternoon Tea)
(Champagne Afternoon Tea)


It is said that nothing seduces the palate like Champagne. It is a potion that most certainly promotes relaxation and the releasing of inhibitions. This is due to the constant flow of delicate bubbles, which enter the blood stream more rapidly than regular wine.

It is also likely that Champagne’s effervescence quality triggers the imagination as well as heightens sensual attentiveness. This can be magic for couples romantically speaking. This is why Champagne will remain a romantic tradition.

Most popular Champagne suggestions from Price Inspector:

(Champagne Gift Box)
(Krug Champagne Gift Box)
(Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial Champagne N.V.)
(Montparnasse 56 Visit and Champagne)
(Rose Champagne Gift)

Create a romantic memory through the sense of touch

• Lingerie and sexy undergarments

Sexy lingerie may be just for women but today’s woman enjoys her man in sexy underwear as well. Style, colours, and textures depend upon the couple.

• Luxurious towels and bedding

Here are a few helpful keywords to keep in mind when purchasing romantic and/or sexy towels and bedding.

o Soft
o Downy
o Silky
o Velvety
o Furry
o Fluffy
o Satin
o Luxuriant
o Silk
o Lush
o Plush
o Relaxing
o Soothing
o Calming

Cuddly stuffed animals

Yes, these are still popular as a romantic gift because they are soft to touch and cute. They are especially appreciated by young lovers.

• Scented Massage Oil

A gift of scented massage oil for the two of you to pamper each other with is always a romantic choice.

• Professional Massage or Spa Day

Pampering your partner, both male and female, is a great romantic gift that shows you care. Couple’s massage appointments can be the most romantic of all.

Most popular gifts of touch suggestions from Price Inspector:

(Lucile Lingerie Experience)
(Dreamgirl lingerie)
(Shirley of Hollywood Lingerie) - Selections for him and her

Best Buys Romantic Escapes

(Premier Sunday Lunch Jazz Cruise) £56 per person

Enjoy an appetizing three-course set menu, served with a half bottle of red or white wine, and a great live jazz band. These professional musicians will perform songs you will recognise such as classics from performers and composers like Cole Porter and George Gershwin.

You will cruise the scenic River Thames for approximately 2 and ½ hours, gliding by some of London’s most prominent landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament, St. Paul’s Cathedral or the Tower Bridge just to name a few.

(Four Star Premium Two Night Weekend Break) for Two - £395

You choose your ideal UK destination at a premium Marriott hotel with a minimum of a four star rating. Select either a country or a city escape. Perhaps a country escape is what you are longing for, at some place like St. Pierre Country Club in Wales.

Wherever you choose to spend your holiday, it will include 2 nights as well as a breakfast and dinner. Just pack and get ready to enjoy a romantic escape made for two.

(Gourmet Escape) for Two £199

A romantic night away together in your choice from a variety of small boutique hotels or inns scattered across the UK. Choose from city, rural or coastal settings. Your package for two includes your evening meal at the gourmet restaurant located in your hotel or inn. It also will include breakfast the next morning.

(Gourmet Classic Car Day Driving Experience) for Two £399.00

Both of you will absolutely love this getaway. Take turns driving either an Alfa Spider sports car or a Jenson Interceptor. You choose your scenic route, which will include Cotswolds, Malverns, Forest of Dean, Worcestershire, Shropshire, or Welsh Borders.

The package includes a stop for a romantic and relaxing lunch at one of the fine restaurants along whichever route you select.

7 more most popular romantic escape suggestions:

(Adult Thames Cruise Rover Pass)
(Four Star Overnight Golf Break)
(Hotel Break)
(Ladywell House Overnight Stay)
(Short Break Holidays to Iceland)
(Short Breaks to Istanbul)
(Two Night Paris Break)

Tips to consider before buying any Romantic Gifts

Quick checklist when considering a romantic gift purchase:

  • The ultimate romantic gift is the gift of time shared in a pleasant and imaginative way that touches the heart and stirs the emotions.
  • The ultimate romantic gift of time-shared is suitable for the two of you, specifically, meaning you have selected a way to spend time together that you are confident your partner, and you will both enjoy.
  • The gift includes or you are adding a sensual memory trigger.
  • Remember that the gift of quality time spent together will become a more lasting memory if it includes a memory prompt for one of the five senses.

    o A sight
    o A sound
    o A scent
    o A specific taste
    o A touch

  •  Avoid giving one of the most unromantic gifts. These include any item that can be labelled:

    o Practical
    o Sensible
    o Prudent
    o Predictable
    o Expected
    o Typical
    o Necessary

Buying Guide to Romantic Gifts
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