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Spiderman toys buying guide

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Spiderman Toys Guide - An Introduction

Spiderman is a superhero created by Stan Lee for Marvel Comics, first appearing in August 1962. He was an ordinary teenager named Peter Parker being raised by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May because his parents had died. After he was bitten by a radioactive spider during a field trip with his school, he underwent physical changes, including receiving his superpowers. Spiderman has superhuman strength, “spider sense” that lets him sense danger, and he can cling to walls. He also has superhuman agility, balance, and speed, plus he can shoot spider webs from his wrists. He uses spider webs to swing between buildings or capture villains. After his uncle is murdered in a robbery, Spiderman decides to use his powers to fight evil.

Peter Parker is sometimes depicted as a genius, making his own costumes and making devices to augment his powers, such as mechanical web shooters. The web shooters emit an adhesive web fluid which can be used to make a rope to swing from or a net to trap enemies. When not fighting crime, Peter Parker is a freelance photographer for The Daily Bugle, a tabloid newspaper determined to reveal to the world that Spiderman is really a villain. Because he’s secretly Spiderman, he’s always in the best position to get pictures of Spiderman in action, thus ensuring his job.

Over the years, Spiderman has appeared in comic books, movies, cartoons, colouring books, and even on records. Of course he also has a wide range of toys, both with the Spiderman character and all of his arch rivals. Notable rivals include Doctor Octopus, the Green Goblin, Venom, Sandman, Rhino, Electro, and Mysterio.

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Figures, Characters and Other Toys

There are so many Spiderman toys to choose from, it can be most frustrating if you don’t know exactly what you or your child wants. There are action figures, collectible figures, and many accessories to complete the imaginative play. Some of the popular items include:

  • Venom was originally an alien symbiotic costume that took over Peter Parker, revealing his inner demons. When Peter finally discarded the costume, his friend Eddie Brock took it over. This gave him all of Spiderman’s powers, turning him into Spiderman’s arch enemy. The Animated Action Figure has a twist and release torso; simply twist the torso for his clash-slash attack.
  •  In the Ultimate Spiderman Vignette series, you get five action figures, including the alien costumed Spiderman, Spiderman Web, Green Goblin, Venom, and Spiderman on the Wall. 
  •  Carnage was serial killer Cletus Kasady who shared a jail cell with Eddie Brock. The same alien invaded Kasady, turning him into the Carnage villain. He writes “Carnage Rules” with his own blood at his crime scenes. The Carnage action figure has Weapons Arms that you can snap to his wrist. 
  •  Black Cat is Felicia Hardy, a reformed cat burglar who became Spiderman’s partner and girlfriend. Her action figure comes with a leaping cougar and a peel-off Spiderman sticker.

In addition to action figures, there are many other Spiderman toys.

  • If you want a Spiderman scooter, you can choose either an in-line scooter or a three-wheeled preschool scooter. The in-line scooter is made for children age 6 or older, and it folds to easy storage. It features adjustable handle bars, foam grips, and graphics from the Spiderman 3 movie. A Spiderman helmet and pads are sold separately to keep your child safe and looking cool at the same time. 
  •  Get a Spiderman car to help him race to catch the villains. The Battle Action Web Rocket car is a good choice, featuring a web spinning cannon. It comes with a Spiderman figure and seven projectiles.

Games, Comics and DVDs

  • Spiderman appears in many different comic series, including Amazing Fantasy, the Amazing Spiderman, the Spectacular Spiderman, Marvel Team-Up, and Web of Spiderman. There are also spin-offs, such as New Avengers, Spiderman Family, the Amazing Spider-Girl, Ultimate Universe, Ultimate Spiderman, and Spiderman Loves Mary Jane.
  • DVDs featuring Spiderman include cartoons such as the Spiderman Animated Series and the three feature films. You can buy the movies individually or in a box set containing all three movies.
  • Spiderman games are also popular choices, with video games available for Xbox 360, PS2, Wii, and DS. You can also buy Spiderman versions of classic games such as Memory, Monopoly, and Sorry. Learning games featuring Spiderman include LeapFrog toys such as V.Tech, Leapster, Tag, and LeapPad. The Tag story book features a powerful lizard that is creating problems at the Central Park Zoo, trying to free the reptiles and dominate the world. Activities and graphics help your child build reading comprehension and vocabulary. It teaches memory skills, reptile vocabulary, cause and effect, and identifying plot elements.
  • There are almost as many Spiderman colouring books as there are action figures. The Spiderman Invisible Ink book lets your child reveal hidden pictures with a special invisible ink pen. It comes with stickers that you can match to the revealed pictures.
  • There are dozens of Spiderman Lego sets, featuring different villains and crime scenes. With Spiderman’s Train Rescue, recreate a scene from the Spiderman 2 movie. Doctor Octopus has captured a train, sending it speeding along the track. Use the set’s “slammer” to release the train, and then see if Spiderman can stop the train before it crashes. The set includes nearly 300 Lego pieces and is designed for ages 3 and up.

Decorations and Costumes

  • Any Spiderman fan would love dressing in a Spiderman costume, which includes mask and gloves. Costumes are available from toddler to adult sizes.
  • Throw your little superhero a Spiderman-themed birthday party. You can easily find all the decorations you need, including balloons and plates. A Spiderman poster or Scene Setter can provide a good party decoration, and then you can hang it in your child’s bedroom. Spiderman rings make good cupcake decorations, or you can buy a Spiderman cake topper. Temporary tattoos and stickers are fun additions to the loot bags for guests. Complete the decorations with a table cover, confetti, blow-outs, and more. 
  •  Spiderman accessories are available to create a complete superhero bedroom. Bedding choices include a duvet, which come in several different designs. The Lightning Rotary Duvet set by CharacterWorld is a single duvet cover with matching pillowcase. It is made of a soft blend of cotton and polyester and features Spiderman printed throughout the pieces. Matching curtains are available with this set, as with most sets.
  • Additional room decorations include a Spiderman lamp, such as the Amazing Pendant Light. This light is a ceiling shade that is easy to install. It measures 22cm high and 17cm in diameter. The shade features both Spiderman and Venom.
  •  A Spiderman tent such as Mega Maze will provide hours of fun, imaginative play. It features multiple tunnels to crawl through, one large play cube, and one small play cube. The mesh window allows you to see in and your child to see out. You can rearrange the pieces and expand the structure. The maze will fit up to four children.

Tips to Consider before Buying Spiderman Toys

  • If you are buying for a child, consider the child’s age, both for safety and for appropriateness. Some of the Spiderman characters are comical and appropriate for all ages, while others are darker and meant for older children, teens, or adults.
  • Also consider the child’s age when it comes to action figures that have weapons. Some parents may not approve, which is a consideration if you are buying for someone other than your own child.
  • Spiderman toys appeal to a wide range of ages, and children don’t necessarily outgrow them as quickly as some other characters. You can generally buy toys and accessories without fear that they will outgrow the items in a few months.
  • Spiderman figures are available as both inexpensive toys and very expensive collectibles. Collectibles are meant to be displayed, not played with. Make sure you know which you are buying.
  • If you are collecting the Spiderman comics, you might want to consult a pricing guide to help you determine the items’ value. Be sure to consider the condition of the comic book, as this will greatly affect the value.
  • If you buy Spiderman video games, you might also want to buy a strategy guide. This gives you a walk-through of the game and strategies to defeat bosses, because even a superhero needs help sometimes.
  • Use Spiderman to your advantage, as there are Spiderman themed behaviour charts and reward systems, perfect for everything from potty training to homework to household chores. 

Buying Guide to Spiderman toys
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