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bg Halloween Buyers Guide

While there are many thoughts and theories regarding the origins of Halloween, there is no one definitive answer as to why we celebrate this holiday. Halloween has its roots both in the Celtic Samhain festival and in the Christian All Saints’ Day, which overlap on October 31 and November 1. The Samhain festival celebrates the end of summer, or the passing from the “light” months ...

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bg Ugg Boots Buyers Guide

Ugg Boots Boots produces some of the most popular and best-known boots in the world. Known for their comfortable boots, Uggs also makes shoes, slippers, and sandals. Uggs are great for any season, keeping your feet warm in winter but cool in summer, making them popular with celebrities and fans around the world. The sheepskin lining is the secret to their year-round comfort.

Ugg boots are ...

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bg Flat screen TVs Buyers Guide

Flat screen televisions employ a variety of technologies to achieve the sleek design. Plasma and LCD are among the more popular options for consumers. Both types of flat panel technologies are noted for their space conscious design, realistic images, and colour reproduction. Each technology has its benefits. The consumer must decide which option meets their particular needs.

Flat screen televisions have superior images to the ...

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bg Sofa Beds Buyers Guide

A sofa that doubles as a bed is not a new idea, it’s been around since the mobile sixties generation had to find ways to save room in their tiny bed sitters. What is new is the variety and quality of sofas on the market today, such as the extensive range of Italian Sofa Bed styles. It used to be easy to spot a Sofa ...

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bg Burglar Alarms Buyers Guide

Burglar alarms are electronic alarms that alert you to intruders. They have sensors connected to the control unit by either an RF signal or low-voltage wiring which interacts with the response device. The most common types will indicate if a door or window is opened or if there is motion. There are also combination systems that will give you both fire and intruder protection.

Burglar ...

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