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About Price Inspector

  • What is PriceInspector?

    PriceInspector is a comparison web site that has been designed to aid consumers in the UK. Our technology uses the internet to give you a detailed comparison of products and retailers in order for you to solve your problems in finding the best price on all kinds of different products. PriceInspector does not actually sell any products, we collect information and present the case to you.

    The site displays products and prices from the traditional high street, and also from other competitive and online retailers that you may not have heard about. Additionally, if you are looking for a store that does not have any products to compare, we have a store directory for you to browse.
About Price Inspector
  • Price Comparison guide and fun shopping experience

    PriceInspector is a comparison engine that presents descriptions, images and prices for thousands of UK products. Users are quickly informed of the details and price of a product, enabling them to make a good decision before parting with their cash. PriceInspector tries to differ from other price comparison web sites by making searching fun as it helps guide the user to their purchase, rather than simply displaying the information amongst thousands of distracting banners and advertisements.

  • Our vision

    PriceInspector is a branded price comparison website which attempts to make online shopping fun as well as informative. We give retailers the opportunity to sell their products on our website, and compete against competitors. Our technology matches products together to display informal comparisons of which is the cheapest and has the most information about a product. Our users can browse a full range of products in an easy, informative way. We have tried to make the consumer's experience a fun one, allowing them to become a price detective and carry out price inspections and price surveillances. Its prime function is to give the user the best choice, but also make it pleasurable.

    PriceInspector lists retailers who subscribe to allow third party websites to link their product list via a datafeed. We are also allowing reputable retailers to add products free of charge. Allowing free retailers will give users a better choice for a particular product as we will not influence the best result based on a paid or a free listing.

    Matthew Waring and Wes Lewis started PriceInspector in 2007. Their decision to launch the website was based on previous experiences on using other price comparison sites, where they felt the consumer was not getting a good feeling about making that all important purchase online. They wanted to bring back the fun in online shopping, which nowadays makes some consumers confused because of overloaded information.

  • Price Inspector - fun and clever

    PriceInspector places importance on results just like other price comparison sites, however we like to think consumers can have fun finding their next online purchase. We display our information very simply allowing the consumer to easily compare and decide.

  • Advertisements on PriceInspector

    What advertisements? PriceInspector aids users by not bombarding them with distracting advertisements - any pay per click advertising is nicely displayed in a "tab" of its own when searching, so the user has to physically click into the ads or choose not to view them.

  • PriceInspector - Appreciates its users

    PriceInspector welcomes feedback from its users. If you have an idea as to how we can improve our engine, we would appreciate it if you contacted us. We are here to help you as a price detective - and your participation is the most important factor in helping us achieve our vision.

  • Always keeping you informed

    Please visit our web blog at With this, we aim to inform users of any changes or any future features on PriceInspector as we aim to improve the web site. We will also create discussions on any promotions and competitions with our fellow price detectives.

    Keeping it realistic

    Please bear with us as we try to improve on our initial product data feed import. Unfortunately, due to merchants not placing certain products in correct categories, the output from our category drill down is weak in some areas. Some retailers choose to place all of their products in top level categories - our advice would be to always make sure you conduct a keyword search from the top of the page if you are getting too many random results from the drill down.
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