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Hawkin Bazaar

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Scurrying Mice Scurrying Mice Pull back this mini mouse toy and it will scuttle off into the distance, bobbing from side-to-side thanks to its oval-shaped wheels. These odd wheels also lend ... More Details £1.00 View Product
Red Arrows Hawk Red Arrows Hawk Get familiar with the beautiful aesthetics of the Red Arrows BAe Hawk stunt plane by building a detailed model from the parts in this Airfix starter kit (A55202 ... More Details £10.00 View Product
Police Large Set Police Large Set Set up the precinct however you see fit with this absolutely massive police brick building kit. The box contains 814 building bits that you can clip together to ... More Details £50.00 View Product
Caledonian Railway 040st Caledonian Railway 040st Set things in motion with this Caledonian Railway 0-4-0 locomotive! This model train (R2672) features classic Caledonian Railway livery, as shown here with the ... More Details £27.00 View Product
Br Class 31 Diesel Br Class 31 Diesel Step away from steam power and embrace the diesel-electric generation with the BR Class 31 Diesel locomotive (R3067). The details on this model are impressive t ... More Details £63.00 View Product
Skull Earphones Skull Earphones If pirates had digital music players, we're fairly sure they'd stick a pair of these Skull Earphones in their sea-faring lugs. These noise isolating earphones a ... More Details £5.00 View Product
Cobra RC Lunar Stunt Car Cobra RC Lunar Stunt Car We can't be sure how it would perform on the moon, but back on Earth the Lunar Stunt Car is a spinning, flipping trick machine on four wheels! The front wheel a ... More Details £25.00 View Product
124 Ferrari F138 Formula  One 124 Ferrari F138 Formula One Ferrari's four-wheeled rocket sled stormed through the 2013 Formula One season, with the team's F138 car securing several podium finishes for Fernando Alonso ac ... More Details £25.00 View Product
Light Up Bubble Wand Light Up Bubble Wand Any child scientist will tell you that the bigger the bubble, the more fun it is to watch. Our R&D team worked on this theory to create the original bubble wand ... More Details £6.00 View Product
Sweet Art Snails Sweet Art Snails Ever tried eating snails? They're meant to be a delicacy, but we must admit we'd prefer something sweeter. Have a bite out of a snail without having to cook or ... More Details £7.00 View Product
Big Baldy Mug Big Baldy Mug Looking for a way to see into the future that fits in your hand and contains your favourite hot drink? Then look no further! The smiling chap on the front of th ... More Details £6.00 View Product
Anchorman Scotch Shot Glasses Anchorman Scotch Shot Glasses Enjoy Scotch whisky and your other favourite tipples in true 70s newsroom style with these Anchorman shot glasses. Each of these four glasses features a differe ... More Details £10.00 View Product
Slam Dunk Basketball Slam Dunk Basketball Do you suspect your fingers have the hoop shooting prowess of Michael Jordan? It's time to put them to the test with this desktop basketball game. Aim the launc ... More Details £15.00 View Product
Levitating Strobe Pen Levitating Strobe Pen This pen defies gravity; does stationery get any cooler!? You can spend your time stressing over the magic behind the effect (magnets) or you could just stare i ... More Details £7.00 View Product
Tredegar Lwb Open Wagon Tredegar Lwb Open Wagon Fill this Open Wagon with goods (presumably from the Welsh town of Tredegar), then connect it up to your locomotive and take it for a spin around your track lay ... More Details £6.00 View Product
Mosaic Art Mosaic Art Do as the Romans did and make your art by carefully arranging lots of coloured tiles. These Mosaic Art kits are perfect for younger children, as each tile locat ... More Details £4.00 View Product
Power Track Power Track Ensure a secure connection between your track and power supply with the Hornby Power Track (R8206). This neat little upgrade come pre-fixed to a length of 00 ga ... More Details £5.50 View Product
164 Red Bull Rb9 164 Red Bull Rb9 Relive your favourite moments of the Formula One 2013 season with this 1:64 scale diecast model of the Red Bull Racing Team's RB9. The detail on this car is ver ... More Details £4.00 View Product
Bloodhound Ssc Bloodhound Ssc A rocket car aiming to travel along the ground at 1,000 miles per hour might sound like a thing of fantasy, but the Bloodhound SSC is very much a reality, aimin ... More Details £10.00 View Product
Model Mechanic Helicopter Model Mechanic Helicopter Good news! You don't need a sound knowledge of advanced avionics to build this cool helicopter model. Slot, screw and bolt the metal and plastic sections togeth ... More Details £7.00 View Product
Town People Town People Towns tend to be linked by rail networks, making train travel a convenient way to visit friends. Position these town people figures (R562) at your stations and ... More Details £5.70 View Product
Blink Time Bandz Blink Time Bandz Effortlessly combine function with fashion and slip one of these Blink Time Bandz onto your wrist. The stretchy bracelet my just look like a colourful piece of ... More Details £6.00 View Product
Sweet Art Sweet Bouquet Sweet Art Sweet Bouquet A bouquet of flowers is always nice, but it won't satisfy a sweet tooth like a set of tasty treats does! Fortunately you can have both with this Sweet Art edibl ... More Details £12.00 View Product
Po Class 08 Diesel Po Class 08 Diesel Shunt trains around your model railway yard with the PO Class 08 Diesel shunter (R3156). Shunting engines like this one don't tend to run out on the tracks, but ... More Details £37.00 View Product
Classic Mgb Kjelle Classic Mgb Kjelle Bring the thrill and beauty of classic car racing to your Scalextric track with this MGB slot car (C3415). Modelled on the team car sent to the Sebring twelve h ... More Details £40.00 View Product
Bbmf Lancaster Bbmf Lancaster With the amount of heavy duty armaments the Lancaster bomber carried, we're not surprised it required four engines to keep it up in the air! Bring the biggest p ... More Details £6.00 View Product
Quadcopter Space Ship X1 Quadcopter Space Ship X1 Go on a space age adventure piloting this high-tech remote control quadcopter into unknown airspace. The four propellers positioned all around the ship's ultra- ... More Details £50.00 View Product
Flashing Squeezy Ghost Flashing Squeezy Ghost Do you think ghosts would be a lot less scary if they suddenly lit up in a variety of different colours? Find out for yourself with this squishy stretchy puffer ... More Details £2.00 View Product
Power Builds  Sandrail Power Builds Sandrail It's easy to love a sandrail, even if you have no intention of skipping up and down sand dunes. There's just something that feels exhilarating about these light ... More Details £12.00 View Product
Sticky Mosaics Crown Of Kings Sticky Mosaics Crown Of Kings There are many factors that make a truly great king, with one of the biggest being how fabulous his crown looks. Little monarchs in the making can add a dizzyin ... More Details £25.00 View Product
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