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Activity Gifts for Kids buying guide

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Activity Gifts for Kids - An Introduction

Activities and adventures can make a terrific gift for children of any age. They do not increase the clutter in your child’s room like toys can, and they provide lasting memories. Whether you choose an outing, a theme party, or exercise equipment, your child is sure to love an adventure package that suits his interests. Many of these packages are also available as birthday parties, so your child’s friends can share in the fun.
There are tickets to view historic sites, bungee jumping, off-road adventures, fashion shoots, and much more.

Activity gifts can be educational, physical, or just plain fun. Of course, there’s no reason that it has to fill just one need, as one activity gift can be both educational and fun, or physical and educational. You can also combine complementary activities to explore different sides of an activity, such as a Kids Polo Day Out and a Kids Cowboy Adventure, letting them see two different types of horse riding.

The perfect activity gifts are ones that appeal to your child’s special interests. Does your child enjoy gruesome history? Consider a York Dungeons tour. If they like history but you want a more fun approach, maybe Madame Tussauds Wax Museum would be more appropriate.

Whatever type of experience your child would most enjoy, we make it easy for you to shop and buy an activity gift. Our buying guide tells you what types of packages are available, gives you tips to consider when buying the gift, and brings you the best prices. We look around the UK to make sure we always bring you the cheapest prices possible, whatever type of activity gift you want.

Historic Tours and Amusement Parks

Whether your goal is to learn a little UK history or simply have fun, there are many popular outings to choose from.

  • An Alton Towers visit takes you to the UK’s largest theme park. Depending on the season, you can also visit their water park for one admission price.
  • Another popular theme park outing is a Disneyland Paris Day Trip. Located near Paris in the suburb of Marne-la-Vallée, Disneyland Paris will give any Disney fan a memorable experience.
  • Diggerland is the ultimate adventure park for fans of construction machines. Visitors will learn about, ride in, and drive some of the ultimate construction vehicles. The park has locations at County Durham, Devon, Kent, and West Yorkshire.
  • Visit Thorpe Park, which bills itself at the Nation’s Thrill Capital. Horror movie fans will love the Saw Alive Horror Maze, which will be opening Spring 2010. Face your fears in this maze, featuring iconic scenes from the classic horror movie series. 
  • For a more historic outing, consider a tour of the London dungeons. Your child will get a gruesome look at the famous dungeons. Of course this tour isn’t appropriate for all children, but many will enjoy this chilling look at London’s history.
  • A Thames River cruise gives you a unique sightseeing experience. You can take a London tour anytime throughout the year, and you can choose from sightseeing, lunch, dinner, or evening cruises.


There are a wide variety of activity gifts for your little sports fan, depending on age and interests.

  • If you have a football fan, consider a stadium tour. Popular tours include Santiago Bernabeu, the City of Manchester Stadium, Camp Nou, and Old Trafford. With these tours, you and your child will visit the stadium, learn interesting facts, and get a behind-the-scenes look at the stadium.
  • A similar package is available for tennis fans with a Wimbledon tennis tour.
  • For a more active adventure, consider an aerial high ropes course. This High Ropes Adventure course is fun for the whole family. Climb, glide, and slide through tall trees, generally ranging from 3m to 10m.
  • Another exciting activity for your little daredevil is a kids bungee jump. Whether you jump from a crane or a bridge, this is the ultimate thrill-seeking activity. Middlesborough provides the only location in the UK for a bridge jump.
  • A good underwater adventure is the Bubblemaker Kids Scuba Experience. In shallow pools no more than 2 metres deep, certified instructors teach your child the basics of scuba diving, all with equipment made especially for children. This activity is even available as a birthday party, creating memories your child and the party guests will never forget.
  • Your car enthusiast might enjoy a driving experience, and there are many to choose from. If you want luxury, choose the [pd:Junior Bentley Experience, while a more rugged choice is the Junior 4X4 Experience.
  • Your little clown would enjoy the Junior Circus Skills Course. Different organisations offer different circus skills, with common choices including trapeze, tightrope, clowning and face painting, acrobatics, juggling, stilt-walking, or uni-cycling. Some courses even teach pyrotechnics and knife-throwing!


Encourage your child’s favourite hobby with these activities:

  •  If your child is interested in fashion, consider the Child Model Academy gift. At this fun photoshoot, she will be a fashion model for a day. The day will come complete with a makeover, costume changes, and of course, plenty of pictures to remember the day.
  • Childrens Cookery Classes will let your budding chef learn some real kitchen skills. From safe handling of knives, cake baking, or advanced techniques, there are courses designed for whatever interest or skill level you child wants. There are even packages that offer celebrity chefs.
  • A musician will enjoy the Junior DJ Experience. This course teaches your child how to pull together a DJ music set that he can perform before a live crowd. Learn about sampling, scratching, and other tricks of the club DJ trade. 
  •  Kids Spy Camp lets your child be a spy or secret agent for a day. With the Spy Academy, the day begins with a mission briefing session, then kids put their wits into action. Activities may include code scrambling, assault courses, climbing, survival techniques, initiative, and espionage. Learn surveillance, tracking, and communications techniques.
  •  Cowboy adventure package lets your child experience a trans-Atlantic horse riding fantasy day. Your little cowboy will enjoy a day of Western trail riding, complete with cowboy attire and gear. Learn about the historic activities of America’s cowboys, including roping, riding, and driving cattle.
  • Your drama enthusiast will enjoy the Les Miserables Kids Club. The Miz Kids Club gives your child a unique opportunity to learn the world of the theatre. The package includes a backstage tour, snack lunch, drama workshop, improv games, and the opportunity to meet a member of the show's cast. You can also upgrade the experience to include theatre tickets for after the activity, making it a fun and cultural outing for the entire family. 

Tips to consider before buying Activity Gifts for Kids

  • Make sure you know what is included in any package and any extra options that can be purchased separately. For example, does a day tour include lunch and souvenir photos, can they be purchased at an additional cost, or are you expected to make your own arrangements? Either way, you’ll probably want to bring your own digital camera to preserve your memories.
  • Ask about the training and experience of the tour guide and whether the company has any insurance in case of injuries. This is especially important for physical outings where there may be more risk of injury.
  • Make sure all equipment is safe and that proper precautions are taken by the company, such as helmets for driving adventures.
  • Don’t forget to consider parking. Is there a safe, convenient place to park during your trip? Is there an additional parking fee? In some instances, it might be less expensive to leave your car at home and take a bus or tube to avoid parking fees.
  • Find out whether there are any savings for buying tickets in advance. Some activities have off-season rates or reduced prices during non-prime hours.
  • If you buy tickets in advance, find out if there are any rain guarantees for outdoor activities. Also, can you reschedule if your plans change? Some package tours are non-refundable, while others will let you exchange your tickets for another date.
  • Make sure any tours or activities are age-appropriate for your child. For a dungeon tour, is it the right level of spooky for your child, or will you be creating nightmares from a too-graphic description of the dungeon horrors? Will your child be tall enough to meet safety requirements, such as on amusement rides?

Jargon Explained

Day TripAn outing meant to last the better part of a day, returning on the same day. If you are planning a day trip activity, consider how much of your time will be spent travelling and whether you’ll have enough time to enjoy your activity. If you have to travel a long distance, consider staying overnight to give yourself more time to play.
Rain guaranteeIn the event of inclement weather, a rain guarantee will let you reschedule your outdoor activity for a different date. This is important because if it rains on your scheduled day and there is no guarantee, you will not receive a refund and will be charged if you reschedule your activity.
Travel insuranceThis reimburses you if the trip is canceled under certain conditions, including extreme weather and illness. Without travel insurance, if your child gets hurt or ill before the outing, you will forfeit any expenditures such as deposits. 

Buying Guide to Activity Gifts for Kids
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