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Audio Systems buying guide

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Introduction to Audio Systems

Any audiophile will tell you that a matched set of separates will easily outperform any off the shelf hi-fi unit but as technology has become cheaper over the years, hi-fi systems now contain the sort of wizardry once reserved for all but the wealthy.

Nowadays it is not beyond the reach of most households to own a multi channel surround sound system with Dolby Digital™ or DTS encoding. But what else might you find in the average UK household? Well, you'll be surprised. What with the advent of PC's, laptops, MP3 players, Home Theatre systems, DAB, XBox 360 and Playstion™3 it is becoming ever more popular to connect these to some sort of amplification.

Consider these handy tips when purchasing a new audio system

  • For those of you looking for the ultimate in surround sound, you will need some sort of home cinema receiver which you can hook up all of your peripherals including your TV, DVD player, PS3 etc. Look out for some of the newer models which handle 6.1 or even 7.1 surround sound as well as a couple of HDMi sockets, obviously with these you will require more speakers.
  • For those of you more interested in listening to music a receiver will work well, especially with CD's which are encoded in surround sound, but as technology has become smaller most people tend to carry their music collection around with them. Hence the advent of the speaker dock. The idea is simple, you simply connect your I-pod or Mp3 player via the dedicated socket of USB and voila everyone can now share your play-lists.
  • For those of you used to storing and listening to your music collection from your PC, check out our range of computer speaker systems designed to enhance your music and gaming audio experience. Furthermore, with the arrival of internet radio you can now listen to stations from across the world via your wireless broadband connection, how cool is that, no more hunting those LW and SW bands on that old Roberts radio you have stored away.
  • Check out Price Inspector's range of mini systems if you are on a budget or you need to store your system away, or if budget is no issue why not check out our range of digital music systems which will give you the ability to stream music to any room in the house.

Buying Guide to Audio Systems
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