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Baby Born toys buying guide

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Baby Born Toys Guide - An Introduction

Dolls in Ancient Human History

Since the dawn of civilization, dolls have been a part of human culture. Clay and wooden dolls that were coarsely made have been unearthed from Egyptian temples and stand as evidence to this statement.

Dolls will remain a part of our culture because they are a fundamental part of a child’s education and development. Doll play helps to prepare children for future roles in life such as that of an older sibling to a younger child and for their own potential role as a parent themselves.

Dolls can assist children in the practise of nurturing skills and emotional responses such as empathy, as well as inspire role-play. They also stimulate imagination and prompt creativity.

A doll also serves as a trusted friend to a child. One he or she can tell their secrets to as well as a safe place to work out feelings they may be experiencing.

Dolls are not just for little girls anymore

While most little girls love playing with dolls at some point in their childhood, doll play is becoming increasingly popular with boys as well. Our society is evolving and more boys are requesting dolls or playing with their sister’s dolls than ever before.

According to Yale University Child Psychologist, Jerome Singer, “Early opportunities to play with dolls afford children that chance to practice the vital human capacity for nurturance and giving selflessly to others. We can only hope that more boys can take advantage of such pretending games…”

Boys become older siblings to younger children just as often as little girls do. Moreover, many little boys will one day become fathers who will require equally excellent nurturing and care taking skills.

What is the Baby Born Doll?

The Baby Born doll is a Zapf Creation. It is a lifelike doll with moveable arms and legs, and is capable of eight, very lifelike functions. It can cry, drink from its bottle, eat from its special dish, use a potty chair, or require a nappy change and even squeal with delight just like a real baby.

Baby Born dolls can even take a bath with your child. The newest models can actually swim, and blow bubbles. The Zapf Baby Born dolls appear quite lifelike with their wrinkled skin and eyes that open and close. Best of all, Baby Born dolls offer a choice of ethnicity and gender as well as an extensive array of accessories that offer an extensive variety of role-play scenarios. The role-play clothing and accessories are what set the scene from which your child’s imagination takes over in the creation of his or her own Baby Born game.

These outfit driven scenarios often coincide with typical situations that children encounter such as learning to swim. These various pre-set play scenarios can also help your child work through feelings or anxieties about a similar and upcoming real life experience in their life.

For example, if your child is fearful of water or learning to swim, The Baby Born I Can Swim doll affords your child an opportunity to work out his/her feelings with a doll best friend. Just like all the Baby Born dolls, the model that can swim comes in a choice of boy or girl. The Baby Born boy also has as just as extensive a selection of clothing and accessories as the Baby Born girl doll.

Zapf Creation created baby Born dolls for children who are 3 to 8 years of age. This doll was introduced in 1991 and has been a tremendous success ever since. Parents love the doll for the fact that it performs multiple lifelike functions without the need of batteries and children love this doll for its realistic features and lifelike functions.

The human like functions of this doll, along with its many accessories and clothing line, mean hours of entertaining role-play for your child. In fact, this doll is so lifelike that it is often used for simulating parenting in classrooms for teenagers. It is also a great way to help children adjust to a new sibling.

Baby Born Doll Types

There are a number of versions of Baby Born dolls; each can be bathed and has the distinctive Baby Born lifelike characteristics. These include wrinkled skin, realistic looking raised belly button, moveable joints, the ability to sit up, and the capability to perform numerous simulated human functions. These functions include drinking from a Baby Born bottle, eating special food, requiring a nappy change, laughing, crying, eyes that blink, and even squealing with delight to name a few.

The Baby Born dolls that have the above-mentioned capabilities do not require batteries. However, certain Baby Born doll models that are capable of performing other functions, such as swimming, do require batteries, as do some of the Baby Born accessories. Here is a brief summary of the main types of Baby Born dolls and their various requirements for operation.

Baby Born® Magic Potty

This 43 cm doll comes with ten accessories, including a potty chair, bottle, special food, plate, and spoon, nappy, a dummy for day and one for nighttime that when used makes the doll close its eyes. The Baby Born potty doll can blink its eyes and cry tears, which is why this version is often called, Baby Born magic eyes. The doll is waterproof, so it can be bathed. It can sit up by itself as well as be posed in countless positions due to its moveable joint design. It even comes with a birth certificate.

The doll and its nine functions do not require batteries. However, sound capabilities of the potty chair, which include a flush sound that is activated when a button is pressed, as well as a flashing light does require batteries.

Baby Born® Magic Potty Versions

The Baby Born potty doll is available in boy or girl version and either gender is available in an ethnic version.

The Baby Born girl is outfitted in a pink, sleeveless dress. Both the boy and the boy ethnic versions come in a light blue outfit, and the Baby Born ethnic girl doll comes in a purple dress.

Baby Born Talking Twins

The Baby Born Twins are dolls that talk interactively to one another as well as exchange coos and giggles. Their heads even turn toward one another when they are communicating. This version does require 6 AAA batteries. They come in an adorable baby grow with a hat. These twin dolls can exchange more than 50 baby talk phrases and will talk non-stop when activated. This Baby Born version is intended for children 3 years of age and up. It comes with a Baby Born twin jogger so that your child can take her twins for a walk.

My Little Baby Born®

This is a fabulous, soft, and cuddly version that is perfect as a first doll for child one year old and up. She comes with her own bottle and wearing an adorable little pink dress. The doll can be submersed in the bathtub. My Little Baby Born® is considered the little sister to the original Baby Born doll and is considerably smaller at only 32 cm tall. She fits perfectly into the arms of a one or two year old.

My Little Baby Born® with Magic Bubbles

This version is also known as the Baby Born I can swim doll and is smaller than the original Baby Born doll. It is 32 cm tall doll and is intended for children ages 3 and up. The doll has additional amazing functions including a swim function. The moment the doll is exposed to water in the bathtub or an inflatable pool, it begins to do the crawl stroke. It can also blow bubbles. This version does require 3 AAA batteries and comes with a snorkel, mask and fins for the doll as well as a squeezable squirt toy.


My Little Baby Born® is available either boy or girl models. The girl doll comes in a pink swimsuit and the boy in khaki green print shorts and a hat.


Baby Born Clothes and Accessories


There is quite an extensive clothing line available for both the Baby Born girl and boy dolls as well as clothing for the My Little Baby Born, which is the smaller Baby Born doll. Baby Born and My Little Baby Born clothing is designed to match popular fashion trends that are familiar to children.

There are sporty collections such as the Baby Born biker or horse riding set as well as bathrobes and imaginary clothing available for the Baby Born dolls like the Baby Born Princess or the castle outfit. The Baby Born wardrobe includes items such as jackets, night time clothing, underwear, nappies, socks, and fashion dresses. A selection of Baby Born shoes that will match any outfit is also available.


Children love accessory additions for dolls they already own. It makes the doll seem brand new again. Here is a brief description of some children’s favourites:

The Baby Born Pram is available in a delightful pink pattern. This stroller lightweight and is designed to be easy for the child to steer. It has a storage net and safety harness for the doll. It is also available in blue for the boy doll. The seat of the stroller can be detached for easy cleaning.

Another popular accessory is the Baby Born Car Seat. Little ones love strapping their dolls in for safety on car rides just as you do with them. Seatbelts in standard cars can also be used to secure the doll car seat.

Children also love the buggy accessory, which is a car that their Baby Born doll can drive in. It includes a boot for storage as well as a roll bar.

Tips for you to consider before buying Baby Born Toys

Baby Born brand dolls are made to be durable. Here are some tips for preservation of Baby Born dolls as well as some safety tips:

  • Baby born dolls may be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and mild household detergent.
  • Ink from ballpoint pens or felt tip markers will stain the doll permanently, although the use of acetone-free nail polish remover may lighten stains on dolls PVC made body parts.
  •  Allow your child to use only Baby Born brand special food as other foods may clog the tubing used to simulate eating.
  •  Baby Born brand food is made of starch and sugar and is not harmful if accidentally swallowed.
  • Zapf does have a repair service department for its dolls and a warranty option is included with the purchase of a doll.
  • Do not allow your child to fill the Baby Born doll’s special bottle with any food including Baby Born brand food this may clog the tubing.
  • Baby Born bottles are designed to be used with fresh water only. Fresh water is what produces both the simulated tears and urine features of the doll.
  •  Baby Born is designed to be bottle fed while it is held in an upright position and wet its nappy when it is lying down.
  • While the doll may be taken into a bath or swimming pool, it is not designed to be forced or held under the water.
  • The doll’s inner tubing must be cleaned out after feeding it its special Baby born food or after bathing it. Failing to do so may cause clogs and/or mould to develop.
  •  The doll should not be left in water for longer than three hours or left in the sun for longer than an hour as damage can occur.
  • Children should be supervised while playing with this doll. 

Buying Guide to Baby Born toys
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