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Baby Car Seats buying guide

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Nine months have passed and the big day is today. You've been planning your new arrival for ages but have you missed something important from your list? Well, we hope not as you won't be able to take your baby home by car if you have. Of course, we are talking about Baby Car Seats. Not only is it now law in the UK for your child to be protected whilst travelling, car seats are also handy as a restraining device enabling you to concentrate on driving.

When purchasing a baby car seat, try to buy the most appropriate seat for the size and length (which is often overlooked) of your child. For the first year or so a car seat carrier with a snap on base will suffice or a rear facing car seat but you will eventually be looking to purchase a forward facing seat and subsequently a booster seat for your child until they are either old enough or large enough to use a standard rear seat belt.

"Price Inspector this is all well and good but what should I be looking for when buying a Baby Car Seat?"

This is an excellent question as the safety of your child is paramount. Since 2002 all new cars have been fitted with a safety system known as Isofix which is the international standard in attachment points for child car seats. This requires no seat belts to be used and dramatically reduces the risk of an ill-fitted car seat. However, as the majority of car seats are a universal fit, others tend to be car specific. Please check before purchasing.

Good support will inevitably, or is that hopefully, allow your child to relax more when travelling, so look for padded straps and a cushioned head support, preferably one with wings to reduce the risk of injury from side impact. Another thing to look for is how much free movement your child has as this will decrease when your child is wrapped up more in the colder months.

Here at Price Inspector we like to give you all the facts so you can make an informed purchase. Some of the leading brands in this sector include Britax, Silvercross and Graco. If your child is the next Lewis Hamilton or Jensen Button we even have the ubiquitous Recaro bucket style car seat!

Buying Guide to Baby Car Seats
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