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Cots & Cribs buying guide

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Introduction to baby cots

As your new born arrival is sleeping the days or nights away...hopefully anyway, they will need a nice comfortable baby cot to sleep in. Now I am sure that safety will be the first thing on every parents mind, so don't panic all cots muct meet minimum safety requirements, what to look out for is BS EN 716-1, always ensure that you give a full inspection also.

Useful things to help look out for are

  • You should be able to heighten and lower the sides with ease, but not too easy or your cheeky little monkey may be able to do this themselves.
  • Try to avoid any dangling accessories that could fall off and cause choking.
  • When looking at the mattress is should be a good tight fit, a little tip if you can fit your 2 fingers between the cot and the mattress then it will indicate that the mattress is too small.
  • A very important one is the slats, you don't want your baby's head or arm lodged between them so make sure that they are no more than 6cm apart.
  • Dropsides are very important so seek advice before purchasing too.

There are a few different types of cots

  • Canopy Cots: These tend to be more expensive than the rest, they resemble a four poster bed and have a canopy over the top. Bare in mind that when the little one gets older you will need to buy a more appropriate bed for your toddler.
  • Standard Cot: The very basic of cots, you can either opt for a single drop side cot or a double drop side cot. Both are designed for getting your baby in and out more easily.
  • Convertible Cot bed: Now if you are looking for something thats cost effective and will save you money in the long run, even though you will have to outlay a little more at the start, then this will be ideal. It works as a cot for the early stages of your baby's life and then when they become a toddle it acts as a bed too.
  • Cots can be made out of a few different materials. You could opt for a Hardwood Cot will keep your baby warmer, they look fantastic and will be more comfortable too. Alternatively, you can have a Metal Cot -if you are looking for the stronger of the two then this will do the job.
  • If you really fancy pushing the boat out you could go for a Custom Designed Cot where you can pick your own design.

Some great features to consider

  • Cot Bumpers will allow for extra padding on the inside and avoid any little mishaps.
  • Rolling Casters - being able to move your cot around is crucial when changing the bedding or if you want to change the room around. Make sure you invest in wheel locks!
  • Drawers - you can never have enough storage space, just think of all the clothes that you are going to be given. Also it's a good place to store the bedding and blankets too.
  • Adjustable Mattress Heights - As we also know as your child starts to get older and a little bigger they are going to be moving around more, this will help to prevent any little mishaps.
  • Convertables - to make the most of your cot you may what to consider one that can act as a day bed, cot and a full size bed as well.
  • Cot Mattress - don't try to make a saving here - the development of your child is crucial as a baby, so a comfortable cot mattress is essential!


Prices range from £100 and can go well into the hundreds so shop wisely and carefully and look out for some get deals on

Brands to look out for include:

Buying Guide to Cots & Cribs
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