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Batman toys buying guide

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Batman Toys Guide - An Introduction

The Caped Crusader is not a recent phenomenon but rather a beloved superhero character to generations of children since the character’s debut in the May 1939 issue of Detective Comics.

The fictional character, Bruce Wayne; Batman has amassed a fortune of more than $5.8 million for a variety of enterprises including toy companies according to Forbes Magazine. This pop culture icon has and continues to endure endless makeovers in order to speak to each successive generation of children, yet still remains a popular and lucrative superhero.

Whatever the special quality that a fictional character must possess in order to fascinate children regardless of the format the character is presented in; Batman most certainly has it. The recent movies have been just as popular as the 1940s and 50s Batman comic books, the 1960s television series, the late 1980s movies, and the 1990s animated television Batman series.

Batman toys have been equally popular throughout the years. Even the Batman action figures have been a hit since the very first Batman and Robin action figure versions, which were made of lead, and produced in 1940.

Subsequent years saw the introduction of additional character from the series such as Catwoman, Joker, Riddler, and Penguin.

It is quite likely that the children you are purchasing Batman toys and action figures for today will be purchasing Batman games and toys for their own children and grandchildren in the future.

For an overview of all the various types of Batman toys and other merchandise available, click on the Types tab of this guide. In the Buyer’s Tips section of this guide, you will find a bullet point list of the most popular latest generation of toys from the most recent movie releases such as Batman The Dark Knight.

Batman DVD versions of movie releases such as Batman Begins, and Batman Returns are very popular gifts for children. In addition, newer game formats such as Playstation, Nintendo, and Wii games like Batman Lego Wii is at the top of every child’s wish list.

Types of Batman Toys

Action Figures

Kids love to rein act scenes from their favourite Batman movies using toy action figures. They also spend just as much time employing their imaginations to create new scenes.

The Batman action figures include all of the most loved characters from the movies such as Batman, Joker, Riddler, Scarecrow, and more. Toy companies such as Mattel, DC Direct, and Lego produce batman action figures.

Arts, Crafts and Models

Batman - The Dark Knight Drawing Projector made by IMC projects images so a child can draw them more easily. This type of art project is fun for the child but also educational regarding the forming of shapes and the understanding of concepts such as visual perspective.

Arts and Crafts toy types also include a variety of sticker, stencil and colouring books as well as models for older children and serious collectors. For example, The Dark Knight Batman 1:2 Scale Bust by DC Direct is an extremely detailed, 2500 piece, ‘must have’ model for collectors. Its size is 17.1 x 30.5 x 36.8 cm when completed and costs around £250.00.

Cars and Other Vehicles

Batman vehicles come in a wide range of styles from the Hotwheels labelled die cast scale models by Mattel to the larger size and popular Batman Brave and Bold Sky Shift Mobile, which is also made by Mattel. The latter is transformable from Batman Batmobile to Batjet. It has a 38 cm wingspan when in its Batjet form. This product comes with four projectiles.

The Carrera Go Batman Racing Car is durable for preschooler racing fans who love Batman as well as cars and tracks. Tracks are easy to assemble and include height supports that can be adjusted.

Lego UK Limited produces a variety of Batman Lego construction cars and vehicles for various age groups. A favourite among preteen and young teens is the LEGO Batman 7784. It is extremely detailed inside and out and has some exciting features.

Construction Toys

The Lego Company makes Batman action mini figures and sets for various age groups starting from age 4 and going up to those that are appropriate for young teens.

Development and Learning Toys

It’s always a delight for parents when they can give their child a toy or game that the child loves and that is educational too. Leapfrog Batman – Leapster Software is just such a game. It’s filled with action and adventure that will keep kids who are seven and up entertained while they learn 3rd and 4th grade math as well as hone deductive reasoning, problem solving skills and more.

VTech also makes some exciting Batman theme learning games for kids that are compatible with the VTech’s VSmile, VSmile Pocket, VMotion, and other VTech produced gaming systems. The Vtech VSmile Batman Gotham City Rescue is great Vtech choice.
Dressing-up and Pretend Play

Make believe is one of a kid’s most pleasurable ways to play. They love dressing up in a Batman costume and gear such as masks, gloves, and capes, and pretending they are, in fact, the superhero.

Moreover, if one is honest, we all enjoy a bit of make-believe now and then, which is probably why Batman costumes come in sizes ranging from 6 months to adult.

Games and Puzzles

The Batman games range from card games by companies like Carta Mundi to Classic Batman Uno by Flair, Batman Begins Uno by Mattel and Top Trumps DC superheroes 1 made by Winning Moves. These are great fun for the whole family.

Character Options produces an unusual 3D sculpture puzzle called Batman Begins Sculpture Puzzle. This puzzle requires construction be completed in layers and comes with its own stand.

In addition, the top of the kids picks list is of course the electronic formatted and interactive games such as Lego Racers PC CD ROM Game, Warner Bros Lego Batman – The Video Game, in your choice of versions. Versions include Sony PSP, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo Wii. Another top interactive game pick is Batman Arkham Asylum by Eidos in version choices that include PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360.

Outdoor Toys

Outdoor toys include Batman Full Throttle Boys In-Line Skates, scooters, and skateboards. Bestway makes a cool summer Batman Slide complete with water sprinkler

Other Merchandise

Other products include Batman bedding, curtains, posters, backpacks, and clothing, such as Batman belt and t-shirt.

There is also a wide variety of Batman clocks, watches, and torches as well as party supplies.

Finally, vast selections of Batman movies on DVD as well as other collectibles are also available.

Tips to consider before buying Batman Toys

Hottest New Generation of Batman - The Dark Knight Toys

Here is a quick list of the top picks of Batman toys by the newest generation of kids.

  • Batman Movie Masters Dark Knight Batman Action Figure

    This 18 x 4 x 28 cm action figure is made by Mattel and is very well articulated.
    The Movie Master series are well-detailed and accurate action figures. The series includes other popular figures from the movie such as the Joker, and the Gotham City Thug.

  • Batman- The Dark Knight - The Joker with Crime Scene Evidence

    The Joker has become a character almost as popular as Batman himself and ever since Heath Ledger’s stunning performance in the 2008 Batman movie, The Dark Knight. Mattel also makes this comic villain figure.

  • Batman - The Dark Knight - Attack Bat

    This Batman Dark Knight is exciting for children because it comes to life with commanded to do so and when it does displays glowing eyes and takes flight.

  • Batman Brave and the Bold Sky Shift Mobile

    Kids love things that transform into something else. It’s like getting two toys in one. This particular toy transforms from the batmobile to the batjet which is capable of firing 2 projectiles and has a wingspan of 38 cm.

    Give this toy along with Batman – The Brave and the Bold Vol. 1 DVD and make the deserving child in your life super happy.

  • Batman - The Dark Knight - WayneTech Mega Cape

    Pretend play is vital to a child’s emotional development as well the honing of his imagination. It’s good for them, and they just love to do it. This is likely why superhero costumes including Batman costumes are so popular. They help children get into the role of their favourite superhero. The WayneTech Mega Cape is a prime pick for kids because it transforms from a harness to a full 1.524 meters.

    Kids also love the Batman Hooded Cape made by Just For Fun as well as the Batman Begins Child Face Mask by Rubies. 

Buying Guide to Batman toys
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