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Battle Striker toys buying guide

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Introduction to Battle Striker Toys

Battle Strikers are the hottest new toy in the market, featuring magnetic spinning tops. They are collectible, with many different colours, designs, and characteristics to choose from. The point of the game is to battle your magnetically controlled top against your opponent’s top. The last Battle Striker still spinning or the last one in the arena is the winner.

Battle Strikers might look like just a regular top, but there is much more to it than that. Every Striker is different and performs differently in the competitions. Battle Strikers each have a large ring, a ball bearing, ball aligner, and a small ring. Assembling the tops is easy, and you can even combine parts from different striker tops to personalise your own creation. There are more than a dozen Battle Strikers available. Collect them all for a complete collection, or build your own design.

Battle Strikers battle by using the launcher to fire the magnetic Striker top. The launchers attach to magnets inside the striker. Players use the trigger to rev up the striker and then send the Striker spinning into the battle arena. The strikers move extremely quickly, up to 6300 RPM, and collisions between the Strikers are very forceful. Battle Strikers even have a special magnetic glove that lets you control where the Striker top goes. This gives you control over the battle instead of just leaving it to chance like a traditional top.

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Different Battle Strikers

There are many different Battle Strikers in the market, and each has its own features and names. Each Striker has a different design and theme, with different sizes and weights. Each top really is individual and distinct. Their differing sizes and densities determine how each one handles in the Striker battle.

No individual Striker scores highly on all areas. Some are higher in Defence, while others are better on the Attack. However, you can combine the best components of several different Strikers to create a more powerful one. For example, if you combine Tank’s Defence and Wolfen’s Attack, you’d have a formidable Striker.

  • Eaglestrike receives a level 2 rating for Attack, 4 for Defense, and 4 for Control.
  • Cobra is rated level 3 for Attack, 2 for Defense, and 5 for Control.
  • Dragonblaze is a level 4 on Attack, 3 for Defense, and 3 for Control.
  •  Sharkblade receives a level 3 rating for Attack, 4 for Defense, and 3 for Control.
  • The Nautilus Striker is a level 2 for Attack, 5 for Defense, and 3 for Control.
  • Rhino gets a level 4 rating for Attack, 4 for Defense, and 2 for Control.
  • The Tank Striker is a level 2 for Attack, 5 for Defense, and 3 for Control
  •  Wolfen is rated level 5 for Attack, 1 for Defense, and 4 for Control.
  • Scimitar is a level 5 rating for Attack, 3 for Defense, and 2 for Control.
  • Tsunami is a level 2 for Attack, 3 for Defense, and 5 for Control.

Starter Sets versus Tournament Sets

The most common options are to buy either a starter set or a tournament set. The starter set comes with one Striker top of your choice. The tournament set gives you everything you need to start your Battle Strikers battle straight out of the box. It comes with two strikers, two controllers, two launchers, and a battle arena.

The battle arena provides a hard, slick surface, making it the perfect space to battle the Strikers on. The space is large enough for two Strikers, but sometimes players think it is a little too restrictive. If you stage a battle with more than two tops, you will definitely need a larger surface. Some players prefer to save the arena for just demonstrating one Striker, rather than battling. The arena also has six slots for storing the Battle Strikers.

The Ultimate Battle set takes the tournament a step farther. It still has two controllers, two launchers, and a battle arena, but this set comes with four tops. This gives you the start of the customisation abilities, or you can just choose to battle the four tops as they are. This set saves you quite a bit of money over having to buy two additional tops for the tournament set.

You can also buy the battle arena separately if you choose. You will get a better deal if you buy a package, but if your child already has Battle Strikers but not a battle arena, this is still a good option.

Tips to consider before buying Battle Striker Toys

  • If you are buying Battle Strikers for a gift, understand that you can’t just buy one Battle Striker unless the child already has the start-up kit. Every player needs a controller, launcher, and Striker to be able to play. A Starter Pack will include each of these items. Once you have those parts, you can buy individual Strikers as additions.
  • If you are buying Battle Strikers for two children or want the child to be able to play with friends, consider the Tournament Set. This set has two each of the Strikers, launchers, and controllers, and it also has a Battle Arena.
  • The Battle Arena is a fun option, but it is not required. The game can be played on almost any flat surface. For a more competitive game, the arena is recommended.
  • Part of the fun of Battle Strikers is the ability to customise the Strikers. This is only possible if you have at least two Strikers. You can take apart each Striker and then mix and match the parts for a unique Striker. Combine the strongest parts of each Striker to build a super-strong Striker.
  • Battle Strikers are not designed for children under three due to choking hazards. If there is a younger child in the house, make sure all pieces to the Battle Strikers get put away securely after play.
  • If you’re buying for someone else, find out which Battle Strikers he already has. It makes customising more fun to have different Strikers rather than duplicates.

Customising Your Battle Strikers

Each of the sixteen available Battle Strikers has different abilities. Each is rated on three categories: Attack, Defence, and Control. Each top has six different pieces that you can interchange for a custom-built Striker. The six pieces are the Core, Medallion, Armour, Weapon, Lock, and Tip.

By interchanging the parts, you change the competitiveness of the game. Players create a unique Striker which can help you win the game. Adjust the strengths and weaknesses according to your strategy or battling style.

If you go to the Battle Strikers’ official web site, you can get step-by-step instructions for customising your Striker. You can even get a preview of your custom Striker’s stats. Just keep changing parts until you’re happy with the results. You can even store a virtual version of the custom Striker on your profile page.

By customising their own Battle Strikers, your child will build strategic thinking and creativity. Give them a sense of accomplishment and confidence, knowing they built the design themselves and that it’s unique.

The more Battle Strikers you collect, the more customisation options you will have. The more you practice customising the Strikers, the more familiar you’ll become with the pros and cons of each design.

Whether you go with standard Battle Strikers, small customisations, or collect all 16 Strikers for maximum customisation, Battle Strikers will provide hours of family fun. Keep in mind that some of the Battle Strikers are highly collectible, so getting all 16 Strikers could become expensive. Start off with a few and see where the hobby goes.

Jargon Explained

RPMRevolutions per minute. This is a measure of how many complete circles an object makes in a minute. Battle Strikers spin at 6300 RPM, meaning they complete more than 100 complete circles every second. These tops spin fast and hard, much more than a traditional hand-spun top or rip-cord launched top.

Buying Guide to Battle Striker toys
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