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Ben 10 toys buying guide

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Introduction to Ben 10

Ben 10 and Ben 10 Alien Force are two popular animated TV series. In the original Ben 10 cartoon, Ben Tennyson is 10 years old and is camping with his cousin Gwen and their Grandpa Max. Ben gets into a fight with Gwen and stomps off to the woods by himself. There he finds an alien pod in the woods, and inside is a mysterious device that resembles a watch, the Omnitrix. It attaches to his wrist permanently, which makes him able to transform into different alien forms, each of which has its own powers. Ben uses these new powers to help others, although he sometimes uses them for a little mischief as well. Gwen, Max and Ben experience a series of adventures fighting extraterrestrial and earthly evil.

Ben 10: Alien Force is set 5 years later, with more mature characters and a darker tone. Ben Tennyson is now 15 years old, and he no longer wears the Omnitrix. However, when his Grandpa Max disappears, Ben is forced to again wear his Omnitrix to search for his grandfather. He is again joined by his cousin Gwen, and this time, they are joined by their friend Kevin.

If you are searching for a Ben 10 toy, there’s certainly no shortage of choices. Whether you want a Ben 10 Omnitrix or Ben 10 DVD, Ben 10 bedding or Ben 10 book, there’s sure to be the perfect item in the Ben 10 collection. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, however, you may find the choices overwhelming. This is especially true if you’re not a Ben 10 fan yourself and are buying the item as a gift.

That’s where Price Inspector can help. Our buying guide gives you enough information to buy the right item, which is important because there are two different shows. We also shop the UK stores to bring you the cheapest prices possible, giving you the confidence that you’re getting a great deal.

Toys, Games, and Action Figures

One of the nice things about Ben 10 toys is that they are designed to stimulate a child’s imagination, with an emphasis more on hero play than just on entertainment. Ben 10 toys include a vast array of choices. Some of the more popular toys include the different aliens that Ben can morph into, not to mention the villains they must fight against. Some of these toys are also available with their own vehicles that are designed to resemble their Alien riders.

When it comes to toys, you’re not just limited to Ben 10 action figures. There are also a variety of make-believe items, such as the Ben 10 deluxe Omnitrix. With lights and sounds, your Ben 10 fan will be able to pretend they are saving the world from evil aliens. A Ben 10 costume, mask, or voice changer will help complete the imaginative play.

Another popular item is a Ben 10 game, such as the Total Transformation Game. In this game, players combat intergalactic villains in a traditional board game format. Like other similar shows, there is also a Ben 10 trading card game, plus there are video games made for all the major consoles such as Wii, PlayStation, and PSP.

Popular characters in the array of toys include:

Books and Movies

Any Ben 10 fan would appreciate getting the Ben 10 DVD collection. Whether you want the original show or the sequel, both are available on DVD. There’s also a live action movie version, Race Against Time. The movie shows Ben as he returns to his normal life, which of course gets interrupted when villains try to take over his town. In Ben 10: Alien Swarm, another live action movie, Ben goes his own way, creating a new alliance with a mysterious stranger, hoping to stop an alien swarm that’s trying to take over our planet.

There are also a number of books that are designed for any age level or reading level. Many of these, including Ben’s Knightmare, closely follow the animated series. In this first story of the Ben 10: Alien Force collection, Ben is forced to strap on the Omnitrix again to search for his missing Grandpa Max. Along with his cousin Gwen, Ben is joined by his friend Kevin and some half-alien allies. Here they encounter a new enemy: the Highbreed. Highbreed has DNAlien servants and the Forever Knights, alien arms dealers.

Fans of the series might also enjoy the Alien Guide. This is a 112 page encyclopaedia that chronicles all the characters of the show. With as many aliens as the show contains, it can be tricky to keep the allies and the villains straight, not to mention all the different abilities each has. It can even be helpful for parents who are expected to keep this information straight, even though you may never watch the show! There are also any number of Ben 10 colouring books, sticker books, and activity books.


Today, it seems that no popular show is complete without the associated merchandise. Children can throw a Ben 10 party with all the requisite decorations, including a Ben 10 poster, gift bags for their guests, balloons, and disposable plates.

Your little Ben 10 fan might want to decorate their room in a Ben 10 theme, and there’s plenty to choose from. Ben 10 curtains and bedding such as a duvet cover can transform your child’s room into the perfect backdrop for their imaginative play. A Ben 10 light will complete the room’s decor. One fun item to consider is wall decals. These strippable wallpaper decorations let you transform the walls into an alien scene, even if you don’t have the artistic talent to paint your own mural. Because they are strippable wallpaper, you don’t have to worry about making a permanent commitment. In a few years, after your child has moved to a new decorating theme, simply strip off the decals. You can choose from a full-wall mural or smaller stickers. There are even small cling stickers that your child can move around as he chooses, as they are plastic film that clings to the wall, rather than a permanent sticker.

Send your child to school with the latest Ben 10 gear. You can easily find a Ben 10 pencil case, top, lunch bag, or backpack to let them display their devotion to their friends. You can even find a Ben 10 suitcase that will be perfect for their holiday excursions.

Things to consider before buying Ben 10

  • The most important thing is to consider who you are buying the item for. A younger child might like items from the original Ben 10 show, while an older one may want the Ben 10: Alien Force items. Whether it’s action figures, movies, books, or accessories, Ben 10 items are available for both shows, so make sure you know which they want.
  •  Decide whether you want to buy a collectible item or a toy. Collectible figures are more expensive and can be more fragile because they are meant to be displayed rather than played with. If you’re buying a collectible, make sure this is what the child wants. It can be very disappointing to give a child something that looks like a toy, only to tell them they can’t actually play with it. Older children, however, may appreciate a collectible item, especially if it’s a coveted limited edition item that their friends may not have.
  • If you’re buying an action figure, look at whether it will stand up easily. Some action figures have small bases and awkwardly posed angles, making it tricky to get them to stand up. This can be frustrating for younger children.
  •  A deluxe version of a toy that includes lights, sound effects, or moving parts can make the toy more exciting.
  • If buying a book, consider the child’s reading level and attention span. Consider whether you want a book that the child can read by himself or a harder one that will be read to him.

Jargon Explained

OmnitrixThe watch-like device that allows Ben to transform into different aliens.

Buying Guide to Ben 10 toys
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