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Breadmakers buying guide

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What nicer smell is there from the aroma of warm bread being baked? True, it may smell gorgeous, but who has got the time to make it? Nowadays, there is a great way to make fresh bread, quickly, easily, and cheaply. The breadmaker makes it possible to make different types of loaf bread in your very own kitchen.

There are a few things you should consider before you buy a breadmaker for your home, the first being the price. You may think around £65 is a good deal, but you should weigh up just how often you may use it as it may sit in your cupboard gathering dust if it is just a novelty buy.

Secondly, you need to work out how much bread you are cooking for on a regular basis, this will determine the size of breadmaker you need to purchase. Also worth noting is that if you purchase a large breadmaker, the baking time increases.

You can either buy a horizontal breadmaker or a vertical one - horizontal machines will make your loaves as you see in the local superstore.

Breadmakers all have additional features to them, so its worth doing your research to see if you will ever use them - don't overspend on a breadmaker with loads of extra gadgets if you are unlikely to use them. Are you out during the day and need to delay your breadmaker to start mid-morning? Do you want to keep your new, fresh bread warm well after being baked? Do you like to experiment with different types of bread such as seeded or whole wheat? All of these questions will determine the number of features you should look for when buying your breadmaker.

A few popular breadmakers currently available in the UK include the Panasonic SD255, Breville BR11 and Morphy Richards 48280, all well worth a look!

Buying Guide to Breadmakers
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