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Bruin Toys buying guide

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An Introduction to Bruin Toys Guide

Bruin toys come in a wide variety of different toys, anything from musical instruments to cars to mechanic sets. These developmental toys teach your child different skills, all while entertaining them for hours of play. Bruin toys are an exclusive brand for the Toys R Us chain of shops, although some items are sold through other retailers.

Bruin toys are designed for younger children, including infants and toddlers. They are fun, educational toys. Different toys will offer different learning activities, including interaction and imagination. The pretend play toys, musical instruments, and bath toys are all high quality, well made toys.

Toys R Us calls itself Britain’s Greatest Toy Store. They operate 73 stores in the UK, and you can also purchase online. They have a wide range of toys and games, including Bruin toys. Toys R Us has won the Tommy Parent Friendly Award nine times.

If you are shopping for Bruin toys, Price Inspector makes it easy and convenient. Our buying guide lets you know what’s available to buy, and then we bring you the best prices.

Musical Instruments

Bruin makes several different musical instruments, each designed to encourage interaction.

  • The Bruin Musical Instrument set features Bruin and his friends transformed into four colourful musical instruments. The instruments are easy to grip for babies and toddlers. The set includes a tambourine, triangle, bell, and drum. Its durable plastic is designed to be long-lasting.
  • The Bruin piano lets children write and play their own songs, featuring five melodies and five different musical instruments. The instruments include a piano, jingle bells, violin, saxophone, and accordion. When your baby presses the keys of the piano, Bruin and friends move, which encourages your baby to keep playing.
  • The Bruin pink piano is one of the top baby registry items at Toys R Us. It has the same features as the regular piano, but in a popular pink colour.
  • The Bruin rock guitar lets your baby rock out with his own rock guitar. It teaches key developmental skills, letting your baby write and play melodies. When baby pushes different buttons, he’ll hear different sounds.
  •  A Bruin Dancing Band offers a full piano octave, tambourine, trumpet, and drum. When your baby pushes the musical notes, Bruin starts dancing. Let your child explore different musical sounds with this fun toy. The Dancing Band is designed for children 18 months or older.
  • Bruin Music and Play Activity table has a working microphone so you and your baby can sing along. It has light-up features and lots of musical instruments, giving your baby hours of fun. The activity table has great sound quality, and it offers light-up rewards to encourage educational fun.
  • The Bruin Light and Sound Microphone, available in red or blue, lets your child sing along to three different melodies. The microphone is easy to hold and features four big buttons. The Mic button turns on the singing mode. The Note button plays the melodies. One Star button adds rhythms, and another Star button adds cymbal sounds. Pressing any of the buttons makes the microphone light up.

Bruin Vehicles

Bruin makes several different vehicle toys, perfect for pretend play. Popular items include:

  • The Bruin Tractor Set has Bruin Bear driving the tractor and his five friends riding in the included trailer. This is a great developmental toy that includes a lot of lights and sounds. All of the animals can be removed from the vehicles to provide additional play options. It has an automatic stop feature, working headlights, and realistic sounds. The tractor can move up to 3m and its front scoop moves. As Bruin drives the tractor, it plays Old McDonald's Farm.
  • The Bruin Rescue Vehicle Pack lets your child come to the rescue. The rescue truck, fire engine, and helicopter have flashing lights and realistic sirens and sounds. When the helicopter is on the truck, the propellers turn while the truck moves. Your baby presses Bruin’s head to start the action. The helicopter has a removable elephant. The fire engine can travel up to 3m.
  • The Bruin Junior Mechanic Set has 86 pieces that let your child take apart the different vehicles and put them back together. It comes with an aeroplane, motorcycle, and race car. The screwdriver and battery operated drill lets your child easily assemble and disassemble the pieces. This set is designed for children ages 3 and up.
  • A popular Bruin car is the Bruin Radio Control Super Racer. This red, black, and yellow race car lets your child control the full-function race car. The circular transmitter controls the car’s forward and reverse motions. Large buttons on the remote control the sounds that come from the transmitter.
  • A Bruin Mini Work Bench lets your little builder make pretend construction projects. The bench provides interactive play with realistic sounds. It comes with a rotary saw, drill press, hammer, and screw driver. It also plays “Knick Knack Paddy Whack.”

Miscellaneous Toys

  • The interactive Sing and Chat Bruin bear is a soft, stuffed bear that loves to chat and sing with your child. Bruin asks more than 100 different questions, waits for your child to answer, and then responds. He also sings four songs, encouraging your child to dance and sing along with him. One song is “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes,” and Bruin teaches the actions that go along with the song. Your child will also clap along with “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” Bruin loves to chat and says some really silly things.
  • The Bruin My First Laptop toy is designed for toddlers 18 months and older. It features an interactive screen that lights up and easy to use musical keys. This toy will provide hours of fun, educational activities for your child. It features four musical instruments, four melodies, and four animal sounds. Your child can use a computer mouse, shaped like a real mouse, to play fun, educational games.
  • The Bruin Light and Sound Activity Cube is an eight-piece sorter cube that provides lights and sounds to reward correct choices. It develops your baby’s motor skills and coordination. It also includes a portable phone with sounds and lights.
  • The Bruin Bath time Squirtees set makes bath time fun. These cute little sea creatures include six different underwater animals in various shapes and sizes. Each squirts water and is appropriate for babies 3 months and older. A similar set features Bruin and his friends as the water squirters, but this set is for children 12 months and older.
  • The Bruin Hammer and Ball toy has a bright, colourful hammer and four balls. The balls each have a funny expression, and your child can pound the balls through the holes.
  • The Bruin Busy Activity Flower, which is also available in pink, has a suction base that attaches to flat surfaces, perfect for high chairs. The colourful flower teaches your baby about lights and sounds. The rattle and mirror toys help develop your child’s fine motor skills. Toys include a rattle, butterfly, mirror, and spinning Bruin Bear.

Tips to consider before buying Bruin Toys

  • Consider your child’s age, including their developmental stages. Bruin toys are designed for infant and toddlers, generally 12 to 18 months, so there should not be a choking hazard for most parts. There are, however, some items that are ages 3 and up.
  • If you buy a toy too advanced for your child, he may get frustrated and not play with it. On the other hand, you don’t want to buy one that he’ll quickly outgrow.
  • If you are buying a used toy, check for product recalls first.
  • Lights and sounds make toys more entertaining for young children. However, make sure any sounds are not too loud, as this can damage delicate ears. Sometimes you can place a small piece of tape inside the toy over a speaker. If you do this, make sure it is not where it can detach and be swallowed.
  • Toddlers need toys that encourage physical play—riding, walking, pushing, or climbing
  • Look for toys that your toddler can play with on his own. While you still need to supervise your child, he’s ready to start learning independent play and how to entertain himself.
  • Encourage toys that develop fine motor skills. These skills are especially important when they begin to draw and write, so an early grasp of these skills is key.
  • The more activities a toy has, the longer it will keep your baby’s attention. Look for lights, sounds, doors that open, buttons to push, etc., to encourage a wide range of discovery activities

Buying Guide to Bruin Toys
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