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Cat Supplies buying guide

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Cat Supplies Guide - An Introduction

 Cats have long been loved for both their companionship and their ability to hunt pests. They have been domesticated for at least 9,000 years and are the most popular pet throughout the world. Although they are solitary hunters, cats are very sociable, communicating through meowing, purring, hissing, and growling.

Although it is commonly thought that cats were first domesticated in Egypt, a recent study indicates that they were self-domesticated in Africa around 8000 BC. The earliest evidence of their domestication is a human buried with a kitten in Cyprus more than 9,500 years ago.

Wherever they originated as pets, today’s cats enjoy a level of comfort that rivals that of their human companions. The pet supply industry in the UK is worth a staggering £3.8bn, and it is expected to climb to £4.26bn in 2010. Pet food alone accounts for £1.9bn. Cat Accesories run the full range of options, from necessities like food and water to luxurious beds. Toys and scratching posts will keep your cat entertained and save your furnishings.

No matter what type of cat supply you need, Price Inspector will help you buy the best items at the cheapest prices. Read our buying guide to get tips on which items are best for you and your pet. Our Inspectors will help you get the best prices in the UK for any of your cat supply needs.

Food and Water

Cat Food and water are, of course, necessary items to keep your cat healthy and happy. The days of table scraps or tins of cheap food are gone, replaced by a sophisticated array of choices.

  • A Cat Feeder and Water Fountain are convenient items to have, as an Automatic Feeder keeps you from forgetting to feed the cat or takes care of your cat when you are on holiday. For daily use, a Water Bowl will suffice.
  • Royal Canin Cat Food is a premium cat food that comes in several different varieties, including Royal Canin Urinary Food, Royal Canin Renal Food, and Royal Canin Diabetic Food. The Urinary variety helps prevent urinary infections caused by calcium deposits. The Renal food is easily digestible, which helps cats with chronic kidney disease. Diabetic food provides a complete, balanced meal for cats suffering from diabetes.
  • Hills Cat Food is a leader in cat nutrition, with such popular varieties as Hills SD Feline Cat Food and Hills Cat Food CD. The company’s web site has a product selector to help you choose the right variety for your cat’s needs.
  • Iams Cat Food is a premium cat food designed to give your cat balanced nutrition. There are varieties for hair ball control, mature cats, weight management, and special dietary needs.
  • Whiskas Cat food is a more affordable variety that still offers real ingredients for good nutrition. They make a full range of products for kittens or adult cats, as well as treats and organic foods.
  • Applaws Cat Food contains only natural ingredients and has a high meat content. It is free from additives, and the fish is caught using dolphin friendly, sustainable methods. Their tuna is bonito, which is not an endangered species.
  • Perfect Fit Cat Food is the newest line from Pedigree, designed to meet your cat’s individual nutrition needs. Their products include varieties for indoor cats, kittens, seniors, and sensitive cats.

Scratching Posts and Safety Items

  • Cats have a natural need to scratch, and if you do not provide a Scratching Post, your furniture will be the most likely target. A Sisal Scratching Post gives your cat a rough, durable surface to scratch. Make sure it is tall enough that your cat can fully stretch its back when scratching.
  • Cat Trees give your cat a place to climb and a place to sleep. A Tree satisfies your playful kitten or cat, and you can find one that matches your décor. They are the perfect way to let your cats follow their natural instincts to scratch, climb, lounge, and play.
  • A Window Guard is a good way to keep your cat safe when traveling in a car with open windows. An expandable guard is easy to install and remove, and it will fold to fit in your glove compartment. This way, you can still provide ventilation without worrying about your cat climbing out the window.
  • An outdoor Cat Run lets your cat enjoy the outdoors without risking it running away or being injured by another animal. Cat-proof fences can surround all or part of your garden to give your cat freedom and safety.
  • If you want to let your cat come inside and out at will, a Cat Flap will make this easy and convenient. They can also be used indoors on doors that you wish to keep closed, while still offering your cat access. The Staywell Magnetic Flap has a magnetic collar for your cat that lets your cat in but keeps strays out.
  • A Cat Carrier is the best way to transport your cat to its veterinary appointments. It keeps your cat confined in the car so it won’t climb on you while you are driving. Once you’re at your destination, it keeps your cat safe and secure, especially if there are other animals in the waiting area.

Litter Trays and Flea Treatments

A Cat Litter Tray and Litter are necessities for any indoor cat. The Tray should give your cat enough room to comfortably do its business and bury the evidence. If you have a big cat or multiple cats that are willing to share a box, consider an Extra Large Litter Box. Some cats prefer to have an individual box used by only one cat.

  • The Cat Litter Trays Scoops Marchioro is made for households with multiple cats. It is an enclosed litter tray that has two carbon filters to reduce odour. The cat flap door keeps litter inside the tray and gives your cat privacy. The door can be removed for training a kitten. It comes with a handle to make it easy to maneuver, and its secure clips keep the lid connected to the base. Rubber feet keep it from slipping on laminated or tile floors.
  • The Ebi Corner Cat Toilet House is a space-saving corner design with a filter. It measures 56cm x 38cm x 40cm tall. The enclosed design will fit any corner, making it perfect for a smaller space.
  • Crystal Cat Litter has fans and detractors. Those who like it love the absorbency, as 2 kg absorbs liquid and odours for as much as 30 days for one cat. By comparison, it takes 9 to 14 kg of clay or clumping litter for this amount of time. Simply stir it daily when you scoop the solid waste, because urine can pool. Those who dislike crystal litter say that there is no warning when the crystals are saturated.
  • Mayfield Cat Litter Wood based litter is an environmentally friendly litter. It is biodegradable and very absorbent.
  • If your cat has a Flea problem, consider the Frontline Flea Treatment. The Frontline Flea Drops are highly recommended by veterinarians. It kills 100 per cent of fleas within 12 hours, and it kills fleas for a whole month. It is safe for use on kittens at least 8 weeks old, as well as for pregnant or nursing cats. It’s waterproof, so it is still effective after grooming. It will also help with Tick Removal, as it kills ticks as well.
  • For a stressed cat, consider the Feliway Diffuser. It can reduce or eliminate signs of stress, including urinating outside the litter box, loss of appetite, depression, or vertical scratching. Simply plug it into any socket, and it simulates natural pheromones to reduce stress. It’s odourless and non-toxic. One diffuser will cover up to 55 square metres.

Tips to consider before buying Cat Supplies


  • Make sure your cat’s food and water bowls are heavy enough they will not tip over. If your cat is playing with the bowl or expressing displeasure, a lightweight bowl can tip, leaving your cat with an empty bowl and you with a mess to clean.
  • When switching cat foods, introduce it slowly over a week or two by mixing it with their familiar food. Gradually start replacing more and more of the old food with the new, letting your cat get used to the change.
  • If you are buying cat toys, look for ones that are well-made, won’t fall apart during rough play, and have nothing that can be swallowed. There are different categories of toys for different purposes. Some are designed to satisfy their hunting instincts, while others appeal to their need for interaction.
  • Check that the cat tree or climbing post is sturdy. Cats do not like anything wobbly, and you won’t want it to tip over. A tall tree must have a sturdy, secure base so it will not be top-heavy, especially when your cat is jumping.
  • If your cat has special dietary needs, consult your veterinarian regarding recommended brands and varieties.
  • When buying a cat bed, consider the fabric, comfort, size, and whether it is washable. A removable or replaceable cover will help the bed last longer. Cats want to be warm in winter and cool in summer. For a chilly house, a cup style bed will let it curl up to retain its body heat. You can even get a heated cat bed if necessary. If your cat is too warm, a simple pad will keep her cooler in summer.
  • Make sure the cat litter you select is compatible with the box you choose. For example, an automated litter box requires a scoopable litter. Any box you choose should be durable, easy to clean, and provide adequate ventilation and visibility. A kitten will need a shallower box, while an adult cat needs a deeper box.

Jargon Explained

Scoopable LitterThis style of litter lets you more easily remove urine because it forms into clumps that can be scooped out. This makes the litter last longer before it has to be completely replaced, as you won’t experience cat urine odour.
SisalA plant fibre used to create rope. Cats prefer a strong, rough surface for scratching, and sisal makes an ideal surface. It’s longer lasting and more appealing than carpeted scratching posts. 

Buying Guide to Cat Supplies
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